R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for January 2020


Critical South node Eclipse for the Middle East 

I liken the movement of lunar nodes to the flowing river of time. It is the axis of creation and destruction symbolizing the events and happenings which enter into our consciousness. Now with the South node eclipse in Capricorn again, until the next solar eclipse in Cancer, we are surfing on the tides of destruction and change in terms of Capricorn themes. The eclipses in Capricorn bring issues and activities around governmental matters, regulatory measures, restrictions, and issues in the corporate world as well as leaders. The sign of the Saturn in the earth element reminds us of necessities, limitations and earthly restrictions. During this period of the year, we can come across many events directly related to political, administrative and strategical concerns, much more tight measures and austerity programs. The presence of Jupiter, just in conjunct with the eclipse degree, adds certain ideological or religious dimensions too. Jupiter is the significator of the rich people as well as the learned establishment. However, in Capricorn, he feels quite downgraded and appears too much ambitious not in a beneficial way to himself. Jupiter’s proximity to the South node is also self-deprecatory. These significations might give rise to limitations and decreases in economical resources and disadvantages for the riches.

On the brighter side, the eclipse is also in trine aspect to Uranus thus bringing certain resourcefulness and innovative but also practical solutions for tangible matters and discoveries which has economic value and application.

The eclipse chart for London, UK (see below) has Scorpio rising with Mars strongly placed on the Eastern horizon. The eclipse in the 3rd house strongly reminds the necessary changes and bureaucratic rules with the neighboring countries, with the EU. Scorpio often indicates shared matters and interests as well as requirements for eventual change or transformation. In this regard, as the recent election in the UK resulted in a majority government for Boris Johnson, the second phase of negotiation with the EU will be clearly on agenda and the strong placement of Mars can be seen as an advantage. The trine between MC (Virgo) and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction (Capricorn) seems to be also helping sign for to prioritize and planning necessary changes.

On the other hand, for Washington, USA, Libra ascendant puts Capricorn in the 4th house. This angular house relates to opposing forces against government apart from national security, internal affairs and issues around land and earthly resources. It can be said that during the first half of the year, the US government would face much more increasing pressures or obstacles from the Democrats through impeachment process or other means pressing Trump into a fragile position ahead of the next presidential elections in November 2020.  Another critical concern would be around national security and increasing nationalistic and protectionist attitudes which are shown by the MC in Cancer but debilitated Moon in the 4th house. (see the chart below)

In the Middle East, the eclipse would give rise to even more critical concerns for the governments and leaders due to the rising of Capricorn which is notable for Ankara, Tel-Aviv, Cairo, and Tehran. For all of these capitals, rising sign Capricorn has a much more doubling effect to take of events seriously in dealing with emerging problems. The eclipse degree is almost on the horizon for Ankara indicating ambitious but also restricting conditions. The government and the leader could be under more opposing forces as Capricorn falls into the 7th house in the national chart of Turkey, besides natal Saturn is also posited on the MC of the eclipse chart. Furthermore, transiting lunar nodes are in square to natal Mars in Turkey’s chart. (7 23 Libra) All these significations present dangerous and precarious conditions not only for Turkey but for the whole region. (see chart below)

Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Security and familial issues

A lunar eclipse will occur on the 10th of January in the sign of Cancer accompanying the prior solar eclipse. Lunar eclipses are high times and end results for the things which we have been carrying for a period of time. These are times of decisions and evaluations as well as acute awareness. The lunar eclipse in Cancer urges us to look at our basic needs of security, protection and the feeling of belonging. Bearing in mind that an intense stellium occurring in Capricorn, here in the mid-January period, we are much aware of our lack of emotional support and humanity. The Cancer lunar eclipse brings us the themes of our emotions and vulnerabilities. Issues related to kinship, familial and national ties as well as protectionist issues, dynastic or monarchical themes can be on our agenda.  

In ACG, the full moon culminates in the Western coasts of India, around Ahmadabad and that line goes up to Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan (Astana). These regions, as well as the Indian Ocean, might witness events related to security and nationalist or humanitarian concerns. As the Moon also opposes Saturn/Pluto conjunction, there could be hazardous conditions risking the security of people as well as natural events. (see chart below for Ahmadabad, India)

It is seen that Mars in Sagittarius will be angular for Indonesia and the Philippines in South East Asia. As Mars becomes also the ruler of the 12th house (Scorpio) and the Moon falls in the 8th house for that region, risky natural events, relating to the sea and oceans could come to the fore. (see chart below for Manila, Philippines)

Interestingly, this lunar eclipse also highlights some aspects of the chart of Queen Elizabeth II. As the eclipse occurs in Cancer it would indicate an eventful period for the Windsor dynasty or perhaps can be related to UK’s relations with the world at large. While the eclipse degree conjuncts with Queen Elizabeth’s North node, it also touches her Asc degree. Furthermore, Saturn/Pluto is seen also closely on her Ascendant. Things relating her intentions, decisions as well as bodily matters could be important in this regard. (See below the natal chart -inner- with the lunar eclipse -outer-)


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