R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation report for January 2019


The times we live in…

What do current planetary configurations say about the times we live in?

Every lunation, be it new moon or full moon, for a certain location is like photography of ongoing planetary cycles and indeed a chart for a period of time, which covers approximately two weeks. These are umbrella charts highlighting prevailing conditions and themes. Hence each solar eclipse too is like a super lunation but much more effective in the longer term and I can presume that their activity is much more highlighted until the next one. A solar eclipse chart is a general indicator providing us with larger and thicker contours of picture of the times.

2019 begins with a solar eclipse in the very middle degree of Capricorn on January 6th. Naturally, this chart will be a major indicator in the first half of this year. Capricorn brings and triggers changes in political matters, things pertaining to the state affairs and rulers. The times of Capricorn usually highlights issues relating to ancestral figures, father figures, order and hierarchy. 

As this will be an eclipse on the South node, its themes are more in the direction of disintegration, deterioration and likely turmoil and chaotic conditions. So, we can envisage for the first half of 2019 that the prevailing times would show serious concerns regarding world political order and structures which sometimes reflected in malfunctioning leaders and strong necessity for restructuring and transformation. 

Indeed, eclipse degree falls closely on direct Saturn/Pluton midpoint in Capricorn. Ebertin calls this midpoint as hard labor, tenacity and toughness. As this is in the sign of goat, general atmosphere of the world for this period, at least up until the next full moon and as well as to the next eclipse (on the July 2nd 2019) would indicate very hard, arduous and self-disciplinary attitudes, seriousness, difficult managerial tasks, organizational changes and usually disruption. Generally during this period of time, we would expect changes and stress on themes like big corporations, restrictions, scarcities, taxing and rules & obligations, as well as traditions and ancestry. 

Moreover, this eclipse/lunation happened to be in the bound of Venus in Capricorn which emphasize values, the things make us happy in relationships or possessions, and its placement in Capricorn does not hold very good connotations too. (Vettius Valens, Anthology, Book 1)

It is seen that Mercury, the Messenger planet has freshly entered to Capricorn, and making a oriental view in the sky. Mercury wants to speak out loudly and is seen very engaging especially in business terms and organizational stuff. It has also Jupiter/Pluto midpoint attached indicating propaganda and enforcement of some rule or policy. Hence we could say that there are themes of persuasion and certain desire to influence other people, whether in politics or corporate context or in any situation requires planning and administration. 

Saturn also sits on the Mercury/Pluto midpoint, which further adds on features of controlling things, insistence on certain topics and negative mind like skepticism and irritations.

Certain ongoing planetary cycles like Jupiter/Uranus (sesquiquadrate) and Uranus/Pluto (semi-square) also indicate events relating to advancement in science and technology as well as space exploration as we have recently witnessed a probe on the surface of planet Mars.

Those Capricorn features alerts me to look up the eclipse chart for London as United Kingdom currently convulsed with Brexit. Indeed, solar eclipse degree falls quite close to UK’s Moon/IC point in the 4th of UK’s national chart (January 1st, 1801, 00:00 GMT, London). In the eclipse chart for London, Libra rising (as in the national UK chart) and Uranus seems to be very angular suggesting upheavels and radical issues occupying. Uranus is very much angular in the eclipse chart for Paris, too and it is not surprising that Emanuel Macron’s latest polls on public support show much steeper decline.

In the ACG (AstroCartography) map for Europe Uranus/Asc line clearly plays up in the regions close to capitals of some western European countries including Madrid, Spain. India too also seems to be affected by Saturn/Pluto combination as the eclipse/Asc line cross over the entire Indian subcontinent. 

The Full Moon on the 21st January is also a total Lunar Eclipse at 0 degrees of Leo (00 51 Leo) Full moons are times of review, consolidation and acute awareness of the prevailing conditions. Hence a lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo seems to indicate and highlight events relating to rulers, persons at high positions as well as leading figures. Ongoing Jupiter/Neptune waning square is closely connected with this lunar eclipse having a direct midpoint on the Sun in Aquarius This is a cycle of idealism, grand ideas, speculations as well as indulgences. Politically it strongly vibrates with socialism, the certain emphasis for humanitarian issues. As Aquarius lives up to similar desires and wants, the time period around 21 January onwards lunar eclipse is expected to bring conditions involving increasing spirit of idealism and much more merciful attitude toward the underdog. Such configuration could bring political issues regarding massive immigration and for persons in need. 

Another astrological signature for this period vibrates for fine arts, bringing mystical or religious elements and creative sparks as Venus in partile square to Neptune, along with Jupiter-Mars trine. Although Venus/Jupiter is a clear sign for happiness in relationship and union and abundant creativity, Neptune would also add certain lackadaisical tendencies and false behavior. 

Interestingly, Jupiter/Venus is angular for Seoul, South Korea, showing ongoing rapprochement between two Koreas but Neptune’s elusiveness should be noted in the big picture.

In the meantime, the Lunar Eclipse/Full moon chart for Ankara puts the luminaries just on the horizon axis. This might indicate stronger vulnerability between the president and men on the street as well as issues revolving around misconceptions, much speculation and lack of control. Whereas, Pluto will be angular for Moscow, Bucharest. As a final note, Mars will be at IC around the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland prompting issues related with Brexit.



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