R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for February 2022

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New Moon in Aquarius, 1 February 2022 GMT

The new moon in Aquarius revives the ongoing tense aspect between Saturn and Uranus. The current astrological atmosphere seems to be quite rigid and stressful which could reflect in revolting groups and the hardline politics everywhere. Usually, the tense relations between Saturn and Uranus indicate uncompromising attitudes, growing strain between new and old patterns, and coercive measures. Indeed, Aquarius is the sign of humans, and the current lunation which conjoining with Saturn could bring many restrictions, new rules, and a depressed state of mind. Contrariwise, despite Saturn’s imposing square, Uranus tends to break these restrictions and demands more freedom, thus creating more divisive and dissenting interest groups. In politics, these tensions result in growing far-right tendencies and more protectionism.


This lunation shows a great deal of fixed and cardinal qualities hence preventing us to build a consensus and tolerance. Moreover, now Mars in Capricorn which has been out of bounds for a while, exerts much confronting and martial approaches to our current issues. As most of the planets are in the signs of Saturn, Saturn rules over this period bringing political austerity and difficult circumstances for everyone.


In most of the Western European countries, Capricorn is on the ascendant during this lunation. The current conditions reflect serious and restrictive measures as well as shrinking economic resources. (Saturn in the 2nd house) Particularly, London, UK is greatly affected as Mars appears on the eastern horizon. In the new moon chart set up for London, Mars rules both the MC and the 4th sign from the ascendant which could indicate martial measures and certain harm to the people. As Mars rules the MC, the conditions surrounding the prime minister and the government could show a certain belligerent and more assertive, almost warlike attitude towards arising conditions. Furthermore, Uranus on the IC, might indicate fragile, unstable, and unexpected, revolting circumstances in the country and internal affairs.

Meanwhile, the current Mars transit in the natal 4th house of Boris Johnson also reflects his struggle and critical conditions at home. Please see below the lunation chart for London, UK.

Meanwhile, the fixed signs are on the cross of matter in the lunation chart for Washington, DC, USA. The sign of Scorpio rises and the lunation with Saturn appears just on the IC. These significators indicate unresolved persistent problems regarding the security of the land and depression at home. All attention is given to internal affairs and there might be unpredictable conditions with potential rivals as well as with potentially conflicting political currents. As Mars also rules the 6th house, these struggles might point out the current rapid spread of Omicron variant too and certain fragility in the health system. Please see below the lunation chart for Washington, USA.

In the capitals of Israel, Egypt and Iran, the lunation shows the sign of Pisces is on the ascendant. Although Jupiter is in the first house and strong, the lunation in the 12th house would indicate uncertainly and beyond control circumstances. Such an atmosphere would incite terrorism or behind the scene, harmful group activities, in both political and religious realms. Please see below the lunation chart for Tel Aviv, Israel.

Full Moon in Leo, 16 February 2022 GMT

The Leo full moon this year will occur when the Moon will be at her northern bending which could reflect a certain moment of critical realizations. As many of you know that current lineup of the planets shows a bundle type in which the planets are contained in one-half of the zodiac. Indeed, in these times, whole planets are seen between lunar nodes. This configuration is also called Kalasarpa in the Vedic resources. Interestingly, at this full moon, the Moon will be forming a singleton at the far opposite side of the planets. Moreover, the north node of the Moon will be also conjunct with Algol, an infamous fixed star that is usually known for its malefic and destructive nature.


The Moon in mundane astrology, apart from the many other connotations, essentially denotes the conditions, security, and health of the people, civic and public life. The moon as the light of the night, reflects female figures, persons who carry certain powers of authority. I think that this critical position of the full moon with the nodes might coincide with times of certain realization, completion, and conclusions for both people and governors/leader figures as the lunation happens in the sign of Leo. In addition, this lunation does not form a ptolemic aspect with any planet but it is on the same degree, same lot with Pluto in Capricorn, on the 27th.


Interestingly and strikingly, the USA will be witnessing its first Pluto return (direct) on the 20th of February, around this time, very close to this full moon.


We might say that this full moon represents a change in matters of leaders, fateful twists and turns for the people who hold high positions.


For London, UK, this full moon seems to be quite dramatic that the Moon just appears on the ascendant. The presence of the Moon on such a critical point might be the relevant symbol for any event involving both people and the government, especially for Queen Elizabeth II. The chart also shows Uranus just on the midheaven suggesting sudden events, unexpected changes in terms of government and authority figures. It is interesting to note that this lunation also connects with the Part of Fortune (27 degrees of Aquarius) in the nativity of Prince Charles. On the other hand, this lunation again brings an emphasis to the general health of the people, considering the current conditions of the Corona virus. Please see below the lunation chart for London, UK.

The lunation chart for Washington, DC highlights the Sun around the midheaven. In this chart, SU/MC midpoint (24 39 Aquarius) has NE/PL direct midpoint which brings forward unstable conditions that could be beyond control. Indeed, SU/MO midpoint also coincides with the UR/AS midpoint suggesting that sudden happenings are around the corner. Currently, the USA is under Sagitarrius monthly profection in February (Jupiter in Cancer/8th house) and monthly solar revolution gives Scorpio rising bringing Sun-Saturn conjunction on the IC. Furthermore, this lunation will also exactly fall on the position of the Moon in the Sibley chart. I assume that all these significators would indicate quite sensitivities for the public and the government in this period. Please see below the lunation chart for Washington DC, USA.

In Europe, the capitals starting from Rome and eastwards shows Virgo rising and Mercury in the 6th house of health, social systems, and services. For Berlin, the inauspicious fixed star Algol will be on the midheaven. Virgo rising and an emphasis in the 6th house would be expectedly an occupation along with these issues. For Warsaw, Poland, the mutable cross of matter and Jupiter in Pisces on the descendant might suggest changes and preoccupation with diplomacy with foreigners as well as some benefits originating from relations and bargains. However, for Moscow, Russia, the presence of Neptune on the descendant would reflect ambiguous or unclear borders and diplomacy. Please see below the lunation chart for Berlin, Germany.

Some other lunation charts for various capitals are also striking. For Delhi, India, Libra rising and Venus in the 4th house and Pluto appears on the IC suggesting issues relating to landowners, farmers, and security. For Beijing, China, the lunar nodes are seen on the horizon line, (Scorpio rising) indicating certain friction with neighboring countries (Mars in the 3rd house). Meanwhile, for Canberra, Australia, Capricorn rises with Pluto and the Moon is in the 8th house, which can indicate not easy conditions for the health of the people and general mood.


This text is completed on 11 January 2022.


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