R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for February 2021


A bullheaded, highly-strung full moon

The full moon in Leo, 28 January 2021

There has been an increasing build-up in the fixed signs and this crucial full moon brings a great emphasis on how to handle such bullheaded and strong energy. The full moons indeed are the culmination and the peak times when things are fully seen, acknowledged and understood. The full moon in Leo, often highlights strong personalities, performers, and persons in the center as well as our need to shine out and to be happy and successful. Well, this larger then life attitude might be visible and quite tangible as the full moon partilly opposes Jupiter but there is also nagging tension as Mars harms the Moon. In fact, both lights are seen harmed by the malefics, despite Jupiter’s supporting role. Moreover, Uranus adds a great element of unpredictability and rebellious nature in the events that could unfold during this period. There are big drive and erratic consequences which would give rise to sudden, explosive conditions and similar events. Such happenings could be quite dangerous and harmful to people as the Moon is afflicted by both Mars and Saturn.

The dodekatemoria, the twelfth fold division of the full moon degree which falls in the sign of Scorpio also increases such violent and turbulent nature of events. As Mercury turns retrograde on the 30th and there will be a square of Sun and Mars on the 1st of February, such dates could be quite volatile and prone to higher risks and discomfort.

Although the axis of the full moon chart for Washington, DC holds watery more passive signs, (See the chart below) Asc/MC midpoint is occupied with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune which could result in opposing factors that would create much strain and unsettling conditions. A cardinal degree on the horizon (0 degree of Cancer) brings forward events that could have far-reaching features and this full moon puts a lot of pressure on the financial system, the value of the US dollar as well as foreign debts. The conjunction of Venus and Pluto adds more dept and diplomatic sensitivity to potential financial, economic perturbations.

This highly strained full moon might also have visible repercussions for India. The chart for Delhi, (see chart below) India brings the lights to the MC/IC axis, hence puts bullheaded Mars-Uranus conjunction in the 7th house of disagreements. Mars rules the Ascendant sign, Scorpio. Potentially, this configuration could result in much provocation and conflicts with other nations such as Pakistan but also indicate events that harm people and land. There could be increasing work and responsibilities regarding domestic affairs, land resources, and security issues.

Another corner of the world where the full moon becomes angular is Eastern Australia. The full moon chart for Sydney (see below) puts the Sun-Jupiter-Moon combination on angles, albeit both malefics appear in the vicinity. Aquarius rising represents pursuits in line with social concerns and new ideas as well as policies regarding justice and education. However, Mars/Uranus angularity and square aspect to the rising degree would indicate fires and explosions which could harm land resources. As domestic debates are on the agenda, the prime minister Scott Morisson who has Sun in Taurus would be reviewing and putting the last touches on his plans for the year ahead in his current coalition government.

A grand stellium in Aquarius, The New Moon in Aquarius, 11 February 2021

The new moon in Aquarius brings on a dynamic period in terms of social issues and debates in the second half of the month. There is a strong element of advancement, hope and beneficial developments as Venus and Jupiter are now in conjunction. However, both Mars and Uranus presents much pushiness and unpredictability in developing conditions. During this period, we are also going to have the first wave of Saturn-Uranus square which will also be repeated in June and December 2021. In this regard, the hard alignment of Mars and Saturn is still active in the second half of the month. Saturn-Uranus square contains severe disputes, conflicts of interest between freedom and restrictions which would end up in uprisings, social unrest, and unexpected natural events like earthquakes. In this period, we can expect an increasing challenge to accommodate ourselves to the new social circumstances or changes arising in parallel with the battle against Coronavirus. In the meantime, this square aspect indeed catalyzes more changes and debates in technology & science, social media, politics, and prevailing disputes related to the rules, liberties, and restrictions. Indeed, with such a big stellium in Aquarius, humanitarian themes, social policies, and new rules would be top on our agenda.

Aquarian new moon chart for Washington DC, USA (see below) once again brings Cancer sign to the Asc hence resulting in a major stellium in the 8th house of crisis. This house often denotes an uncontrolled situation that demands change and action but as this is an idle house (which cannot see the Asc) prevailing conditions would create fear and anxiety. These developments would be social, financial, and might be related to public health. Mars’ debilitated position in the 11th house seems to be inimical to economic stability and financial markets. Moreover, as Neptune hovers around the midheaven, there could be certain disorders and negligence in the administration.

The new moon  chart for Paris, France (see below) highlights the 6th house matters meanwhile Virgo rises. As the axis is on the mutable signs, current conditions purport certain change and dissipation as Neptune is just on the Dsc point. The propensity in the 6th house also reminds us that health concerns as well as the conditions of the working class and protesters (mouvement des gilets jaunes) or problems in state departments and clerks, would be in a state of alert and flux. The ascendant ruler Mercury is both retrograde and closely afflicted by Mars. This year France is having the 3rd house Gemini profection where natal Mars is also posited. Furthermore, Solar return Mars is retrograde in Aries, in the 12th house, and again afflicted by Saturn. Uranus is on the Asc in the current solar return chart for France and it is also opposed by Mercury. (the year lord, 2020-21)

Interestingly, the new moon chart for Wellington, New Zealand (see below) puts the Aquarius stellium well in the 12thhouse bringing much uncertainty and collective themes as Asc ruler falls into the 12th since Pisces rising. Perhaps around this region of the world, natural events pertaining to the sea and oceans would come to the fore.


Written on January 13th, 2021.


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