R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for February 2020


A call for fundamental change: New Moon in Aquarius, January 25th, 2020

After a busy and rather saturnine Capricorn period in the last couple of weeks, here we have a new moon in Aquarius which is also tightly squared by Uranus in Taurus. Exciting news! Indeed, Aquarius new moons can be disruptive and challenging for status-quo and things get much more unexpectedly stressful in this time frame. On the positive side, the period between January 25th and February 9th can be used for implementing exciting changes with more determinacy after many restrictive and depressive days. As Aquarius is a fixed sign and Saturn being oriental to the Sun, we can proceed with much consistency and determination.

Moreover, this new moon happens to be on a term degree ruled by Mercury and, as Mercury itself is widely conjunct with the new moon, we can expect plenty of new ideas are being put in action and many social issues can come to the fore simultaneously in a global sense. Furthermore, Mercury’s sextile with Mars adds heavily loaded lines of communication as well as hot issues, arguments around our beliefs, social policies and ideologies. However, this new moon holds Mercury/Saturn midpoint as well. This combination would bring single-mindedness and a certain need for shaping new ideas or restrictions and fears in politics and social situations on the negative side.

Aquarius new moon is seen on the Eastern horizon (Asc) around Western Australia (Perth) along with upwards to Timor island and Tokyo, Japan. These regions might witness social movements as well as tremors of certain seismic activity. However, social conditions can be much direr and restrictive for people in Indonesia and Phillippines as Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurs very close to the Ascendant for this geography. (See below new moon chart for Manila, Phillippines)

The same duo (Saturn/Pluto) is seen around IC for Western Turkey (especially for Izmir) and around the Aegean sea, as well as Bulgaria, Romania, Western parts of Ukraine, Belarus and up to Finland. Depending on the context, these regions might be dealing with tiring domestic issues, security concerns but also problems arising from land and nature itself.

On the other hand, and angular Saturn-Pluto conjunction appears on the Dsc for Caracas, Venezuela. This would be a tense time period for national concerns amid a growing crisis as the needs of people are clearly on the rise. It is quite noteworthy that the new moon for Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, shows Leo rising and angular Uranus in the 10th house. Such configuration can be relevant to growing opposition and certain unrest targeting current President Bolsonaro’s new economic policies. (See below new moon chart for Brasilia, Brazil)

An outstanding Full Moon in Leo, February 9th, 2020

This is a rather strong-willed full moon holding enormous energy that can be released in a dramatic way. The full moon herself becomes a singleton reflecting strong needs and views of people and their display of emotions and ideas. As full moons are times of culmination point of prevalent conditions, there could be a growing motivation for people to address their own views and needs. This would also revolve around certain leadership and political activity. This full moon has striking midpoints attached: Mars/Jupiter (5 15 Capricorn, close to the recent solar eclipse in Capricorn) and Neptune/Pluto (20 Aquarius), as well as Mercury/Uranus (5 33 Aries). As each of these midpoints could display over-exuberant and dynamic ends, the atmosphere around this full moon could be spectacularly bright and dramatic. Mars/Jupiter brings higher political ambitions and determination to succeed whereas Neptune/Pluto in Aquarius could be something extraordinarily collective movement or a global event, and Mercury/Uranus might be something new, an innovative idea or an assertive decision. As Mars in Sagittarius is connected with both luminaries, ideological or religious fervor is also evident.

Interestingly, this Leo full moon occurs just on the horizon for London at the dawn. Certainly, a collective need of people is apparent in London or generally in the UK. Potentially, this would be a start signal for the second phase of the Brexit talks.  (See chart below for full moon in London, UK)

Whereas, the same full moon shows an intense involvement within international realms for Washington, DC. As Sagitarrius rising, the full moon falls in the 9th house. Mars in the first house is in a tight square with the MC degree. Moreover, all these midpoints that are mentioned above, are seen aspected by natal Jupiter the US, Sibley chart, which is 5 degrees in Cancer. For President Trump, this could be rather again eventful time period as transiting Saturn will be opposing his Venus, which is the ruler of his MC, and Saturn/Pluto combination is seen in trine aspect to the MC too. Late February, around the 23rd, might be tedious for him. (See chart below for full moon for Washington, DC, US)

Finally, Berlin, Germany has rather peculiar conditions around this full moon. While Pisces rising with Neptune, Mars is culminating in Sagitarrius. An angular and out-of-sect malefic can bring heated arguments in social policies and perhaps this could involve religious issues. These topics would also contain disputes about the conditions immigrants or refugees since Asc ruler Jupiter is posited in the 11th house. (See chart below for full moon for Berlin, Germany)


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