R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation report for February 2019


The times we live in

Aquarius is a future oriented sign and its ruler, lord of the aging and limits (Kronos) Saturn relates to the fundamental ideas and principles that we can explore for the good of everyone, as far as good intentions are maintained. A new moon in Aquarius then, has usual qualities such as being independently unique or sometimes a misfit, a progressive enthusiast or may be a rebel. However, as Saggy Jupiter friendly sextiles to the current new moon, it bestows certain positive vibrations, excitement towards new ideas and efforts in grasping the things beyond our usual limits of knowledge. Hence this new moon can be expected to bring progressive thinking, discoveries and explorations in order to gain new insights for our future plans. Moreover, this new moon closely holds Saturn/Neptune midpoint (both planets now are in sextile aspect) which might help us to integrate our imagination with more concrete results. However, on the other side of the coin, Saturn/Neptune midpoints could also trigger restrictive or depressive kind of imagery as well as deep insecurities. As Saturn currently approaching closer to Pluto in Capricorn, and due to this midpoint’s proximity around the 0 degree of cardinal signs in the 8th harmonic, prevailing conditions could reflect much caution, restriction and suffering in the world at large.

In this Aquarius new moon, Mars-Uranus conjuction has tense aspect with Pluton and nodal axis, certain regions of the world could be harmed by intense revolts and highly strung energies especially where these planetary couples become more angular. Mars-Pluto combinations signify strong power displays and could be quite explosive and impatient. Having this aspect between cardinal sings, both of which have horns in their figures, certain ego clashes between leaders and obstinate behaviours will not be surprising. On the physical side, this would also produce dangerous accidents, military conflicts and violence. These aspect patterns become angular in different geographies such as New York, Caracas, Venezuella, Santiago, Chile, as well as Indonesian islands. For Washington DC, Uranus seems to be on the nonagesimal point (90 degree above the Asc) along with nodal axis on the horizon. Whitehouse administration and the President Trump could be under severe attack as the new moon occurs in the 8th house with both malefics angular. (See chart below)

On the other hand, while Uranus sits at the nadir for Beijing, China, Capricorn rises. We could expect more reserved and cautious talks/or wars amid rowing economic concerns and rising tensions.

Another prominent feature of this period is that planets in transit are being clustered within only 5 signs which we name as “bundle” chart pattern. (Marc Edmund Jones) This type of charts usually highlight a strong focus on only certain areas while a disregard for other things which are represented by the empty parts of the chart, exists. Except, Mars and Uranus in Aries, universal signs are much more emphasized during this period which eventually bring much more pronounced themes around ideologies, systems and collective issues. In this regard, Kolkata, India and whole Asia Pasific region are seen to be occupied with issues revolving around religions, different faiths, international concerns and closer dialogues. (See chart below)

Fullmoon at 0 degree Virgo

There will be a fullmoon on February the 19th, at the very first degree of Virgo which is strongly held by Mercury in terms of essential dignities. Fullmoons in Virgo are heavily oriented to work, service, organization and health issues and this fullmoon acts also as the handle of bucket pattern, singularly carrying the weight of the empty space which we mentioned above. Intense focus on this singleton might show itself up as our strong need to be helpful, practical and having good abilities of service to others. We can assume that certain emotional sensitivity, people’s needs and concerns will be highlighted in the second half of February.

Additionally, we come across with a close Mercury-Neptune conjunction in the middle degrees of Pisces. Indeed, this conjunction seems to act as the opposing pole which needs to be balanced by this practical fullmoon. Hence, we need to be aware of our boundless and usually too fanciful dreams and thoughts. Perhaps, a grounded approach will help us to realize our rich dreams and imagination. In mundane terms, this polarity might bring necessary realization and more critical measures in public health, social services as well as spiritual matters and potential figures relating to these themes.

Fullmoon in Virgo will be around MC across western China and especially over North Korea which may highlight people’s/workers physical and psychological needs as well as job related issues. (See chart below)

This Virgo fullmoon will also be on the Asc across down from Oslo (Norway) to Eastern Europe especially focusing our attention to Poland, Slovakia, Belgrade, Sofia, Athens and Izmir, Turkey. In these regions of the world, people would be much sensitive to environmental issues and public services. Same lines are also accentuated in Sudan, Uganda and Kenya in Africa. (See chart below)

On the other hand, the angles of the chart are in mutable signs for Tokyo (much flux and change), and Mercury/Neptune conjunction is seen almost at the Nadir. This might be a sign of deceitful or elusive happenings, or may be confusing matters in the lives of Japans especially in terms of lands, buildings, may be around wet and watery places or may be deriving from the sea/oceans, something which could force Japanese government to take charge. 

Furthermore, Virgo fullmoon emphasizes the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint (3 degrees of Aquarius) which is closely squared with Mars in early Taurus. This configuration might manifest itself as disturbances in speculative and financial markets as well as hasty and risky decisions. Reinhold Ebertin writes in COSI that Mars=Jupiter/Neptune midpoint could result in unreliability, proneness to irresponsible acting and strong desire for speculation. (Ebertin, COSI, p. 175, 1940 edition) As Mars  and Uranus will be angular around London, UK and through Paris, France, we could see that political and economical actions can be quite prematurely naive, impotent and much illusionary in the whole western Europe.

As a last note, Saturn, Venus and Pluto as well as South node in Capricorn are highlighted around IC and in the 4th house across the Indian Peninsula. Such cluster might indicate severe conditions and problems relating to land, security troubles of people,and problems deriving from natural events or settlement. 




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