R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for December 2021


Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 4 December 2021

The end of the year is sealed with a south node total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th of December. The eclipses in Sagittarius bring increased activity in international relations, political currents, ideologies as well as religious matters. In this period, we might be paying more attention to mass movements, certain teachings, ideological and religious differences, and media-related news. As the eclipse takes place on the south lunar node and is total, the aforementioned themes could be easily exaggerated and openly misused by extremist behaviors.

This eclipse occurs on the degree where Venus has a term rulership and Venus is getting ready to retrograde starting from December 19, 2021. We need to keep in mind that Venus will be staying for quite a long period in Capricorn, up until March 6, 2022. Indeed, Venus will be seen in a close embrace with Pluto in the following weeks, almost up to the first half of January. A plutonic emphasis on retrograde Venus in Capricorn might indicate that our values, both material and spiritual would be under great scrutiny and pressure. During this period, we could experience certain intensity and discontent, unsatisfaction on many levels. Accordingly, there could be uneasiness and feeling of inadequacy in financial matters, in investing markets as well as difficult relationships between countries at large. The conjunction of Mercury (which is in its detriment) might show that international trade, matters in negotiations, and open communication would be hindered or present certain disturbances during this period.

This eclipse chart for Washington, USA brings an emphasis to international relations, diplomacy, and ongoing negotiations with bordering countries or with the world in general. An eclipse in the 3rd house could accentuate the matters relating to neighboring countries, media, and communication. However, domestic matters and issues related to the security of the land seem to be crucially important as Venus is conjunct with Pluto on the nadir. (IC) Generally speaking, VE/PLU=MA/NE and SA=VE/JUP midpoints indicate complexity, misleading actions, and hindered relationships. Indeed, Pluto on the IC (close to natal Pluto of USA) can be seen as underground activities, the events which could create deep suspicion and anxiety in terms of domestic security. See the eclipse chart below.

Interestingly, the shadow line of this eclipse in Sagittarius is seen through the whole Southern America, especially Argentina but also will be visible from Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and Brasil. In this regard, we can expect extraordinary events and restlessness in and around these countries in the following six months.

The capitals of Argentina and Brazil,  Buenos Aires and Brasilia, both show the sign of Scorpio rising and Mars is much closer to the Asc point in Buenos Aires. Having fixed signs on the cross of matter and Saturn being on the IC for Buenos Aires, this eclipse portends challenging conditions as both malefics are angular. It is not altogether harmful as both malefics are in their own dignities but Mars’ proximity to the Asc degree could be harmful for the condition of people and the general outlook of the condition. We do not have a proper timed national chart for Argentina, but the country has been under the 8th house yearly profection this year (2021). Generally speaking, this is a house of drastic changes, fear, and anxiety. So the prevailing conditions would be limiting and disturbing as the eclipse itself will be partilly occurring on natal Saturn, bringing certain uneasy administrative conditions. The current president Alberto Fernandez’s birth chart has Sun and Uranus at 12 degrees of fire signs and the eclipse itself will form trine aspects with both planets. See below the eclipse chart for Buenos Aires, Argentina.

See below the shadow lines of the eclipse

On the other hand, in and around Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sagittarius is also rising, thus strongly accentuating Sagittarian themes for this region. In this chart, Jupiter, the ruler of the eclipse sign, is seen closely on the nadir.  Hence, ideological and political concerns, international elements would be noteworthy for the Eastern coastal regions of Brazil. This could be related to prevailing conditions surrounding president Jair Bolsonaro who has been under dire circumstances. See below the eclipse chart for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The total eclipse chart for Beijing, China also brings both malefics onto the axis, with Mars closely on the descendent point. Having the eclipse in the 8th house and Taurus on the ascendant, this chart indicates much more precarious conditions for people and things originating from international themes. (Venus and Pluto are conjunct in the 9th house). Here Mars would be decidedly dangerous for the health and stability of the people. As China is having its first house profection where also the Moon is, the conditions for the next six months could be tiresome and depressive for the people. Solar revolution chart for 2021 has the Moon in the 12th house while opposed closely by Pluto. See below the eclipse chart for Beijing, China.

The full moon in Gemini, 19 December 2021

Increasing volatility, mobility, and ever-changing conditions are no stranger to Gemini full moon periods. At this time of wrapping up the year, trickster Mercury is both fast-moving and way south of its declination cycle. Full moons in Gemini augments negotiations, discussions, and duality but a trine aspect from Jupiter could facilitate resolutions and add much international flavor in everything he touches. During this time amid hectic conditions, Mars in Sagittarius conjoining with the lunar south node appears to bring fiery arguments and more divide, increasing hostilities and extremism in beliefs and ideologies. Stationary Venus adds certain bitterness and brings an atmosphere of distrust and insecurity.

Full moons are times of heightened understanding and harvesting which can be used for attaining new awareness and here the role of Jupiter, before his departure from Aquarius, would help us to recover finding new cures and healing as he will be arriving in Pisces, soon. Meanwhile, around this time, on the 24th of December, Saturn and Uranus will have completed their 3rd duel which has been creating very tense and disruptive conditions for the entire 2021. So finally we may be at the beginning of a salvation phase of the conditions which have been quite limiting our freedom and hopes. Again, Uranus forms a H8 aspect with the full moon thus representing new possibilities and breaking away from the rigid patterns.

It is interesting to note that the signs from Cancer to Sagittarius are void around this time, excluding the swift-moving Moon and it might signify our efforts to maintain a new sense of security, building a new base for ourselves as the new year approaches.

For Ankara and Moscow, Mars will be angular at this lunation period. Sagittarius is the 6th house in the national chart of Turkey and this full moon could bring much stress and public anxiety as the full moon itself is seen in opposition with the natal Moon position in Turkey’s chart. Moreover, natal Mars in Turkey’s chart coincides with the MC of the lunation thus highlighting the martial nature of the prevailing conditions. Military endeavors in the southern region and its vicinity to Russian forces in the region would create risky and unstable conditions. See the full moon chart for Ankara, Turkey.

Meanwhile, the whole Middle East and particularly Israel’s military actions would be highlighted in this period as the full moon is closely connected with the horizon line. Angular Mars’s proximity to the south node can bring much fiery and disruptive atmosphere into the region. It is interesting to note that out of bound Mercury is seen conjunct with the fixed star Facies, a star which is known for ruthless behavior and violence. See below the full moon chart for Tel Aviv, Israel.

The full moon for Beijing, China shows a great amount of martial intensity as Aries rises, and Mars is located in the 9th house of international relations and certain ideologies. This lunation would bring increasing strife with neighboring countries as Aries is posited in the 3rd house of the national chart of China. Moreover, China will have its 3rd house/Aries monthly profection in December along with natal Mars is in the 7th house. Thus there is an increased risk of friction with the neighbors and rising hostilities with other countries. See below the full moon chart for Beijing, China.


This text is completed on 11 November 2021.


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