R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for December 2020

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A month of crucial importance

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, 30 November 2020

Here we are at the end of 2020, are witnessing a parade of powerful astrological configurations. This period holds two eclipses (penumbral lunar eclipse & total solar eclipse) in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis, as well as ingresses of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius and their bodily conjunction at the 0 degrees of Aquarius. Each of these phenomena requires lengthy discussions but let’s here focus on the lunation/eclipse charts. Indeed all these astrological symbols usher in an almost new age for all of us. Eclipses in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis represent increasing awareness as well as polarities in international relations and competing ideologies and policies, such as the EU-Brexit deal or USA-China trade negotiations, around what is to be right or wrong. While extremism in beliefs and certain ideologies are accentuated (south node in Sag), we need to establish much closer participation and more solid, working communication to solve our shared concerns and problems. Increasing fanatism and strong adherence to certain ideologies would be our blind spot where we eventually could fail in the end.

The lunar eclipse on the 30th of November has heavy Pluto ingredients which can be most irritating and contentious as the eclipse degree falls on the midpoint structure of Mars/Saturn=Pluto. Lunar eclipses tend to carry out certain issues to their highest and Gemini full moons can be divisive as well as illuminative. All sorts of communication tools, social media, journalism, education as well as international trade and travel, these areas of life would be high on the agenda. The combination of Mars/Saturn=Pluto can highlight much dispute, large-scale accidents or disruptive events affecting masses of people. As the full moon will be on the meridian line from Moscow, Russia down to Israel in the Middle East and to Eastern Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique) all these areas would be hot spots in terms of social disputes and divisive issues which might be strongly echoed in media, education and bipartisanship.

For example, the lunar eclipse chart for Moscow, Russia has Aquarius rising with Saturn is posited in Capricorn/12th house. MC ruler Jupiter which is in his fall also combines with Saturn, could reflect much oppression and failing justice in the collective sense. Social and political disputes, social unrest, religious issues would be much more on agenda in countries where Aquarius rising along this vertical line. See also ACG map for this lunar eclipse. 

Tehran, Iran will have Neptune rising in Pisces in this lunar eclipse and indeed it forms a T-square with lunar nodes. It even completes a mutable grand cross with the part of fortune. (see chart below) Such configuration might portend ambiguous and confusing conditions in which international relations having many parts of it. The living conditions might be harmed by sanitary concerns and inefficient measures or neglect. 

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, 14 December 2020

The solar eclipse which marks the end of the year has potent collective implications. While lunar eclipse is in aspect with Pluto (H8, 135 degrees), this solar eclipse is connected with Uranus (H8, 135) as well as with Neptune/0 Aries point. Hence we would say that the end of the year comes with enormous volatility and confusing developments which has collective repercussions. The south node eclipses tend to be much more unsettling and the totality of the eclipse seems to be more reinforcing such tendency. The combination of Uranus and Neptune might point out large scale, sometimes disruptive natural events.

In terms of social and other manifestations, the presence of Uranus indicates sudden changes, revolutionary tendencies and a certain spirit of innovation and liberation from limitations. As Uranus=Neptune/0 Aries point, such an outburst of sudden energy has a strong collective element which might result in unrest as well as enlightening visions and new discoveries. 

Interestingly, the solar eclipse also hits Donald Trump’s natal south node lunar eclipse in Sag. In this regard, this could suggest an eventual ending and new beginning in his course of life, depending on the recent election results.

Mercury has a special significance in this solar eclipse as it is seen in conjunction with the eclipse degree. Negotiations, deals and talks are clearly emphasized during this period and the Brexit with deal or no deal dilemma would still be alive during this course of time. At the time of writing, this article, (November 16) EU summit on 19 November was fastly approaching. As Sagittarius is situated in the 3rd of UK’s 1801 chart, ongoing negotiations would still be on the table or negatively it would yield to a much more unsettling outcome due to the presence of the south node. It is interesting to note that Venus/Saturn midpoint which combines with 0 Aries degree also falls on the Dsc in the solar eclipse chart, set up for London, UK. (see chart below)

As a last note, the eclipse’s shadow path will be crossing over South America, especially Argentina, and partially Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil. 

When this eclipse will be activated in the upcoming months, we would expect much more clear manifestations in this geography. Although it is located much further in the North, the capital city of Venezuela, Caracas shows a striking paran relationship between the eclipse and the Neptune on the ascendant degree. As the country struggles with enormous inflation and US sanctions under Trump’s presidency, this would be a quite changing time for people and the government itself under Maduro administration. 


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