R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for December 2019

Road to the Galaxy

The footsteps of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction: New Moon in Sagittarius

A new moon in Sagittarius is expected to bring themes around expanding our horizons, new discoveries, and dissemination of ideas, beliefs, and ideologies. During this period of time of the year, there are so many concomitant changes in our approach to social events, especially when Jupiter is ready to enter Capricorn, a cardinal sign where he is in his fall. Meanwhile, Mars is also getting more intensified in Scorpio. Hence we would expect extreme attitudes in social issues, more assertive ideologies and conflicting beliefs all around the world. Indeed, the recent new moon which occurred on the 26th of November has happened to be on a degree where Jupiter is also term ruler, which in turn exacerbating current ideological differences. Jupiter’s ingress into Capricorn could make it even more pronounced in our lives.

Moreover, the recent new moon has a semi-square relationship with the upcoming Saturn/Pluto cycle. Thus, this notorious combination which necessitates compulsory changes and structural ends and new beginnings would already cast its shadow before the new year. Saturn/Pluto themes are usually heavy and burdened with gruesome and arduous tasks but they are also essential to improve and regenerate new lines of change and rebirth. So in many aspects of our lives, especially in politics, social changes, and in economy where certain powers are colliding each other, an imminent change is on the horizon.

For London, UK we find Saturn/Pluto culminating at the MC, while Taurus rising with Venus at cardinal degree in Capricorn in the 9th house. While certain crises and changes are apparent, a new political attitude could be emerging. Jupiter’s ingress in Capricorn can be seen as a ground-zero for Britain in this new period.  (See new moon chart for London below)

On the other hand, Saturn is very close to the Asc degree, while Mars is seen just on the midheaven for Washington, DC, USA. These two malefic planets do not bode well for the current tense and volatile American politics. Natal Sun of the USA which is at 13 degrees of Cancer, is just on the 7th house for this particular new moon. This could remind us the politically fragile position of President Trump who has been under severe pressure. On the other hand, Jupiter’s Capricorn ingress can be seen as an urgent wake-up call for the upcoming prospects of the economy and financial markets. In mundane astrology, Jupiter in Capricorn is indeed seen as a very critical significator of discontent and complain. (See new moon chart for Washington, DC with natal USA outer wheel, below)

A nebulous full moon in Gemini

A full moon in Gemini where Mars has a term rulership will occur on the 12th December 2019. This full moon is much filled with Neptunian energies which accentuates our visions and yearnings for spiritual matters. But Neptune is an elusive character that might scatter our energies and could be very self-deceptive as well. The full moons are times of self-reflection as well as times of decisions upon what we have done so far. During this time period, we are prone to vacillate and break-up and perhaps we need to come to the terms of reality. However, the trine aspect between Jupiter and Uranus in earth signs could bring certain innovative ideas which we can put in practice.

On the other hand, prior to the solar eclipse which is conjunct with Jupiter on the 26th December, there is a notable stellium in Capricorn. Venus, the planet of satisfaction and values is seen “besieged” between Saturn and Pluto. Hence, we might be quite insisting and compulsive in our wants and desires. This combination would also bring economic disturbances and more stressful financial prospects. Having also noticed the approaching Jupiter with South node in Capricorn, prospects for economic growth and financial profits can be daunting.

The Gemini full moon for Ankara seems to put pressure on international relations as well as chaotic diplomatic policies. As transiting Neptune is once again hovering Turkey’s natal MC, there are growing uncertainty and unforeseen tendencies in the direction of the country. During this period of time, Turkey’s agenda can be dominated by national security concerns which are especially arising from international issues.  (See full moon chart for Ankara, Turkey below)


On the other hand, southern regions of Japan, especially in the vicinity of Osaka, shows two outer planets, namely Uranus and Pluto on the angles. It is also noticeable that Asc ruler Venus is culminating with Pluto on the midheaven. Hence, around this lunation, technologically hazardous and environmentally risky issues could strongly come to the fore and could have disturbing or shocking effects within the public life. (See full moon chart for Osaka, Japan below)




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