R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for August 2022


New Moon in Leo, 28 July 2022 GMT, 5 39 Leo

There is an increasing emphasis on fixed signs during these lunations. Potent energies and will-power are indicated since the new moon in Leo has a trigon configuration with Jupiter which is also stationary retrograde at the same period. The sign of Leo and Jupiter in Aries might bring out the themes related to the leaders, rulers, governments, shiny figures as well as dictators. During this period, the rulers, and administrators might be more demanding and pretentious which could result in dissensions and greater tension.


There will be a triple conjunction of Mars-Uranus and north node in the early days of August which highlights both risks and opportunities. This combination tends to urge rebellions and independence thus yielding to very unpredictable, unusual activities or events. Meanwhile, Saturn’s upper square to this conjunction might be very prohibitive and oppressive which could end in upheaval and riots in the social scene. Such a combination might also bring great accidents or increased irritation which reflects a clash between conservative and modernizing energies. Since the new moon is in the H8 aspect with Mars/Pluto midpoint, there is a pronounced emphasis on collision of power, using tremendous power to win, and destructive tendencies if these inclinations are not balanced or used positively. It seems that these stubborn tendencies and arguments would be more permanent and pervasive since the next full moon in Aquarius shows both lights under affliction by malefics.


The Leo new moon chart for Washington DC reflects such animosity and danger for leadership as both malefics are seen angular. Scorpio rising means risky and crisis-bearing conditions as well as destructive tendencies and certain challenges as Mars in Taurus (detriment) and partilly squaring to the MC/IC axis. During this period, we might expect growing hostilities and uprising movements against the people as well as authorities. This new moon may also reflect military confrontations which could highlight certain military persons or administrators. As both benefics are cadent and malefics are angular, this period might bring dangerous conditions, especially ongoing war in Ukraine is concerned. Please find the new moon chart for Washington, DC below.

Both malefics are also seen angular for Moscow, Russia. The new moon for Moscow shows Aquarius on the ascendant while the new moon happens to be in the 7th house of enmities and diplomacy. Sagitarrius midheaven and its trine to Mercury would suggest opportunities for negotiations and a certain communicative line and Jupiter being in the 3rd house might be good for diplomatic exchanges. However, Mercury is seen as afflicted by Mars (in detriment) and this may further deepen the ongoing conflicts. Please find the chart for Moscow, below.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Mars-Uranus-Nodes triple conjunction will be around the IC in central Europe, crossing down from Oslo down to Denmark, Germany (esp. Frankfurt), the eastern part of Switzerland, and Milano in northern Italy. As Capricorn rises and Scorpio culminates, the cross of matter for these regions is ruled by both malefics. Mars on the nadir would indicate internal unrest and issues relating to land security. The South Node on the MC would also indicate certain events inducing a crisis which is directly related to the 4th house themes. The chart below is cast for Berlin, Germany.

Full Moon in Aquarius, 12 August 2022 GMT, 19 21 Aquarius

Unfortunately, the full moon in Aquarius shows extremely tense and grueling conditions due to the involvement of both malefic planets with the lights. Moreover, Uranus which is seen conjunct with the north node completes this picture with heightened tensions and suddenness. Full moons are times of great awareness but also outcome and during this period we may expect great harm to people and severe conditions since the full moon conjuncts with Saturn. This full moon forms H8 aspects with Uranus, ME/PL, and SA/NN/UR which would indicate unexpected, malevolent natural events resulting in destruction and violence. These sharp conditions, if they are human-made, might relate to uprisings, unexpected events such as military coups, or events producing much political instability.


During this lunation, Mars is situated closely with Algol and Capulus, two fixed stars which are related to violence, cruelty, and destruction. Aggressive tendencies abound. As Saturn at the south bending, shortages, drought, and malnutrition would be evident. It seems that the people are in warlike conditions.


Certain cities are visibly much more affected by the angularity of these hard aspects. For example, in Moscow and Tehran, the full moon happens on the descendant, and both Mars/Uranus and Saturn are in angular places. In Australia, especially in Melbourne, Mars appears on the descendant, and Scorpio rises. In Adelaide, Australia Uranus happens to be close to the descendant.

This full moon brings the lights in cadent places, the 6th and the 12th houses for Washington, DC.  The Moon-Saturn conjunction in the 12th house might indicate unluck, fragile and isolating, restrictive conditions for people at large. As Pisces rises, Neptune hovers on the Asc showing that conditions could be disorderly, confusing, and agonizing. The full moon charts for Washington, DC, and Moscow, Russia are given below.


This text is completed on 14 July 2022.


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