R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for August 2021


The full moon in Aquarius, 24 July 2021

The Aquarius full moon which will occur on the 24th of July falls on the midpoint of ME/SA and will trigger previous conjunctions of Mars-Saturn (31.3.2020) and Jupiter/Saturn (21.12.2020) in Aquarius. Especially when these conjunctions are highlighted we need to address the events which we have been living for the last year. Due to pandemics and severe social restrictions, isolation and a new mode of living have become our dominant daily routines. Now, these restrictive elements once again would be our agenda. Indeed, SA/PL midpoint at the 3 degrees of Aquarius falls quite close to the full moon. Interestingly, this full moon occurs at the beginning of the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games which will be held without fans and spectators.

If we look at the full moon chart for Tokyo, Japan, (see below) the full moon appears in the fifth house which denotes the games and entertainment. However, the Moon is seen almost besieged with Saturn and Pluto. Moreover, Venus, as Asc ruler is in the 12th house and it is in her fall, opposed by Jupiter. The Asc degree itself is in square aspect with Pluto which is at the nadir point (IC). These configurations suggest pressures and uneasy conditions stemming from the recent Covid surges in Japan. Although the Leo Sun is close to the MC signifying much attention received, both Mars and Saturn appear to harm and shadow the 5th house of games.

The full moons in Aquarius bring forward issues related to people at large, groups, and certain political movements. As this full moon is under pressure from both Saturn and Pluto, we might expect oppression, severity and a tendency of having a hard and cold-hearted disposition that would undermine liberties. Interestingly, full moon charts for Washington DC and Havana, Cuba have the Moon in the 12th house, however, the Washington Dc chart shows more involvement of Neptune, having closer aspects with the cross of matter. (the axis of the chart) In the full moon chart for Washington DC (see below) Neptune is just on the horizon and is seen in close square to the MC. Collective or natural forces might be in work in this period, the conditions of people show weaknesses and susceptibility to outer influences. On the other hand, universal or spiritual matters, yearnings might be on the agenda. However, preponderance in the 6th and 12th houses might indicate events that could be depriving and out of control. These events could be related to floods, oceans or anything related to vast water or gaseous materials. For Havana, Cuba, this might be related to the recent protests and anger against the government.

For Sydney, Australia, the Aquarius full moon has Saturn just on the IC. This chart shows the considerable heavy involvement of malefics in the cardinal places. While Scorpio rising, Mars appears in the late degrees of Leo and casting a square aspect to the Asc. This could be a period that produces discontentment and discordance in the homeland. Issues relating to native Australians and their problems might be at the forefront. The MC degree shifts back to the late degrees of Cancer bringing Pluto on the IC for the central regions. Uranus also gets more angular for places like Adelaide, Australia. See below, the full chart for Adelaide, Australia.

The new moon in Leo, 8 August 2021

During this period, when the new moon appears in Leo, the growing tensions between Saturn and Uranus in fixed signs are getting much more noticeable. This tension-bearing aspect has been active indeed for the entire 2021. The next one will also be active in the early days of November. The Saturn-Uranus combinations represent a continuous battle between the new and the old balancing a necessary change, update and sometimes producing revolutionary times. The sign of Leo is an apt symbol for leaders, governors, and persons with high esteem and notoriety. Currently, Saturn in Aquarius tends to bring new challenges for those persons in power who have been trying to dictate their views and interests onto larger segments of society. Adding Uranus in this picture would create certain sociological quakes and rising social tensions. Moreover, during this period, with Mars’ advent into Virgo, there is a rising possibility for action and challenge. Indeed Mars will be at the northern lunar bending around 10-15 August which could trigger an enormous amount of energy.

This strongly fixed new moon in Leo also contains MA/PL midpoint at 15 degrees of Scorpio. Ebertin writes that this is the midpoint for force, brutality and heavy concentration of efforts and compulsion. Hence during this period, we might expect harsh or heavy application of force, both natural or human-made.

Geographically, starting from Cairo, Egypt, Israel to Iran, the new moon chart in the Middle East shows Capricorn in the Ascendant and the new moon in the 8th house of crises. For Tehran, Iran MC moves to Scorpio thus bringing Uranus closer to the IC point. Leo in the 8th house might indicate growing fear and anxiety in the region due to risky events and sudden changes in the status-quo. Capricorn on the Ascendant might also mean restrictive or cautious economic conditions which could be derived from the recently increasing inflationary pressures in the markets. See below the new moon chart for Tehran, Iran.

On the other hand, Beijing, China tends to be more demonstrative and assertive in their decisions. The new moon chart in Leo will trigger China’s natal Mars/Pluto conjunction in her 7th house. Meanwhile, Aries ascendant for Beijing brings further attention to the neighboring countries and borders. See below, natal chart for China with the new moon positions in the outer wheel. 15th of August and onwards would bring a more focused and assertive attitude in China’s relations with neighbors. The monthly profection for China also accentuates Scorpio/10th house thus making Mars a time lord for the entire August. Please note that  China has Mars in the natal 7th house of open conflicts and enemies.

The Full moon in Aquarius, 22 August 2021

There will be a second full moon in Aquarius this year, focusing our attention on the last degree of the sign with Jupiter. The late degrees of any sign are always turbulent and unstable as malefic planets have their term dignities in these degrees. The full moon in this case will be occurring in the term having Saturn rulership. Indeed Jupiter which has been retrograding for a while seems to be quite restricted and has no essential dignity around this time. I presume that Jupiter’s expansionary nature would function in a much more detrimental direction in the lunation. Along with Mars in Virgo, here conjunct with Mercury this time around, our attention would be directed to health concerns and organizational schemes. Since Jupiter has lost his full dignity in Aquarius, these times would indicate times once again full of health concerns, probably still prevailing new variants of Covid cases.

On the other hand, this full moon in Aquarius once again tends to ignite social causes, expanding political debates and further concerns centered on leaders. This full moon chart draws our attention to England as the Leo Sun is just seen culminating in London, UK. Such lunation could emphasize prime minister Boris Johnson or some event related to a person in the royal family. However in any case, this could be a quite busy time involving people’s actions and attitudes towards security and stability. The presence of Uranus on the descendant (UK natal Mars is also close by) would bring sudden events involving protests or financial concerns, particularly depriving relations with the EU. See below full moon chart for Westminster, UK.



This text is completed on 15 July 2021.


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