R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for August 2020


Uranus rocks! Full Moon in Aquarius, 3 August 2020

We are going to have a full moon in Aquarius with a strong taste of Uranus on the 3rd of August 2020. Full moons are said the times of heightened awareness and Uranus itself is a great awakener. We might expect sudden events that could be unsettling as well as revealing of what has been hidden, in fact, much-suppressed energy could also be released in our personal lives. Aquarius full moons tend to heat up social issues like civil liberties, political concerns both in extreme right or left lines and could trigger an outcry for social change and basic human rights. The planet Venus which is conjunct with the North lunar node in Gemini is also much emphasized in this lunation. As Venus oriental to the Sun and situated in a masculine sign, the issues relating to women can be more visible during this period.

Interestingly, the full moon chart for Hong Kong, China displays a much prominent example of an angular Uranus on the Ascendant degree. While Aquarian full moon almost culminates on the MC, there is a partile opposition of Mercury and Saturn which could manifest as blocks and problems in communication and speech. The recent rules and regulations which have been implemented in Hong Kong by the Chinese government and subsequent social reactions, now would create much more contested social atmosphere. (See below the full moon chart for Hong Kong, China)

In Southern America, around Venezuela, Western parts of Brazil and Bolivia, Uranus also seems to be angular in the 7th house of open enemies and hostilities. As this configuration brings the luminaries on the meridian axis, it can indicate an increased social discontent against current political rules and administrations.

This full moon which is highly charged with Uranus might also indicate increased seismic activity and might produce earthquakes. Uranus also appears to be on the IC around the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, especially in the region between Turkey and Greece which has always been active in terms of quakes on the faultlines. (See below the ACG map of the full moon)

Fiery New Moon in Leo, 19 August 2020

This year’s new moon in Leo comes with prominent martial qualities. The new moon happens to be on a term degree ruled by Mars, as well as is aspected by Mars, himself. Such a big emphasis on fire element would indicate events related to military powers, leaders, commanders, the notables as well as display of shiny and flamboyant attitudes, celebrations, and dominant manners. As Mercury also conjuncts with the new moon, we might expect to hear attention-grabbing speeches from leaders, new ideas put forward, or straight forward fiery propaganda. Since the presidential election is on the horizon in the US, this new moon can indicate an increasing political competition and arguments among leaders.

Indeed, for Washington, DC, the Leo new moon puts Jupiter-Pluto conjunct just over the midheaven suggesting that manipulative and dirty power politics, accusations and issues related to big corporations may come to the fore. As both Saturn and Pluto has a superior square to Mars in the 12th house, such tense configuration could bring out more allegations of corruption having sinister nature. Ruthlessness and fierce competition can be observed throughout the political climate during this period. (See below the new moon chart for Washington DC, U.S.) An emphasis on the 9th house can also be related to international events or dealings. 

The presence of Mars is also noted in central Europe as it hovers around midheaven, especially for Austria, the Czech Republic, as well as Western parts of Poland. These regions might prone major accidents, great fires or may be explosions. On the other hand, the preponderance of the fire element might also indicate events related with leaders, displays of intense emotion, or excitement.

The new moon chart for Tokyo, Japan puts the luminaries just over the MC. This is a striking chart not only because of the light’s angularity but Mars is seen to be the ruler of the Ascendant. It can be expected that certain events, celebrations or announcements might bring a spotlight to the Japanese administration or the royal dynasty though having symbolic power. Apart from that, events or issues relating to the manufacturing industry, workers, or health and services might be high on the agenda in the second half of August. (See below the new moon chart for Tokyo, Japan)


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