R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for April 2022


New Moon in Aries, 1 April 2022 GMT

April brings us emerging new cycles which will engage us in the months to come. Indeed, new moons in Aries have especially been crucial times setting the tone of the unfolding events as Aries is the foremost reference point in the Zodiac. This year, however, another striking conjunction will take place just a few days after the new moon, Mars and Saturn will conjoin at the 22 degrees of Aquarius. The ancients used to name this astrological phenomenon as the conjunction of evil-doers (kıran-ı nahseyn) and through consulting this map they were trying on how to locate wars, seditions, and difficult circumstances. In the yearly predictions of the court astrologers of the Ottoman Empire, there was a separate section investigating these types of charts.


Unfortunately, in the delineation of the recent new moon, we mentioned the warmongering inclinations due to deprived conditions of Venus which were harmed by both Mars and Pluto. At this moment of new cycles emerging, the conjunction chart of Mars and Saturn is quite noteworthy that both planets are seen coming together on the Asc for Kyiv, Ukraine. See below Mars-Saturn conjunction chart for Kyiv, Ukraine.

As this conjunction takes place in an air sign, we may assume that adversities and harms could be expected to derive from the air, winds, storms as well as airborne particles like viruses. In Kyiv and its environs, unfortunately, this may indicate aerial/technological/ nuclear harms to the people or simply airstrikes. Generally speaking, this conjunction would bring humanitarian issues, to the surface indicating difficult circumstances for groups, for masses, and many struggles for liberties and freedom.

2022 Aries new moon presents dynamic and communicative energies since Mercury is conjunct with the new moon degree. Moreover, ME/JU midpoint falls on the Vernal point which augments this powerful communicative and active outlook. On the other hand, the ruler of the new moon Mars is in Aquarius emphasizes humanitarian issues as well as creates a more belligerent attitude where liberties and freedom are sought.

For Moscow, Russia, and Beijing China, Aries new moon chart brings both malefic planets to the angles. For Moscow, the midheaven is besieged by Mars/Saturn conjunct which necessitates being very demanding and stern for the Russian administration. Whereas Cancer rising indicates a more defensive and vulnerable attitude to the unfolding circumstances. Meanwhile, Mars is also term ruler of the Asc degree reinforcing the already established do-or-die atmosphere. New moon in the 10th house/Aries shows an even more pronounced survival instinct in the world.

For Beijing, China, we find Mars, Saturn and Venus on the descendant point which highlights stressful and troublesome diplomatic relations. While Leo rising, the new moon falls in the 9th house suggesting crucial topics on the international front. It is interesting to note that natal Mars of China (@14 degree of Leo) makes a square aspect with the midheaven of the new moon chart as well as its angularity to the transiting Mars. All these findings remind us of quite contentious and hostile conditions for China.

Please find below the new moon charts for Moscow and Beijing below:

2022 April alerts us that even more notable cycles are emerging. On the 12th, we are going to have Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on the 23rd degree of Pisces. This combination has a magnifying effect on neptunian things such as universal concerns, humanitarian efforts, events that create suffering and victimization, generally left-wing, socialist, or utopistic political currents, as well as surreal creativity in arts. This combination also indicates inflationary or unreliable, unstable economic episodes, and Neptune is related to oil and natural gas. The whole world has been experiencing high rises in energy and commodity prices which have already stemmed from the pandemia.

Interestingly, This chart below for this conjunction has JU/NE just on the descendent for Warsaw, Poland which apparently signifies humanitarian concerns, collective morality, moral philosophies and what is currently going on in and around the Eastern European countries. In the sign of Pisces, ideals, visions and our social systems are in the rebirth phase that includes crisis and decay.

Full Moon in Libra, 16 April 2022 GMT

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction which occurred (12 April) before this full moon seems to have a strong say over this period. Both Venus and Mars are in Pisces now reflecting a more emphatic attitude and humane sentiment. At least, Mars is now disposited by exalted Venus in Pisces. Jupiter-Neptune combination further emphasizes that human suffering and universal concerns are clearly acknowledged in our consciousness. As the full moons are reflection points and a full moon in Libra would indicate necessary adjustments, strategical decisions and certain completion of negotiations. During this period, we are expected to give plenty of attention to our relationships, reaping the results of our earlier actions. However, Pluto which is exactly at the apex of this full moon would bring forward difficult solutions, atrocity, and ruthlessness. As the full moon is both aspected by Venus (H8) and Saturn (trine), there could be a potential for settling things down, no matter how hard it is to come terms. On the other hand, Saturn is now at the bendings of the lunar nodes which reinforces hard choices and indicates more difficult times for the world, economically and politically.


Both for Kyiv and Moscow, (even in Berlin and eastwards) as well as in the Balkans, since Scorpio rises, the nodal axis and its tense relation with Saturn become more prominent. The lights are seen in the 6th and 12th houses indicating troubling circumstances, much labor, and emphasis on suffering or infrastructural problems. For Bucharest, Romania, Mars in Pisces is closely near to the IC which could be interpreted as the ongoing problems of refugees and disrupted conditions in the land and security. The full moon is seen angular for London, the UK where the moon is nearly conjunct with the Asc. Such configuration might show vulnerable times for the public and concerns for health and security, especially when the Moon is in via combusta. Please see below the full moon charts for Kyiv, Bucharest and London.

On the other hand, for the eastern borders of Poland and three Baltic states, while Mercury/Uranus is on the horizon, Saturn seems to be around the IC, thus forming a paran relationship for this region. Contradictory tendencies and tense, highly charged communication can be expected in this period.


This text is completed on 14 March 2022.


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