R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for April 2021

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A wounded Venus

Full Moon in Libra, 28 March 2021

The Libra full moon at the end of March draws special attention to Venus which is combust, in her detriment, and additionally is seen conjunct with Chiron. The full moon itself is aspected by both Mars and Saturn, the two malefics, as well as by Jupiter (sesquiquadrate). Nowadays, such a collaterally damaged Venus might bring issues forward related to peace, balance in negotiations, and financial themes. Indeed themes related to women too would be highlighted. Under a Libra full moon, our needs in relationships could be strongly questioned which could result in certain dissatisfaction and probable resentments at both sides. In mundane terms, diplomatic relations, peace talks, and certain bargaining processes might arrive at a critical consideration.

For Tehran, Iran, the full moon chart brings late degrees of Scorpio to the Ascendant while Mars is situated at the idle place. Furthermore, Mars is closely conjunct with the north node which has an expanding nature. The current situation between Iran and the USA, as well as the EU regarding over nuclear power ownership, could be rather brittle and critical as both Mercury and Neptune are in tense aspect (square) with Mars and the nodal points. The 12th house Moon and her dispositor Venus in detriment also shows ailing conditions of both Iranian people and the economy under further constraints of the epidemic. Asc/MC midpoint for Tehran which is at 17 46 degrees of Libra is connected both with Pluto and Chiron. See below the full moon chart for Tehran, Iran.

Indeed, wounded Venus symbolizes the fragility of human conditions on a global scale.

The full moon for Roma, Italy shows Pluto at the nadir. Italy has been one of the countries severely harmed by the Coronavirus and the recent statistics indicating additional support spending for households and workers is not high as much as with other western European countries. The sign of Cancer on the midheaven and the first house Moon might indicate how demanding conditions for the public. See below the full moon chart for Roma, Italy.

Interestingly, this Libra full moon also falls in the 10th house of Queen Elizabeth II where her part of fortune is situated. Moreover, her tenth house (social standing and reputation) also rises in the full moon chart for London, UK. Meanwhile, her Pluto in Cancer is quite close to the mid-heaven degree of this full moon chart. The aspects to her part of fortune in the 10th (transiting Venus and Sun are in opposite) and the full moon in her 10th house clearly brings particular sensitivity. Indeed, the Queen will have her 12th Sagittarius profection starting from her birthday this year. Her year lord will be Jupiter and her Jupiter is both connected with Mars and Saturn in her natal chart.  Her solar return chart for 2021 shows Capricorn rising with Pluto ascendant and the Moon (her natak 7th house ruler) is seen closely opposed by Pluto. In the meantime, her rising degree is also closely conjunct with this year’s solar return. See below Queen Elizabeth II’s solar return chart for 2021.

For Washington, DC, the full moon gives Leo rising with Saturn is closely on the descendant point. As the 3rd/9th houses are highly activated, there is a strong emphasis on diplomatic relations and the power of the current Biden administration. The grand trine in the air signs normally would suggest increasing lines of communication and stability but the presence of both malefics in the picture tends to bring many tough subjects and disparity among allies. This would entail a risk of worsening communication in NATO, especially with Turkey. Interestingly, Uranus at the 8 degree of Taurus sits closely to midheaven and it forms a semi-sextile with its natal position where it is in the 7th house. Whereas, Turkey has Sun at 5 degrees of Scorpio. See below the full moon chart for Washington, DC.

A provoking new cycle emerging

New Moon in Aries, 12 April 2021

Aries new moon charts are always good indicators of emerging new cycles. Being the very first sign, Aries symbolizes the procreative stimuli, primordial energies, and awakening of the self. This new moon contains both inspiring and risk-prone ingredients. It is inspiring because it is aspected by both benefics, Venus (conjunction) and Jupiter (sextile), thus rendering us with protective and life-giving energies. However, a very sharp martial side is also present as Mars is closely involved, moreover, Mars is now “out of bound” planet having his highest northern declination and this will continue until late spring, into the middle of May. Mars will be traversing the sign of Gemini until 23 April and certainly, it has heating, provoking side especially through words and dealings. With Pluto closely in square aspect to the new moon, the second half of April seems to present quite a dynamic, boiling, and risky times. The clashing of power, confrontations, manipulations, and increasing war-like situations would be on our agenda.

This would be quite a possibility for Turkey as the new moon gives an Aries rising chart with Mars in the 3rd house of neighbors. Currently, there are escalating tensions both on the western and eastern fronts. The disputes with Greece over the Mediterranean sea where there is growing militarization of small islands whereas activities of terrorist groups in northern Syria pose serious challenges. This chart brings the utmost attention to Ankara as 0 degree of Capricorn is on the Midheaven, thus making Mars exaltation ruler of the MC. See below the new moon chart for Ankara, Turkey.

On the other hand, the new moon chart for Athens, Greece has also Mars on the nadir point with Neptune rising. It seems that surrounding conditions would be very volatile and confusing as Asc rulers in both charts are in cadent houses which could indicate inconclusive and ineffective solutions. See below the new moon chart for Athens, Greece.

The new moon chart for London, UK is also striking. While Capricorn rising, a sign strongly related to establishment, rules as well as dynastic themes, there is a stellium in the 4th Aries which also echoes familiar patterns. This new moon tends to events closely related to the British monarchy and certain transformations or emerging new cycles around royalty since Pluto is just on the ascendant degree.  See below the new moon chart for London, UK.

Similar confrontations between Iran and Israel would be also triggered under this provoking new moon. The chart gives Aries rising for the countries in the Middle East but for Tehran, Iran, 0 degree of Taurus rises, hence the Aries falls into the 12th house which could endanger subversive and unforeseeable actions in the region. Recently cyberwarfare sabotages, assassinations, and explosions have been escalating rapidly which could provide even further open clashes under such untenable conditions. You can see in the new moon chart that Asc ruler Venus in the 12th house Aries is under partile square from Pluto in the 9th house. This would be seen as a quite harmful configuration. See below the new moon chart for Tehran, Iran.


Completed on 9 March 2021.


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