R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation Report for April 2020


A Chironic Aries New Moon, March 24th, 2020

New Moons in Aries are of special importance and 2020 Aries new moon represents an acute awareness for survival and keeping ourselves alive. The first sign Aries is like Robinson Crusoe who was trapped alone in a faraway island and free of everyone else. Aries bestows us to be masters of ourselves and this new moon conjunct with Chiron tells us so many things about our lives laden by Coronavirus. Chiron, wounded healer is full of surprises and untouched possibilities. This new moon heralds a new yearly cycle in which we need to pay very focused attention to our essential things in life. As the virus spreads rapidly, we become solely driven by our fears but also with our will to combat it courageously. This planet-like entity is usually related to health issues as well as alternative medicine. Perhaps, we human species might find alternative cures amid such life-threatening menace. 

Meanwhile, this new moon also forms a sextile with Saturn freshly ingressed in Aquarius. Social distancing has already become a new norm. Furthermore, the upcoming notorious Mars-Saturn conjunction at the 0 degree of Aquarius on March 31st, brings us a two years new cycle of struggle in the social area and all the things related to human affairs, our civilization, and social order. In addition to that, this Aries new moon also forms a square aspect to the latest Solar eclipse in Capricorn in which there were both Saturn-Pluto and Jupiter- south node conjunctions that might be closely relevant of our current problem instilling fear and isolation as well as desperation.

Wuhan, China which is the originating place of contact with Covid-19 gives a Virgo rising chart in which Neptune on the descendant degree. The new moon in the 8th house, along with Saturn in the 6th house shows that prevailing fear-laden conditions are still ongoing and uncertainty abounds. The part of Mercury (aka Part of Necessity) which is at 3 48 Aries, is closely conjunct with the New Moon, indicating that full attention is given to the crises at hand. (See new moon chart for Wuhan, China, below)

Whereas, For Italy who has been entirely locked down due to Coronavirus, Mercury is seen on the MC in Pisces, while Gemini is rising. Currently dealt conditions by governmental authorities might be confusing and still threatening as Mars (the ruler of the new moon, Oikodespotes) Jupiter (dispositor of Mercury) and Pluto are together in the 8th house of fear and crisis. (See new moon chart below for Rome, Italy)

On the other hand, the new moon chart for Brasilia, Brazil is also striking. In this chart, Chironic Aries new moon happens to be just on the ascendant degree. A strong focus on the 10th house Capricorn, as well as lunar nodes on the meridian axis might indicate an eventful time period for the government and President Bolsonaro. (See new moon chart below for Brasilia, Brazil)

Libra full moon, April 8th, 2020

Libra full moon displays connection with Venus as Sun/Moon midpoint has a H8 (sesquisquare) aspect with her. This full moon accentuates the necessity of diplomacy and agreements even though the relationships are not openly supportive. In the meantime, the full moon occurs in Via Combusta region which might also be reflective of vulnerability and certain uneasiness or lack of trust. In addition to that, prior to the full moon, there will be a conjunction of Mars and Saturn on the 31st of March which has a mundane significance. (See the conjunction of Mars and Saturn set up for Washington, DC)

This is quite a stressful chart especially having the potential to create strife and hostility since Mars and Saturn are in aspect to both MC and Uranus. Bearing in mind that conjunction of Mars and Saturn happens to be in the 7th house of Donald Trump, there could be growing disagreement with others or issues with his own alliances. 

It is noteworthy to see that, Libra full moon chart has malefics, Mars and Saturn angular for the Western European countries. Especially Madrid, Spain is strongly hit by the conjunction. (See the full moon chart for Madrid, Spain) 

This chart presents an enormous challenge for inhabitants in and around Spain as malefics are posited to harm the Asc degree. Indeed, diffusing coronavirus or whatever is, seems to have a great impact and restriction on the public. 

Meanwhile, the full moon chart has also Jupiter-Pluto conjunction on the Ascendant for London, UK. This might be oppressive conditions for Londoners or at least for the British government. These planets will have conjunction 3 times this year and  Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions usually denote power plays, ambitious schemes but also increasing dissatisfaction in politics and diplomacy, hence increasing the diplomatic tensions between the UK and the EU. (See the full moon chart for London, UK) 


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