R. Hakan Kırkoğlu – Lunation report for April 2019

Beautiful view of moonlight with shiny stars in the sky

A difficult start 

A new moon in Aries indeed is a clear symbol that things are changing and waking up themselves rapidly with arising new fiery energy. So, this new moon encourages fresh beginnings without much prior thinking. However, as Saturn casts upon an omnious superior square to the Luminaries, starkly reminding us that, we are quite restricted and burdened by outside realities during this period of time. Issues about leadership or hierarchical or corporate concerns could bring limitations or bare simple realities of life would be challenging. In mundane terms, this period, especially up until the next full moon (April the 19th) could be very busy and demanding for leaders and persons who are at administrative positions. On the other hand, Aries new moon can be quite rebellious and immature expressing his/her anger in a noisy way as Mars recently ingressed Gemini. Mars is seen closely situated with Sun-Moon/Saturn midpoint. These midpoints usually denote limitations, seclusion, conflicts and certain mourning process according to Ebertin. (COSI)

Growing uncertainty and chaos are still prevalent for Venezuela. New Moon chart for Caracas has Pisces rising along with Mercury/Neptune just on the horizon. It is questionable that Jupiter on the midheaven would be sufficient for better conditions, however angular Jupiter might indicate the prominency of the severe conditions of people. (Figure below)

Mars will be on midheaven over midwest China and over Burma, whereas at the Nadir in Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucy, Georgia in the U.S.A. New Moon in Aries/MC line cross over Adzerbaijan, Iran and especially Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. We can expect that issues about administration and rapid developments related with leaders and kings will be high on the agenda especially in the first half of April. (Figure below)

Meanwhile, Pluto will be firmly placed on the Dsc point, for Kiew, Ukraine. The triple conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and South node in Capricorn would bring pressures and punishment for people who are in opposition to the ruling regime. Hence another escalation of tension between Russia and Ukraine could be on the horizon. (Figure below)

Although retrograde movement of Mercury in Pisces has already finished, Mercury has been still in conjunct with Neptune for a long period of time since it is quitecumbersome around this new moon. Mercury/Neptune combination, especially in Pisces strongly favours uncertainty and has rather weakening or illusiory effect on means of communication as well as human affairs. This conjunction appears to rule over Baltic and Eastern European countries, such as Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Sofia (Bulgaria) and Athens (Greece). In these regions, mismanagement or scandalous events and ignorance can be very visible and might lead to adminisrative failures. (Figure below)

Eventful Full Moon in Libra

The full moon happening at the very last degree of Libra on the 19th of April seems to present quite hectic and unstable times in the second half of April. During these times, South node is closely conjunct with Saturn/Pluto combination and Saturn will be staying in conjunct with it for a quite long period up until summer. Saturn’s first contact will be on the 30th April and the second on the 4th of July (birthday of USA). This configuration puts a lot pressure on Capricorn themes such as administrative issues, problems relating with leaders, difficulties in major corporates, and austerity measures in leading economies. As South node describes conditions deteriorations, corruption as well as letting go of the things, in many places of the world, we can come across dysfunctional politics and political leaders/corporate managers who are not constructive but restricting and tyrannical. However, we should not expect that these conditions would improve soon. 

In ACG, Pluto sits quite close to the midheaven around Washington DC and Saturn/Pluto/South node is exact around Detroit, Michigan and all over Eastern US states. (Chart below)

Especially Cuba and Ecuador are under direct hit of these severe influences. In Europe, Pluto/Saturn/Dsc line is just crossing over Lisbon, Portugal. This could be interpreted as a sign of danger and damage to people and domestic issues arising from land or restrictive policies. 

In addition to that, Saturn/Pluto/South node will be at Nadir around South East Asian regions such as Burma, Thailand, Malaysia as well as Indonesia.

Another prominent feature around this full moon is Mercury conjunct with Mars/Pluto midpoint in the early degrees of Aries. Chiron is also there. Mercury, after its long sojourn in Pisces will be ingressing Aries on the 17th April. Mercury=Mars/Pluto has many connotations but it mainly denotes a tendency to overwork in communications, being too precise and aggressive in words and negotations, as well as accidents and violent, brutal behaviors. Perhaps, a new and bold decision or speech might come to our attention. Interestingly, recent escalation of tension between India and Pakistan can resurface around this time in the second half of April as Mercury/Asc line directly cross over these countries borders. (Figure below)


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