Planetary Patterns and High Focus Planets


In Spherical Astrology

Lance Carter

ISBN: 13978-1-935057-05-5

ISBN: 1-935057-05-7


Lance Carter

Saratoga, California 95070

Price: $19.50


The second book I reviewed for this edition of the Journal is by Lance Carter, who was first introduced to astrology as a child and later became an astrologer on radio, newspapers and the internet. Lance previously published ‘Lightbody activation and Psychic Surgery’.

The focus of this book is a detailed exploration of the meaning of the seven main planetary patterns in charts, originally outlined by Dr Marc Edmund Jones in 1941. In fact, the author corresponded and conversed with Dr. Jones, whilst doing his own astrological research. Section One, of this interesting book introduces the reader to Spherical Astrology and offers an overview of the main planetary patterns: the Splash, Bundle, Seesaw, Bowl, Bucket, Locomotive, Splay and Fan patterns. Lance also highlights the importance of  ‘the cutting planet’ and ‘the trailing planet’ as well as the ‘high focus planets’.  The remainder of this section outlines each pattern in detail, describing behavioral and emotional tendencies for individuals with each pattern.

In Section two, the author’s focus moves onto ways of recognizing the ‘High Focus Planet’ in the chart, with interpretations for each of the planets when they are in this placement. Section three offers 100 example charts, outlining their planetary patterns with the final section of the book focusing in some detail on the nature of astrological aspects.

This is a thorough book, which clearly explains each pattern in detail, as well as offering the reader simple, well designed diagrams to aid our understanding. It is likely to be of interest to all astrologers, although less experienced astrologers, are more likely to find the section on planets and aspects particularly helpful. In particular, this book reminds us of a very helpful visual way, a chart can be engaged with, at first glance. 


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