Planetary Hours

by Bob Makransky
The Wessex Astrologer,, 2015.
Paper – 61 plus tables for calculating planetary hours – 11 pounds British Sterling
The Planetary Hours are an ancient astrological system for choosing favorable times to act. This book explains how to use them. Note that this is an astrology of luck, not a psychological astrology. Each hour of each day is governed by one of the 7 traditional planets. Additionally, each day of the week has an affinity with a particular planet. By using this information, you can increase your chances of getting what you want. There is even a chapter on how to cast spells that really work. This again involves finding the appropriate hour, but additionally it often requires an appropriate attitude. For example, a Scat spell for banishing someone should not be done with a sense of gloating or visualizing something bad happening to the person. The attitude should simply be one of happiness, and rather one of happiness and lightness and wishing the person or thing the best of luck on its future journey. Sometimes this is easier said than done, so even if you master this system, you could have a few challenges getting it to work.
The Planetary Hours can also be used with the natal chart. In this case, the day ruler is analogous to your rising sign and your planetary hour ruler is analogous to your Sun Sign — except that it will show you how you behave when you are free of all doubt, hesitation, and ulterior motive – well worth a look.
If this isn’t enough, there is also a chapter on the use of Firdaria (using Theodore Roosevelt’s chart as an example). Additionally, there is a very interesting-looking generalized planetary hours chart, but I must admit that the math was beyond me. This, by the way, projects your entire chart over the 24-hour period. It looks very interesting, and I may eventually figure out how to use the website (mentioned in the book) to calculate one and see whether or not there is a charge to use this service. I could only find the natal chart calculator on it, I fear.
However, the actual Planetary Hours can be easily calculated using the handy tables in the back of the book. 
Worth looking at!


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