Pablo Flores Laymuns – The Moon: the Key to Heal your Relationships


The Moon is associated with our emotions, our feelings, our sense of emotional security. Tells us what we seek in a partner to feel loved. It is also associated with our vulnerable inner child; the one caught up in childhood emotions and needs.

The Moon Sign informs us what we consider Love to be, what we are looking for to feel loved and nurtured, the way we have to communicate and express emotions within relationships. Also, the way you expect the other to communicate with us to feel loved. Many of the communication problems in couples occur due to communication problems between moons.

We will learn about the four moon patterns depending on the Moon´s sign element and how they impact the way we attach to others during childhood and how these patterns condition and limit us as adults. It is essential to understand these patterns to heal our emotions and take care of our inner child.


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