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Analyzing The USA and ISRAEL Effect

Originally published in the june 2017 edition of the OPA magazine The Career Astrologer


The second eclipse of 2017 will occur at 28 degrees Leo on August 21st. Leo is related with leaders and people who have power and authority. Challenging solar eclipses may bring both disgrace or loss of one’s position and great accomplishments. During eclipses, countries and leaders who are globally influencial are usually strongly affected. New seeds are spread, new projects are started, and new developments are experienced.

According to British astrologers H.S.Green and Raphael, eclipses in fire signs may bring sensational events, turbulences related with religious, cultural and social issues, conflicts and wars. They also indicate the death, imprisonment, deportation or slaughter of a king or another person in authority. Many disagreements and frictions between people are experienced. The armies may be mobilized, fires and diseases may increase, and crops and plants may get damaged. (Mundane Astrology, Books by H.S.Green, Raphael, C.E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 2004, pages 100, 182).

According to William Lilly a Solar eclipse in the third decanate of Leo presages captivities, besieging of towns, plunderings and profanation of holy places (William Lilly, Eclipses, page 20). In the eclipse chart, there is a Grand Trine in fire signs which also indicates that the people in authority will want to take action and risk and to manifest their powers.

Bill Meridian states: “The first eclipse in this series occured on January 4, 1639. Murad retook Baghdad (1638). By the Treaty of Kasr-i Shirin (1639) a permanent border was finally established, the Persians keeping Erivan, the Turks Baghdad. We can see that this series began with an important event in that part of the World, so subsequent eclipses will carry that theme forward. The next eclipse in the series is on August 21, 2017. It will light up 28° Leo, once again energizing many of the eclipses listed in the table. This degree also shows up in the World wars, so the events of 2017 will create unrest in the Mideast leading to fears of wider conflict.” (The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths, page 231)”

Lending credence to Bill Meridian, Mars, which represents conflicts and wars, will be in Leo in proximity to the eclipse degree and in conjunction with the North Node, while standing oriental. Rising before the Sun, Mars will flavor this era even after the eclipse. We may therefore consider that the Marsian events (wars, terror, fights, conflicts and competition) may be highly activated.

As the eclipse on August 21st will occur in conjunction with the fixed star Regulus, people in leadership positions may have a desire for winning big victories; their desire for attaining power and getting revenge from the people who tried to eliminate them may be triggered. As the eclipse will occur by the North Node and in Leo, the leaders who want to strengthen their positions may collaborate with other leaders with whom they share the same interests. Who are these leaders? Are they Donald Trump and Benjamin Netenyahu?

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netenyahu

Like many astrogers, I have mentioned that this coming solar eclipse, will be very close to Donald Trump’s Ascendant degree and his natal Mars. Interestingly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s has the same Mars as Trump at 26 Leo, two degrees from the Eclipse.

Mars, being in conjunction in the two charts, suggests that two natives have the potential to unite their powers to act and fight together for the same causes, as if playing in the same team… their Sun degrees in Air signs make a trine, so they appreciate and support each other’s leadership. A Sextile between their Moons reinforces their connection. Netanyahu’s Moon in conjunction with Trump’s Jupiter also indicates that they will bring benefits to eachother. The Square between their Mercurys indicates that the natives will be in close contact and potentially experience disagreements at times.

In the composite charts of these two leaders, five planets form a stellium. Mars at 26 degrees Leo makes a conjunction with the Sun and Mercury. This triple conjunction indicates that these leaders (the Sun) will make common decisions (Mercury) on the issues they will be fighting for (Mars). This conjunction takes place in the 10th house of the chart. Below you may see the eclipse chart projected on the composite chart.

Composite chart

The total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017 activates this triple Mars-Sun-Mercury conjunction in the composite chart, suggesting that these two leaders may act together during the days around the eclipse. Their collaboration may be related with military actions, fight against terrorism and so forth.

Trump’s Mars and Venus returns will take place within a short time after the eclipse. Moreover, Trump, who will be in North Node Firdaria period until June 2019, has his North Node in the 10th house of his chart in Gemini and in conjunction with Uranus and the Sun.

This conjunction in Gemini, which carries the potential for collaborations with people in influential positions, manifesting leadership characteristics, unexpected outbursts and achievements, indicates that the native will make efforts for realising all these developments through unexpected initiatives or sudden maneuvers, thanks to his communication skills.

In his natal chart, Trump will be experiencing his 12th house profection on June 14th, 2017 where Pluto and Mars are located. The ruler of Leo, the Sun, leading this Profection year, is in the natal 10th house of the chart and in conjunction with the North Node which is the ruler of Firdaria period. This again reinforces the same thing:  Donald Trump is about to enter a crucial phase in which he will be in collaborations with influencial people, he will want to showcase his management skills to the whole world while facing obstacle and criticism (Saturn transit opposed to his natal Sun).

Mars in Leo, triggered by the eclipse, is the ruler of his natal 4th and 9th houses. Under these circumstances, Trump’s Marsian actions will be related with home and family issues (or homeland security issues when we consider we are talking about a leader’s chart). These actions will also be related with relations with foreigners, overseas issues, beliefs and journeys (as this is the chart of a leader, we may consider that the 9th house may be related with the relations with foreign countries at far distances).


When we project the composite chart of Trump and Netenyahu on the chart of Modern Iran, we see that the stellium of the composite chart is placed on the Ascendant degree and the 1st house of Iran’s chart. This means that the convergence between these two leaders and two countries can create significant stress and aggression toward Iran.

The Moon and the Lunar Nodes of the composite chart are on the 4/10 house axis of Iran indicating that the relationship between these two leaders will have a fated affect on Iran. Mars at 26 degrees Leo in the composite chart makes a quincunx aspect with Mars at 25 degrees Pisces in Iran’s chart. These are all stressful and aggressive positions.

This pressure on Iran will probably stem from Trump’s desire to be more effective in Syria. When Trump-Netenyahu composite chart is projected on Syrian President Hafiz Assad regime’s chart (Nov 13, 1970 @ 6:15am in Damascus), we see its obvious impacts: The Moon in the composite chart makes a close conjunction with the Sun on the ASC degree of the Regime’s chart while the MC and South Node at 29 degrees Leo conjuncts with the stellium in the composite chart and projected on the eclipse of August 21st. Below you may see this triwheel chart.  

On August 21st, 2013 more than 1000 people including women and children were killed in Esad powers’ attack, where chemical weapons were claimed to be used, in the Eastern Ghouta suburbs of Damascus. With the upcoming eclipse on August 21st, 2017, just four years after the initial attack, we may speculare that Trump may carry out a powerful operation in this region to overthrow Assad’s regime.


Using Astro-locality, we can identify the following points:

– The midpoint of Trump’s MC-Mars (Acting and pushing the limits in professional matters) and MC-Neptune (Delusions and illusions in professional matters) passes through the east of Turkey’s Syria borders,

On another front, looking at the Astro-locality for Trump, we also see that Mars-DSC Midpoint line (pushing the boundaries of relations, aggression, and open enemies) passes through North Korea as well as his Uranus-IC Midpoint line. These configurations suggest that Trump’s relations with North Korea and China will be activated around the days surrounding the August 21st eclipse.

We may now continue with interpreting the leaders’charts that we mentioned in this article. The eclipse of August 21st will occur very close to Trump’s ASC and Mars degree. 

Astro locality graph


In the US chart, we see the eclipse degree located in the 9th house of the country’s natal chart. This suggests that this eclipse will affect the relations of US with foreign countries in far distances.

This eclipse, pointing out important developments in international relations, may also activate some developments related to legal issues concerning foreign affairs, ethnic minorities, or religious matters (9th house of the US chart).

Transiting Saturn at 21 degrees Sagittarius during the eclipse will be in opposition with Mars at 21 degrees Gemini in USA’s chart. As Mars is placed in the 7th house of the chart, it represents the wars and hostilities in addition to competitions and aggression with the other countries. This eclipse can cause friction and disputes in USA’s bilateral relations with other countries. Interestingly, the natal Full Moon-Sun at 22 Gemin/Sag in Donald Trump’s chart lies exactly on the US Mars axis, activated by transiting Saturn.

For closing, I would like to project the eclipse chart (August 21st) on the composite chart of USA and Israel because there are interesting connections. Below you may see these two charts.

The eclipse which will occur at 28 degrees Leo conjuncts with the Midheaven of the US-Israel composite chart! This signature suggests that the month of August will be an important month for the relations between two countries and there will be important developments at the level of these leaders. What will happen in the days around the eclipse and how will the events develop? We can only wait and see…

With love, light and hope!



Öner Dö┼čer, AMA, MAPAI, ISAR Cap

Turkey Satellite of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA)

The School of Astrology, May 2017

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