Oner Doser – The Moon’s Nodes: The Soul’s Karmic Past and Future


The Moon’s Nodes are two points where the orbit of the Moon’s crosses the ecliptic ascending (North) and descending (South). These two points have are opposed to each other 180 degrees. For example; if the North Node is in 1 degree Aries, the South Node is 1 degree Libra.

The Moon’s Nodes can give us the answers for the questions “Why am I here?”, “What is my mission in this life?” and “Where am I heading to?” These are real pathfinders, which help us to find our path on this journey of life. 

The South Node is related with the past of our soul. Its sign, its house and its aspects inform us about our existing talents, habitual patterns, tendencies, attitudes that we are drawn automatically; the things which are easy to achieve and energy that we have cumulated until this life. The themes that are represented by our South Node are easy and secure for us however the universe asks us to go towards the themes that are represented by North Node. When compared with the North Node’s themes, the themes of the South Node seem more familiar to us and we are drawn towards it. A conscious awareness is needed for withdrawing from the features represented by the South Node. However, we should not leave them out totally; we should use these qualities as a tool while proceeding towards the North Node, in other words we should find the balance between these two. The qualities of the the South Node are the ones that we already have and that we do not need to develop anymore; getting the support of these qualities, we need to balance the two opposite characteristics of these two nodes. 

The North Node is related with the future of our soul.  Its sign, its house and its aspects inform us about which direction we should take, how we would achieve success and what our aim and mission in this life is. We find it difficult to canalize and direct ourselves to the themes that are represented by the North Node. We are not familiar with these themes however these are the elements that we need to add to our lives and a conscious awareness is needed to achieve this. When we achieve to integrate these qualities to our lives, we will feel spiritually satisfied. So, the sign the North Node is in, its house, and its aspects are highly important. Below, is first a table of dates the North Node is in  a sign followed by an explanation of the North Node in each sign. 

North Node in Signs:

North Node in Aries

  • December 8th , 1911– June 5th, 1913
  • July 7th, 1930–December 27th, 1931
  • January 26th, 1949–July 25th, 1950
  • August  19th, 1967- April 18th, 1969
  • April 6th, 1986 –December  1st, 1987
  • December 26th, 2004- June 21st, 2006

North Node in Taurus

  • March 23rd, 1910- December 7th, 1911
  • December 28th, 1928- July 6th, 1930
  • August 2nd, 1947- January 25th, 1949
  • February 19th, 1966- August 18th, 1967
  • September 11th, 1984- April 5th, 1986
  • April 14th, 2003- December 25th, 2004

North Node in Gemini

  • April 16th, 1927- December 27th, 1928
  • December 2nd, 1945- August 1st, 1947
  • August 25th, 1964- February 18th, 1966
  • March 16th, 1983- September 10th, 1984
  • October 13th, 2001- April 13th, 2003

North Node in Cancer

  • October 26th, 1925- April 15th, 1927
  • May 11th, 1944- December 1st, 1945
  • December 23rd, 1962-August 24th, 1964
  • September 24th, 1981-March 15th, 1983
  • April 9th, 2000- October 12th, 2001

North Node in Leo

  • April 23rd, 1923- October 25th, 1925
  • November 21st, 1942- May 10th, 1944
  • June 10th, 1961- December 22nd, 1962
  • January 12th, 1980- September 23th, 1981
  • October 20th, 1998- April 8th, 2000

North Node in Virgo

  • August 23rd, 1922- April 22nd, 1924
  • May 24th, 1941-November 20th, 1942
  • December 15th, 1959- June 9th, 1961
  • July 5th, 1978- January 11th, 1980
  • January 25th, 1997- October 19th, 1998

North Node in Libra

  • February 7th, 1921- August 22nd, 1922
  • September 12th, 1939- May 23rd, 1941
  • June 16th, 1958- December 14th, 1959
  • January 7th, 1977- July 4th, 1978
  • July 31st, 1995- January 24th, 1997

North Node in Scorpio

  • August 15th, 1919- February 6th, 1921
  • March 4th, 1938- September 11th, 1939
  • October 4th, 1956- June 15th, 1958
  • July 10th, 1975- January 6th, 1977
  • February 1st, 1994- July 30th, 1995
  • September 3rd 2012 – March 24th, 2014

North Node in Sagittarius

  • February 13th, 1918- August 14th, 1919
  • September 14th, 1936- March 3rd, 1938
  • April 3rd, 1955- October 3rd, 1956
  • October 27th, 1973- July 9th, 1975
  • August 1st, 1992- January 31st, 1994
  • March 3rd, 2011 – September 3rd, 2012

North Node in Capricorn

  • May 31st, 1916- February 12th, 1918
  • March 8th, 1935 – September 13th, 1936
  • October 9th, 1953- April 2nd, 1955
  • April 27th, 1972- October 26th, 1973
  • November 18th, 1990- July 31st, 1992
  • August 21st, 2009- March 2nd, 2011

North Node in Aquarius

  • December 3rd, 1914- May 30th, 1916
  • June 24th, 1933- March 7th, 1935
  • March 28th, 1952- October 8th, 1953
  • November 2nd, 1970- April 26th, 1972
  • May 22nd, 1989- November 17th, 1990
  • December 18th, 2007- August 20th, 2009

North Node in Pisces

  • June 6th, 1913- December 2nd, 1914
  • December 28th, 1931- June 23rd, 1933
  • July 26th, 1950- March 27th, 1952
  • April 19th, 1969- November 1st, 1970
  • December 2nd, 1987- May 21st, 1989
  • June 22nd, 2006- December 17th, 2007

North Node in Aries:

You are here to display your leadership, to initiate new ventures, to develop your courage and to express yourself. Learn taking risks, strengthening your identity and to get into action by yourself. Maintain the wholeness feeling individually, not with partners. Learn to take the initiative and you should be courageous enough to bear the results of your decisions.  Decide the best action through your instincts and you should be clear in these decisions. Always keep in touch with your own power, trust in yourself and you should not wait for the approval from the others. Be a pioneer and initiator; always defend your decisions. Proceed on a straight line without deviating from your aim. Develop a direct approach to the things that you need and that make you happy; not an indirect one. Practice declaring what you want and not change your path; resist any pressure. Have the courage for taking the first step. Learn how to survive.  Talk about what you want honestly and frankly. Instead of hurting someone unintentionally in a later time, declare your needs at the beginning. Present your values courageously, without being afraid of being a bad person and noticing what the others think about you.  

North Node in Taurus:

You are here to learn that you could live on your own financially and you could earn a living and maintain your financial security without the help of others. Find the comfortable environment for yourself and achieve happiness and peace. Instead of waiting for rapid results and taking risks, you take secure steps. Using the help of your talents, produce solid projects and be productive. You should work toward being strong enough to stand against any harsh effects. Maintain the security for yourself and for your beloved ones; and plan your life and learn how to save money.  Enjoy the things you have and you keep yourself away from unnecessary ambitions and corrosive effects. Instead of consuming, be constructive and instead of being in a hurry, practice and learn patience. Set aside all revenge and learn how to be forgiving and achieve overcoming past wounds. In building a balanced life, spend time in the nature and enjoy life. Take care of your body and your nutrition; and have peaceful relations with the others. You should not misuse your power and learn not to harm others intentionally. Relate with people who are psychologically healthy and stay away from the problematic ones. Be loyal and not be impatient in your relations.  Maintain your own security when helping others.

North Node in Gemini:

You are here to communicate, to teach everyone and to share knowledge via writing or speaking. You should notice your talents which will help others to discover their spiritual values. You should learn more about the qualities of human nature, you should learn how to address everyone and exchange information, you should express your ideas in a short and clear manner and you should come up with practical solutions instead of philosophic answers. Instead of being the only one who talks, you should listen to the others, ask questions, ask for the others’ opinions and be flexible to all perspectives. Instead of looking for the absolute reality, you should be involved in the daily life and focus on your surroundings. Instead of running after knowledge for yourself, you should help others to reach knowledge and create opportunities for that. You should be involved in the society, you should listen to the simplest opinions and you should not underestimate anyone. You should not be isolated; you should develop social relationships, be a part of the cooperative society and also you should learn how to change your direction if needed. You should accept all moral or religious conflicts and instability; you should avoid any harsh restrictions and limitations. Instead of accepting without questioning, you should analyze and criticize the things if needed and should not make any decision without reviewing all options. You should seize the moment and look for the happiness here and now, not at far horizons. Instead of making long-termed plans, you should find practical solutions for now. 

North Node in Cancer:

You are here to create humanistic bonds, to empathize with others’ feelings, to help them, to share the same feelings, to integrate with the loved ones and to learn how to be a family. Develop a connection with your own feelings and express them clearly; reveal them without suppressing. Learn how to feed others both emotionally and physically, how to meet their needs and to be together with them because you really love them, not only because of benefiting from each other.  Spend time with your loved ones and sacrifice yourself to them; you should not care much about career and financial success, prestige and social achievements. You should be able to attach to the others and be involved in their lives; realize and appreciate them. There is a tendency to have spiritually fulfilling relations and subjects. This is not the time to postpone enjoying life. Learn how to focus on your feelings and follow your desires and not be afraid of emotional evolution and overstatements. Follow your instincts more than your logic. Sympathy and mercy should always be your priority. Direct your energy inwards; and always remember that your feelings will guide you. Make time for rest and create a safe and cozy home atmosphere and leave all worries out.

North Node in Leo:

You are here to be known by the others and you need to learn how to attract the attentions of others, to be active, to manage and to display your authority.  Learn how to take risks, how to undertake enterprises, to trust in yourself and to reflect that reliability on others. Present your creativity and your fun and as a result you should show others how intimate you are. Rely on your inner child, your basic instincts and desires; you should follow your dearest desires. Demand for the better and have a positive attitude and go away from the worries. Instead of waiting for the perfect result, do what you can at a given moment. Get involved in a social life and not be isolated. Be honest and act as a leader against any injustice. Follow your heart and not be excessively logical or cold-blooded. Show your honesty and benevolence and not be ashamed of receiving appreciation. Run after the projects that give you happiness and energy. Strengthen your bonds with life. Instead of watching the stage, be on it. 

North Node in Virgo:

You are here to learn how to maintain the social order by focusing into details and improving yourself, to serve and help others, to be productive and practical, to be planned and organized. Learn to analyze the things and make decisions independent of your feelings. Be involved in the activities by which you serve people and you should use your talents for the sake of others. The North Node in Virgo calls you to be disciplined and stabilized and acts strategically. You should organize every detail and not be impatient to leave the work to the others; have your own plan. Keep record of everything as much as possible. Keep in mind that you should focus on details and improve your problem solving talents. Seek to be objective and logical and not live in the past. This node says to obey the rules, be pragmatic and aim to reach the imperfect results. You are needing aims and direction. Avoid blaming others or the faith. Instead of the role of a victim, realize that you have the sole responsibility of your life. 

North Node in Libra:

You are here to learn cooperation, sharing, diplomacy and agreement; to maintain the balance and the peace; to develop the sense of equality and justice. There is a need to evaluate situations from the perspective of others. Achieve supporting others, motivating them for taking actions and being a good counselor. It’s important to know that you also help yourself by helping and loving others. Develop understanding and empathy and always be courteous and give the priority to the others. Keep away from egoism and prefer modesty. Help others unrequitedly and always prefer peace and avoid rivalry and defensive approaches. You may only progress if you only compete with yourself not with the others. Avoid quick-tempered actions and should not be unbalanced and restless. Respond to the others’ need through your sympathetic and empathic approaches. Instead of seeing the negative side of the others, and focus on positive sides. Be ready to sacrifice yourself for the happiness of others when needed.

North Node in Scorpio:

You are here to share your possessions with the others, to build deep bonds between them, to act by the help of your intuitions and instincts and to regenerate yourself. You are here to learn how to transform yourself and how to fight for this restructuring and afford to lose your comfort level in order to gain more power. Focus on the people that are valuable to you and you should sacrifice yourself for the people and the ideals that you believe in and share all you have with them. Keep away from materialistic life and focus on the spiritual subjects. Focusing on the metaphysical subjects instead of the physical and already accepted things; this is what helps your progress. You can cultivate research on human psychology and learn a good deal. Keep away from the things which limit and blunt you and you should tend to deal with the unseen things instead of the apparent things. Be courageous enough experience crisis that help your personal transformation and change your habits which make you feel financially secure and use your talents to overcome crisis and to create balance and stability. It is important to be sharing and thus increasing your strength and vitality by combining you powers with the others.       

North Node in Sagittarius:

You are here to listen to you intuitions; reach a higher consciousness; produce ethical values; and to maintain an honest and spontaneous communication by giving up questioning everything trying to explain them through logic. You can give up ordinary and daily knowledge and aim reaching divine knowledge to be more successful. You do not need the approval of the others and act freely. You should prefer honest and open communication and instead of telling people what they would like to hear, and declare your true thoughts. Instead of learning unnecessary things, you should lean to deep and divine knowledge and delve into your inner world peacefully. This will make you healthier and more successful. Spend more spare time for being in the nature, for meditations and for exercising. By spending time alone, you may listen to your inner dynamics. Believe that you will find the right path by trusting yourself and by listening to your inner voice and give up indecisiveness. Foreign travels and cultural and religious researches will make you feel better. Instead of childish attitudes, develop a mature and patient nature. 

North Node in Capricorn:

You are here to be free of your emotions and to learn how to be the director of your faith and take responsibility of your life. Work to achieve being objective in close and romantic relations and you should be away from the relations which make you dependent and addicted. Give up directing people via emotional outbursts and follow your logic calmly. Instead of being the victim of feelings, take the responsibility of your life and control it. Develop predetermined targets. You should be willing to take risks and to manage the situations; you can then can have the control of your faith. You may be a good director, politician, or speaker if you may develop your responsibility and trust in yourself. Give up thinking about the past and focus on today and tomorrow. You should keep in mind that you will contribute creating your future as much as you visualize positive and conscious results by giving up the fear of being unsuccessful and being refused. Realize that your trusted environment will not help your progress; so conquer your fears, change your patterns and be open to the outer world. Be loyal to your principles so that you may be respected.

North Node in Aquarius:

You are here to bring in the New Age and maintain the transition into new ideas and to overcome ego; be in charge of big causes; and to have an active role in the evolution of human kind. Aim to contribute the evolution of the humanity and give up your personal desires and focus on social and even universal subjects. Take an active role in idealist actions and cooperate with the ones who share the same ideals with you in order to create more benefit for the society. Give up your desire to get applause and appreciation and prefer modesty. In order to produce innovative ideas for the sake of the society, create the environments where you may act mentally free.  You should be able to head towards the unordinary and unique knowledge that is against the traditional social rules. Become involved in studies where you may declare your new ideas independently and not wait for the approval of others. Work for the benefits of the society instead of yours and empower others and not yourself. When you use your creative energy for the sake of the others, the cosmos will give you the energy and power you need in return. Preserve your objectivity and you should be able to watch the events from a broader perspective.

North Node in Pisces:

You are here to realize that even though you work hard and organize everything, it might not be perfect and we cannot always be staying on the safe side. There is a need to realize that change is required for evolution. The Universe has an order that serves us and you need to learn to go with the flow and learn surrender. Withdraw from materialism and give up making rigid plans. Keep pace with changes and learn to be flexible and spontaneous.  Make time for isolation within the tempo of daily life; have time to listen your inner voice; resting and recharging your spirit. Instead of a rigid realist approach, keep your imagination active. You are good at details yet there is a risk of getting lost in them. In order to see the whole picture, you need to be able to view the situations from a larger perspective. You need a balanced spiritual health to maintain a healthy physical state. Empty your mind through meditations, prayers and similar activities. Be in contact with water; have bath often, swim and go fishing; nature is calling. While it is difficult, keep yourself away from worries and fears and, perhaps, be in spiritual and metaphysical studies. Learn to go with the flow when you have troubles and have faith in that the things will improve soon. Instead of analyzing and criticizing, learn to accept the things as they are. 



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