Oner Doser – Saturn in Capricorn and its Global Impacts on World Economics


Saturn is the planet of limitation and restriction which is related with business life in general, financial conditions and economy, also with recession and depression globally. The history witnessed some major economic crisis during Saturn transits in Sagittarius and Capricorn. The greatest market crash, which is known as Great Depression or Black Thursday, took place on October 24th, 1929. We see Saturn is at the 26thdegree of Sagittarius in the chart of that day. This year, for the third and the last time Saturn will reach the same degree of it was on the Great Depression chart on November 18, 2017. 

When we look at the chart of that day superimposed on the Great Depression Chart, we see that transiting Mars and Uranus are in opposition and Pluto is in opposition to the Moon-Pluton conjunction of Black Thursday chart. This may be a signature of hard times in economics which will be hardened with Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn. Difficulties may be experienced in stock markets around that day. 

This chart will be triggered by Pluto more strictly when he arrives 19 degree Capricorn around January 2018. On January 9, 2018, Venus-Sun-Pluto will align at 19 Capricorn which is in partile opposition with Pluto of the Great Depression chart. It is interesting to see the transiting Moon-Uranus opposition at the axis of the Great Depression chart at the time of Venus-Pluto conjunction! Of course this can be a very difficult time for the financial markets.  

American economy, which is the largest economy of the World was faced with constraints and depression when Saturn was in late Sagittarius and in Capricorn. Saturn is about to complete his transit in Sagittarius and will ingress Capricorn on December 19th, 2017. This transit is effective on the 1stand the 2ndhouses of the US chart. 

When Saturn visits the Ascendant or the 1sthouse of a Nation’s chart, it is the time to re-structure and re-organize the tools that Nation use to navigate the world. When Saturn visits the 2ndhouse of a Nation’s chart, it is the time to re-structure and re-organize the financial sources. Of course, it is a difficult time both for the economics and the business life. It is the time to tighten the belts. This is true when it is in hard aspects with the planets in the 2ndand 8thhouses respectively and/or the rulers of these houses, as it is in the US Chart.   

Saturn represents structured systems, methods, working systematically, precautions and prudence. It is related with preserving the order. But when it is in hard aspects of the planets of a Nation or an organization or a person, this means it is the time to change the structured systems and the order.  

When Saturn is in a sign, the kinds of business related to that sign will be affected – they will experience difficulties, grim revision and complications. During that time, they will simply be bad business – but after the Saturn passage, they will in most cases revive on a more sound level than before. When Saturn travels through a sign, that means there will be complications, worries and setbacks in the line of business specified. 

The sign Saturn transits helps us to find the answer for in which area of life it is hard to reach results, makes us poor and impoverish and slow. Also this is the life area where we need to work hard, be disciplined and struggle. We may be limited but by working hard we can get over it. This is the area where we give our biggest fight. 

Saturn will be in Capricorn between the dates December 21, 2017 – December 17, 2020. In Capricorn Saturn will show us our limits and will help us to realize the facts of life. It will remind us that everything has a form and some rules. By obeying these rules we build up something and we make things concrete.

Like Capricorn which one of the signs he rules, Saturn is also related with the government agencies and municipalities and the people working in those places. The people who are in organizational positions, the ones who bring order and who enforce the laws signify Saturn nature. Saturn indicates the areas we should take responsibilities. In Capricorn these responsibilities are related with economics, governing, politics, the orders and structures we build, agriculture, products of the soil.  

Finance and economy, vocations and business in general; Governments, stock market, banking sector, institutions and organizations, construction business are ruled by Capricorn. The areas, people and professions related with Capricorn are: Governors and government officials, economists, accountants, constructors, engineers, architects, buildings and builders, real estate and real estate agents, lands and land owners, farming and farmers, leather goods and leather workers, grain and grain dealers, mining and miners. So, for the next three years, we may predict some problems and tests in these areas and the people who belong to these areas of life.   

When Saturn is in Capricorn, it is the time to face with realities in economics and politics. Time to tighten the belts. Cut cloth according to means! Time to understand that we cannot use our resources extravagantly anymore! This will not be an easy time to rise in the career without much effort; we will have to deserve it. So: It is the time to work hard! Saturn requires being patient and in Capricorn this will be related with career, business life and the structures we build.  

We want to proceed without having any drawbacks. We don’t like setbacks, limitations, prohibitions and rules, these are in Saturn nature but if they don’t exist there will be no order and there can be a chaos. In Capricorn, Saturn will let us remember these. 

2018: A Very Saturnian Year! 

Traditional Astrologers used ingress charts to predict mundane events. When we look at Capricorn Ingress of the Sun on December 21st, 2017, we see Sun-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn on the same degree at the top of the chart. That means the quality of 2018 will be very Saturnian or in other words, Saturn will leave its mark on this year! 

Angularity of the conjunction is very important since it indicates its effects will be seen and felt by the public. In the 60thpage of his book “Mundane Astrology”, H.S. Green says: “Saturn in the Tenth House, – if free from affliction or well aspected, it gives power and probably success to the Monarch or Government, they are able to hold their own and to maintain to law and order; but this position does not conduce to popularity, and may point to difficulties successfully overcome, at least for the time. If afflicted, it is very unfortunate for the Monarch or Government; unpopularity, lack of support, serious difficulties, danger of defeat of the Government. If there is serious affliction from the 8thhouse, prominent persons, statesmen or Royalty may be ill or may die; if testimonies from the Sun or Uranus concur, the Monarch may die. There are discord and misfortune in political and national affairs.” This conjunction in the 10thhouse indicates big responsibilities for the people in governing position.  

The US Chart and some predictions for 2018

In Traditional Astrology, we use Profections for annual predictions. When we use annual Profections, we see that this is the 2ndhouse profected year for the US chart. That means financial matters are the most important issues of this age which started on July 4, 2017 and will be completed July 4, 2018. We have Capricorn at the cusp of this house and so Saturn is the Year Lord, which is placed in the 10thhouse, as it is placed in the chart of the Capricorn Ingress of the Sun. As the Lord of the Year, the transits of Saturn and the transits it take will be important at most. Saturn is also Year Lord for the period between the dates July 4th, 2018 – July 4th2019 since he is the Lord of the 3rdhouse as well. When we start to count from the second house using monthly profections, we arrive where the Year Lord (Saturn) is on March 4, 2018. We can expect serious financial problems between the dates March 4, 2018- April 4, 2018.  

Transiting Saturn will ingress the 2ndhouse of the chart by December 20th, 2017 and this transit is more important than its transit from this house before since it is the Time Lord. Transiting Saturn will square its place in the Natal chart and will square to the planets in Cancer in the 8thhouse as well strictly by the end of 2018. 

The times when fast moving planets triggering the transiting Saturn are very important since they indicate the difficult times of the year. One of them is transiting Mars, which will conjunct transiting Saturn on April 2nd. This conjunction occurs on the degree of the fixed star Facies which is one of the most harsh stars. This day matches with the time period that we found through monthly profections! Of course, it is not limited with only one day, but the days around that date between March 4- April 4.   

Progressed Moon will also enter Capricorn by July 27, 2018 and will join the transiting Saturn in the 2ndhouse. Transiting Saturn and Progressed Moon will be passing through the second house together until the end of October 30th, 2020. They will work together on the square between Natal Saturn and the planets in the 8thhouse. So, the period between the years 2018-2021 will not be easy financially. 

Not only United States of course, many other Nation’s planets are getting difficult transits when Saturn ingress Capricorn. For example, the Great Britain, (Sun in Capricorn) Canada (Sun in Cancer) and Russia (Sun in Capricorn) will be getting Saturn transit from the degree of their Sun in 2018.  

US Dollar chart, which has many planets in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra will be getting square aspect from transiting Pluto in early 2018 and from transiting Saturn late 2018 and early 2019. But Euro Chart is getting more difficult transits in 2018 and 2019 which indicates a probable decrease in value against US Dollar. 

Sun spot cycles and world trade

In forecasting economic trends, it is a good idea to get information about solar activities. Now we are in the second half of 2017 and are heading to a Solar Minimum which is a part of 11-year Solar Activity. We will probably reach Solar Minimum by the end of 2018 or in 2019. There will be a few sunspots in this minimum cycle. Some scientist even say that we may not see any sunspot for a while since we are heading into a Grand Minimum. Researches show that there is a link between sunspot counts and agricultural production and the crop yields. 

Not the economists but an astronomer Sir William Herschel, identified the relationship between the number of sun spots and the wheat prices and stated that when there are lower numbers of sun spots as the wheat is scarce wheat prices are high and vice versa. Based on this criteria and the number of sun spots between 1798 and 1813, Herschel successfully determined when the wheat prices would decrease and increase. 

The British economist Jevons prepared some statistical data on the changes in economics in 1875, more correlation was discovered between the sun spot cycles and business life and economic developments.He reasoned that since sunspots affect Earth’s weather, they then affect crop yields and therefore the economy. 

More modern data suggest that, even though there are many and complex variables that determine food production and prices, there is still an underlying association between food prices and the solar cycle. 

If this Solar Minimum cycle extends as some scientists put forward, this can be cause to major droughts and because of the poor harvest and decreased crop production, we can experience food shortage which will cause to rise in the food prices. And of course this can result in economic challenge. We have to prepare for this! We have to take precaution! 

In the 19thcentury, H.L.Moore – a professor from Columbia University and researchers Louise McWhirter, Garcia-Mata and Shaffner studied on statistical data and discovered more relations between the financial crisis in the history and the solar maximum and solar minimum periods. According to David Williams, who is an astro-economist, US has been experiencing either depression and engaging war during low sunspot activities. 

Professor Raymond Wheeler, from the University of Kansas, was determined a drought cycle which is approximately 100 years which he divided into four phases which we are in now Warm-Dry period. This 100 years cycle is a part of much longer cycle which is almost 500 years coincides with marked shift of economic activity from East to West hemisphere and back again. We are probably around the time to see that the balance of trade is moving Eastward as we see some articles such as “China's Economy Will Overtake The U.S. In 2018” and we see some clues of this in China’s chart. 

In the Secondary Progressed chart we see benefic Jupiter and Venus conjunct the Progressed MC and all this three falls on the Ascendant of the China’s chart. 

With Jupiter passing over the planets in Libra, which rules the 2ndand 11thhouses of the chart, the economy rose and with Jupiter transiting from the MC of the Natal chart and benefic Venus, success over the eyes of the world is likely.  

Let’s go back to sunspots and global economy. After the researches on the subject, it is understood that the number of sunspots affects global temperature changes which in turn affects physical, social and economic factors. Another researcher Simeon Hutner found and stated that the trade was affected by the solar activities because the people reacted in an optimistic or pessimistic way to the sun rays. The people borrowed money during the optimistic periods and the creditors forced people to get their money during the pessimistic periods. As a reminder, we will be in Solar Minimum period between the years 2018-2021. 

Now back to astrology! Saturn will ingress Capricorn on December 20, 2017. He will be travelling through this sign until the end of 2020. Saturn is related with precaution. It does not like taking risks foolishly. It tends to withdraw in situations where there is something to worry. It is sceptical and restraint. It is neither enthusiastic and impulsive nor adventurous, hopeful and optimistic in Capricorn. It has a strong drive for self-assurance. It wants to be on the safe side. Needs economic stability, predictable future. It represents self-insurance and precautions. It is related with earthly warranties, business life and operation principles. Saturn does not like spending money; it prefers buying the things with the cheapest price, being on the safe side and working hard. It is related with unemployment, poverty and the poor.When we handle the issue in terms of the psychology of the planets, we may think that the people will not want to make investments within this unstable and unsecure environment because Saturn is related with depression, pessimism, isolation, lack of confidence, anxiety. 

When we add what we learned from the solar minimum, all these data fall into place! We are approaching solar minimum period and the planetary cycles also points out a crisis, stagnation, unwillingness for taking risk in the market. When all those factors come together, we may conclude that 2018 will be the year when we will be hearing the strong footsteps of stagnation and depression in economics and in 2019 we will be in it! We can see it clearly in the Eclipse charts of 2019. The first eclipse of 2019 will occur on January 5, 2019, which will be affective in the last days of 2018 as well, indicates high stress in business life and economics. In that chart, the eclipse degree falls midpoint of Mars/Uranus and Saturn/Pluto, with a stellium in Capricorn. 

Additionally, we will have heavy planets in water and earth signs when Uranus enters Taurus in mid May 2018. This means we will need emotionally and financially secure conditions. There will be no heavy planet in the element fire between the dates 15 May-6 November. That means people will not be very enthusiastic about taking initiative, getting into action, make changes and taking risks. After December 2, 2019, there will be no heavy planet in fire element until May 11, 2022 (Jupiter enters Aries). 

By this time, we may be drawn into an unwillingness to take action and risks, low energy and lack of motivation, hesitation, abstention and indecisiveness. This indicates that the markets will stagnate. Solar activities which will gradually decrease will influence this stagnation.

At the beginning of 2020, there will be a lunar eclipse with partile Saturn-Pluto conjunction. In this chart we also see that malefic Lunar Node, which diminishes and debilitate whatever she conjuncts as if it is in detriment or fall, will be in partile conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of finance and Capitalism, which is already in detriment in Capricorn. When we read it with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, we see that we will probably be testing big financial problems and we will probably be very close to the times of financial transformation. 

By the end of 2020, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be in triple conjunction in Capricorn. This indicates transformation of economic systems as we know and the probable end of Capitalism! 




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