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Trade wars due to the shift of economic activity

Saturn is transiting Capricorn and will be travelling through this sign until the end of 2020. Saturn is related with precaution. It does not represent taking risks and tends to withdraw in situations where there is something to worry. It is related to be sceptical and restraint. It is neither enthusiastic and impulsive nor adventurous, hopeful and optimistic in Capricorn. It has a strong drive for self-assurance. It wants to be on the safe side. Needs economic stability, predictable future. It represents self-insurance and precautions. It is related with earthly warranties, business life and operation principles. Saturn does not like spending money; it prefers buying the things with the cheapest price, being on the safe side and working hard. It is related with unemployment, poverty and the poor. When we handle the issue in terms of the psychology of the planets, we may think that the people will not want to make investments within this unstable and unsecure environment because Saturn is related with depression, pessimism, isolation, lack of confidence, anxiety.

In the 19th century, H.L.Moore – a professor from Columbia University and researchers Louise McWhirter, Garcia-Mata and Shaffner studied on statistical data and discovered more relations between the financial crisis in the history and the solar maximum and solar minimum periods. According to David Williams, who is an astro-economist, US has been experiencing either depression and engaging war during low sunspot activities. Could this war be a trade war as we have between US-China at the moment? We are probably around the time to see that the balance of trade is moving Eastward as we see some predictions such as “China’s Economy Will Overtake the U.S. In 2020” and we see some clues of this in China’s chart.

The China Mundane chart and some predictions for 2020

In Traditional Astrology, we use profections for annual predictions. Annual profection comes to the 11th house of the China’s Mundane chart.

We see Jupiter as the Year Lord between October,1 2019-October,1 2020. Jupiter falls to the 12th house of the chart in his fall, Capricorn. This placement indicates to work hard for prosperity and to be behind the scenes for the goodness of the public. There will be Saturn-Pluto conjunction and Jupiter-Pluto conjunction of the Year Lord in 2020. Jupiter return, which gives a good luck every 12 year will occur three times since Jupiter will be triggering the natal placement of his own place first in Mars 19, then July 12th and lastly November 11. The last one will occur when the profection advance to the 12th house by October 1, 2020. So, it will be a powerful time for China to show his hidden power which comes with hard work.  

In the Secondary Progressed chart of China, we see that benefic Jupiter and Venus conjunct the Progressed MC and all this three significators of prosperity and success falls on the Ascendant of the China’s chart soon will be in trine aspect to the degree of the Sun in the natal chart. Also, transiting Saturn and Jupiter’s exact conjunction in December 21, 2020 falls very close to the Ascendant degree. These are the indicators of growth and expansion as well as prosperity in economic life of the public which declares China’s leadership in the economy to the world!  

The US Chart and some predictions for 2020

If we look at US, it is said that global growth has already slowed in 2019, as damage from the Sino-American trade war accumulates, hitting manufacturing and trade flows, and denting business confidence. That confidence will start to ebb in 2020, as the stockmarket wobbles, the fiscal boost disappears and the jobless rate inches upwards. Now, let’s study on the Mundane horoscope of the US. 

When we use annual profections, we see that beginning from July 4, 2020, the US will be in the 5th house profection. We have Aries at the cusp of this house and so Mars is the Year Lord, which is placed in the 7th house. As the Lord of the Year, the transits of Mars and the transits it takes will be important at most. The 7th house is related with the relationships of the country with the other nations. Since we see Mars there, there will be oppositions and competition with the other nation in one to one relationship. Mars will be triggering by the eclipse of December 14, 2020. The same eclipse will trigger Mr President’s Moon-Sun opposition as well. 

Transiting Saturn is traveling in Capricorn and will be triggering the US chart’s Mercury-Pluto opposition in the most of the year. Mercury means trade basically while Pluto means power struggle. With Mercury-Pluto opposition on the 2nd-8th houses of the chart signifies power struggles in trade which will be triggered by Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction most of the year 2020. Progressed Moon is travelling in Capricorn and joining the transiting Saturn falls the 2nd house of the US chart. Transiting Saturn and Progressed Moon will be passing through the 2nd house together until the end of October 30th, 2020. They will work together on the square between Natal Saturn and the planets in the 8th house. So, 2020 will not be easy financially for the US. With all these we see that the longest economic expansion which is now in its 11th year is likely to slow down in 2020 than to speed up. This coincides with the 11year sunspot cycle! 

Biggest risk to the American economy

According to Leo Abruzzese, senior global adviser “Mr. Trump’s tariff war with China is the biggest risk to the American economy in the next 12 months… Trade friction could ease if Mr Trump strikes deal with China, perhaps to boost his chances in the election in 2020. But he could just easily double down and push the relationship into an even darker place.”

When we look at the chart of President Trump superimposed on the US chart with the eclipse on December 14, 2020, we see that the eclipse degree triggers both Trumps and US charts. Mars which is placed in the 7th house of the US chart representing the country’s competition with the other countries is embittering by the President Trump’s Sun-Moon opposition as well as the Nodes in his chart which is triggered by the transiting Nodes of that time and the eclipse degree! Please see the chart below. 

Leo Abruzzese claiming that “Mr Trump will keep pressing Jerome Powell, the Fed’s chair, for deeper rate cuts, and he will insult companies that criticise his trade policies. He might at least give the companies a break. If American businesses lose confidence in 2020, the economy will go down with them.” We can see the press of President Trump on Fed in the chart below as his natal Saturn is conjunct to Mars opposition Jupiter of Fed’s chart and the eclipse of January 10, 2020 will be triggering this combination. 

Let’s go back to sunspots and global economy. After the researches on the subject, it is understood that the number of sunspots affects global temperature changes which in turn affects physical, social and economic factors. Another researcher Simeon Hutner found and stated that the trade was affected by the solar activities because the people reacted in an optimistic or pessimistic way to the sun rays. The people borrowed money during the optimistic periods and the creditors forced people to get their money during the pessimistic periods. According to Harlan True Stetson “Utilizing the Dow Jones average as an index of human psychology, it is interesting to compare the ups and down of market fluctuations with the sunspot cycle over the last two decades. The correspondence over this interval is sufficiently striking to arrest attention.” As a reminder, we will be in the Solar Minimum period in 2020, the motivation will be lack which lessens the tendency of people to get risk.  

When we add what we learned from the solar minimum, all these data fall into place! We are approaching solar minimum period and the planetary cycles also points out a crisis, stagnation, unwillingness for taking risk in the market. When all those factors come together, we may conclude that 2020 will be the year of stagnation and depression in economics! Additionally, we will have most of the heavy moving planets in earth signs when and only Neptune in a water sign. This means we will need emotionally and financially secure conditions. There will be no heavy planet in the element fire until May 11, 2022 when Jupiter enters Aries. That means people will not be very enthusiastic about taking initiative, getting into action, make changes and taking risks. 

By this time, we may be drawn into an unwillingness to take action and risks, low energy and lack of motivation, hesitation, abstention and indecisiveness. This indicates that the markets will stagnate. Solar activities which will gradually decrease will influence this stagnation. We will still have eclipse in Capricorn/Cancer axis in 2020 with the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto most of the year. The last eclipse of 2019, which will happen in 21 December is also taking our attention to financial troubles. We can see it clearly in the eclipse charts of 2020 too! 

As financial matters are associated with the earth signs, traditional astrologers correlate the eclipses in earth element with financial problems. Eclipses in Capricorn, which represent the matters related to the state and the government, systems and order also due to its ruler Saturn give rise to recessions, financial problems, commercial and agricultural turmoil and poverty. It is unfortunate in terms of statesmen, officials of the government and monarchy. It indicates untimely death of reputable people and an increase in unfair accusations, slanders and conspiracies and causes political changes.  They also warn us about cold weather patterns, major droughts, zoning decreases, grass dries, poor harvest and decreased crop production, transmigration when the eclipses fall in Capricorn.  

As we see in the 26 December 2019 eclipse chart, Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn traditionally which hinders its ability of expansion. And also, he is in conjunction with South Node and combust. This means the profit and abundance that are expected from Jupiter will be lesser although it is called greater benefic. 

According to traditional astrologers this brings hesitations and astonishments of the viziers (Prime Ministers), scholar and the statesmen, instability of prices, false decisions in management and politics, non-profitable trade and inactivity at customs gates, deterioration of the financial conditions of the wealthy and powerful people, and distrain of their properties, illnesses of people in authority, illegal affairs, debilitation of religious people, separations between the powers that be. And when Jupiter is combust in Capricorn, it indicates severe cold in weather.” And “When the South Node in Capricorn, severe cold and earthquake is seen in the winter.”

If this Solar Minimum cycle extends as some scientists put forward, this can be cause to major droughts and because of the poor harvest and decreased crop production, we can experience food shortage which will cause to rise in the food prices. And of course, this can result in economic challenge. We have to prepare for this! We have to take precaution!

At the beginning of 2020, there will be a lunar eclipse with partile Saturn-Pluto conjunction. In this chart we also see that malefic Lunar Node, which diminishes and debilitate whatever she conjuncts as if it is in detriment or fall, will be in partile conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of finance and Capitalism, which is already in detriment in Capricorn. When we read it with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, we see that we will probably be testing big financial problems and we will probably be very close to the times of financial transformation. By the end of 2020, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be in triple conjunction in Capricorn. This indicates the transformation of economic systems as we know and the probable end of Capitalism. 2020 will be a year to remember!  

Final Note

The observations show that the changing solar magnetism vary over time which is related with the global climate changes on Earth. The maximum and minimum solar activities are correlated with the rise and the fall of the empires. As we’ve seen when we analyse the deep Solar Minimum phases of the Sun, some of them coincides with Renaissance and French Revolution times. Scientist John N. Casey thinks that a solar hibernation helped create the Unites States and sees the 206-year Bicentennial Cycle of the Sun causing the French Revolution. He says “The loss of wheat crops and resultant shortage of bread were part of the reasons for the French Revolution of 1789… If the Bicentennial Cycle of the Sun had not destroyed the French crops during the late 1780s, there might not have been French Revolution, no Napoleon, and no United States of America.” (Casey, page 27-29)

If we are at the edge of another Solar Minimum, we can predict a new revolution time in the history which coincides with seldom Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction at the end of 2020 which will cause the shift in economic power from East to West. The exact conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius coincides with the winter solstice which is the shortest day of the year representing dark but was seen by many ancient cultures as the rebirth of the light and often the birth of a god that would bring enlightenment. The winter solstice is the time to honour the gifts of the darkness, while celebrating the return to the light. So, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction coincides with winter solstice in 2020 will be a time that will open a new path from dark to light and start higher level in consciousness, a fresh beginning in terms of humanity and its understanding! 



Oner Doser, AMA, ISAR Cap, Cert. OPA

Turkey Satellite for OPA, Member of APAI


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