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Although Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction indicates some difficulties in general, it also brings growth and development but with some challenges as well. Business world and finance sector experience some difficulties. Problems related to banks and financial institutions and unexpected fall in stock markets may be experienced. The treasury suffers as collecting taxes may be difficult. Unemployment and disorder increases. Commercial terms get harder and taxes increase. Stocks and shares are negatively affected. Heavy bankruptcies may be experienced in business world. Legal systems may suffer and enacting may be difficult or setbacks may be experienced in the implementation of the laws. Problems occur in the parliament. In time, some positive developments may be experienced. New financial regulations are made. New regulations may be seen. Education may be regulated. New departments may be opened at the universities or the number of new universities may increase. It is a period of slow and controlled expansion in foreign trade, tourism, and travel, issues related to airlines or airplanes, technological inventions or within the scope of application of technology.  Significant developments related to computers, internet, publishing, broadcasting and social media are seen. 

We may erect the chart of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction for a certain city or for the capital city of a country.  If Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place at one of the angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses) of the chart, then the impacts of the conjunction are highly experienced in that place. 


When we erect the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart for Beijing, the capital city of China, we see that the conjunction takes place on IC. Therefore, we may conclude that both positive and negative impacts of the conjunction will be extremely experienced in China. 

Imum Coeli (IC) is the cusp of the 4th house. In mundane astrology, the 4th house is associated with crops, mines, property and real estate agents, development and housing issues and living conditions, and the placement of corporate buildings or factories.   Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in this house indicates the need for renewal in these areas and additional efforts that should be made in order to improve the living conditions. Roughly, we may state that China will strive to strengthen its infrastructure. A planet which is close to the cusp of the 4th house may affect the weather conditions based on its element. Here is where the conjunction will occur. Therefore, the number of natural disasters may increase under unfavorable weather conditions. In his book Mecmuat’ul Ahkam (The Book of All Judgements), Sadullah Al-Ankarawi says that many cities are ruined and people move out of their homes during Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in the 4th house.  As the conjunction occurs on IC, opposed to the cusp of the 10th house, we may also predict that the government will be affected adversely and the opposition parties may overthrow the government. Civil strife is likely because Uranus makes a square aspect with Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. This configuration represents a rebellious energy; it may bring protests against the government and the people in authority and indicates administrative changes. As Uranus makes a square aspect from the 7th house, unexpected changes considering alliances and relationships with the other countries are likely while its open enemies increase. Mars, which is close to the cusp of the 7th house, again indicates military conflicts and events that create an atmosphere of war. Considering the impacts of Mars-Pluto square, we may predict that China will experience tough struggle with its formidable enemies and will be exposed to some attacks. 


When we erect the chart of Jupiter-Saturn conjunction for Washington DC, USA, we see that the conjunction occurs in the 10th house which is again an angular house. So, we may state that positive or negative impacts of the conjunction will be highly experienced in USA in the coming 20 years. 

Uranus in Taurus close to the ASC degree of the conjunction chart may bring rebellious energy.  It may also indicate that the number natural disasters will increase. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the 10th house also brings some governmental changes.  According to Sadullah Al-Ankarawi, this placement indicates that the sultans (presidents) will be subject to violence and other executives will experience some calamities. It is possible that the public will be provoked and revolt against the government. Pluto in the 10th house and close to MC also indicates governmental crises, system changes and protests and actions against the governmental figures.  Mars in the 12th house and receiving a square aspect from Pluto indicates some behind-the-scenes activities will be experienced and the secret enemies of the country will be in charge. Terror organizations, secret military forces and even prisoners may try to oust the government from power. 


UK is another country where the conjunction takes place in one of the angular houses. Below you may see Jupiter-Saturn conjunction takes place in the 7th house of the chart erected for London. 

In mundane astrology, the 7th house represents foreign affairs, all types of relationships (friendly or hostile, political or financial) with the other countries, antisocial organizations, organized crimes and criminals, the people’s positive or negative reaction to the country’s foreign policies, international debates, and the matters of peace and war.  Rates of marriage and divorce, commercial agreements, mergers, cartels, legal cases and the competitors are also ruled by this house. Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the 7th house will first bring tension in these issues and then the tensions will be recovered and some developments will be experienced in these fields and the pieces will fall into place.  According to Sadullah Al-Ankarawi, Sultans (Presidents / Prime Ministers) tyrannize over the people and impose prohibitions when Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs in the 7th house. In short, UK will likely experience some tension with the other countries. Probably, the public will not support but criticize the country’s foreign policy as the conjunction will be in exact opposition with the ASC degree, which is the general significator of the country’s people. Mars on the MC of the chart indicates that the government will concentrate on the army and will make efforts to strengthen the army. Its square with Pluto in the 6th house also indicates the need for revision and reinforcement of the military forces. Moreover, the stellium in the 6th house indicates tensions about the situation of the officials, health institutions and the issues related to public health. 

Judgements on some aspects

Jupiter-Saturn conjunction taking place in cadent houses will not bring traumatic changes. Planetary conjunction and aspects are valid for all countries but the placement of the planets in houses vary in different regions and countries. Now, let’s have a look at some aspects in Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction chart.

Sun-Mercury Trine Uranus: The whole intellectual, scientific and literary atmosphere improves; the people involved in these activities may gain reputation and be awarded. Positive developments are seen in education and legislation fields. Legislative proposals drafts are rapidly approved by the parliament. Speech and rhetoric brings positive results for the government officials and the top management.  Commercial developments may be seen as well as successful initiatives in communication, transportation and distribution fields. Managerial figures may be prone to making innovations and may also make decisive reforms. It is a period of time for new ideas, inventions, discoveries, collective thinking, planning the future with different models and perspectives, and higher frequencies. Significant innovations are on the way. We may expect positive developments in fields like electricity, e-commerce, communications, computers, internet and publishing.  Positive developments in aviation and transportation, aircraft industry, engineering and science are possible. 

Jupiter-Saturn Square Uranus:  It indicates a period of time when the rules are broken, boundaries are destroyed, important changes and reforms are made but with a resistance to all these changes and reforms. Governments and people in authority become stuck. Maintaining economic stabilization is difficult. Problems related to financial and legal issues, education and publishing, religious issues or places increase. People working in these fields may experience problems and losses. It is a period of time when liberalism versus conservatism. Reforms, changes and extraordinary approaches in religious issues, issues about extraordinary religious people, leaders and gurus and religious conflicts may break out. Resistance to religious institutions may arise.  It is a period of revolts, revolutions and changes in balances. Older statesmen may get ill or die suddenly. The number of natural disasters, especially the earthquakes, and plane crashes may increase. On the other hand, the number of discoveries and inventions increase as well. We may experience important developments about extraterrestrial life; and the conservative groups may criticize and show resistance to the developments in this field.  

Moon-Neptune Sextile Pluto: It indicates that the people may gain strength through unity and solidarity and recover despite the whole difficulties and losses. Spirituality gains strength. Female figures that are spiritually powerful make important contributions for the reconstruction period.  Research activities about seas and waters increase. Maritime lines, marine industry, marine products, cinema and artistic activities, petroleum and natural gas bring income. There may be an increase in income or a decrease in expenses thanks to alternative energy sources. Newly discovered reserves may help economic growth. 

Mars-Pluto square: Military issues are emphasized, military investments and armament to provide safety inland and against other countries increase. Some leaders, who may tyrannize others in order to reach their targets and who are cruel, obsessive and violator, may take military actions as a show of strength. Big wars between numerous countries may break out and bring devastating outcomes. Fanaticism and fanatical patriotism may be emphasized. Blood revenges, fights, violence, terror and guerilla movements may increase among people in some countries. Armed conflicts, robberies, poundings and offences may increase. Reckless and fanatical organizations, which want to take revenge, may take provocative actions.  The number of devastating explosions, fires, mine accidents and natural disasters increase possibly. 


Oner Doser, AMA, ISAR Cap, Cert. OPA

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