Oner Doser – Cold War or Trade War?


Recently, we have been hearing about this “cold war” thing. Following the spy crisis between UK and Russia, when USA made a move to expel 60 Russian diplomats, the tension increased between Russia and USA. The authorities state that this situation is heading towards something like a cold war. Unlike the cold war period in 1980s under the power struggle between two superpowers, USA and Russia, now several actors may take part and the events may take a different direction. As Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn 8° will conjunct Facies which represents a cruel energy, this scenario seems to be confirmed astrologically.

In the chart erected for Washington DC Mars-Saturn conjunction occurs in the 7th house, as it is in the Aries Ingress chart. The 7th house represents the relations with other countries so Mars-Saturn conjunction here confirms “cold war” symbolically. In the chart erected for Moscow for the Mars-Saturn conjunction, the Sun and Mercury are placed in the 7th house. Below you may see these two charts in dual wheels.

Mars-Saturn conjunction takes place in opposition with Mercury at Cancer 8° in Donald Trump’s natal chart. Mercury rules communication, telecommunications and all written and oral messages in general however it is also related to trade.

Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn 8° takes place in the 2nd house and in opposition with the Sun-Jupiter midpoint in the 7th house (8th sign) of the US chart. These are the factors which may put a pressure on US trade and provoke the competition. Below you may see this chart.

Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn 8° takes place very close to the Sun and especially the North Node in the 5th house (diplomats, messengers, mediators, speculation, and stock market) of Russia’s chart. Some fated events seem to take place soon. The crisis which started with the diplomats may reach great heights.

On the other hand, when we erect the Aries Ingress chart and Mars-Saturn conjunction chart for Beijing, we see that the Mars-Saturn conjunction occurs in the 2nd house. Below please see this chart.

The projection of this conjunction in the 2nd house indicates China will be more active in monetary and commercial competition in the upcoming period. Let’s remember the position of this conjunction in the US chart: open enemies and competitors. As Capricorn is the sign of business and financial world, having a Mars-Saturn conjunction in this sign may indicate that we will witness a great competition between US and China in economics and trade. Economic competition may escalate extremely.  Concerning China’s natal chart, I have predicted China would get ahead US in economic competition. I would like to repeat it again.

Meanwhile, UK is one of the Capricorn countries that will be affected from Mars-Saturn conjunction as the Sun in UK’s chart is on Capricorn 10°. The authority figures may experience some tough times and may have to take some critical decisions.


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