Oner Doser – Capricorn Eclipse on December 26th, 2019


In this article, I will analyze one of the most important eclipses of this year, which will occur on 26 December 2019, that gives us the ability to predict the important events of 2020, depending on traditional astrology techniques. Ancient astrologers believed that eclipses mean problematic events and bring endings. They indicate stressful times, imbalances, and unexpected problems. I would like to borrow from the ancients’ knowledge and their warnings, which bring awareness concerning the possible stresses, and I personally believe that an astrological approach which helps us analyze the problems and gives us advice about the possible solutions of these problems is the best approach instead of talking about an inevitable fate!

This will be an annular eclipse that will begin from Arabian peninsula and continue to the Pacific Ocean via southern India, the bay of Bengal, Singapore and Indonesia. Please see the chart of the eclipse calculated according to Singapore where we see the eclipse degree placed very close to the Medium Coeli.   

Which places will be affected by the eclipse?

The symbolic values of the eclipses which help us make predictions arise from their durations, celestial positions and our ability pre-calculate where they will be observed from. Ancient astrologers considered that the impacts and the effects of the eclipses would be seen in the places where the eclipses are observed. We already mentioned the places where the eclipse is visible.

Ancients also thought that the issues represented by the eclipse would be experienced more significantly in the countries ruled by the sign of the eclipse, especially if the eclipse occurs on the axes of the chart of that region. 

The cities, regions and countries ruled by the signs are used in Mundane Astrology. Through this method, which we may call as “Astrogeography”, the signs on the Zodiac are reflected on the world map and a conjunction that occurs on a certain degree of Zodiac, for example, is considered to be affective on that longitude. Ancient astrologers used this projection technique in ingress charts, eclipse charts and in the charts erected for the when an important aspect became exact in order to determine which regions, countries and cities will be affected more. 

According to ancient astrologers Capricorn rules the places below: the places where the oxen, cows and the calves are kept; the places where agricultural tools or old woods are put; the places where sails and other materials related to ships are kept; sheepfolds and the places where the sheep are out at grass; fallow lands; barren, bushy or thorny fields; the places in the fields where dung heaps are laid, the dark ground floors of the houses, low places and thresholds. 

Places represented by Capricorn are: India, Bahrein, West of Ethiopia, Albania, Brandenburg, Bulgaris, Cleves, Saxonia, Hassia, Mecklenburg, Orcades Islands, Oxford, Syria, Turkey, Thrace, Macedonia, Bosnia, Morea, in Iran Circan, Maracan and Khorasan regions, Punjab, Afghanistan, Hesse, Mecklenburg, Romandiola in Italy, Mexica, Orkney islands, Salisbury, Keighley, Brandenburg, Brussels, Port Said, Prato in Tuscany, Constanz, Fayence in Provence, Tortona, Alaska, Finland and Iceland.

From these places, India and Bahreyn take my attentions since they take place of the places where eclipse will be visible. The eclipse will be visible in Singapore and the eclipse degree falls close to the Ascendant degree and transiting Saturn is close to the Moon degree of the chart, too (August 9, 1965, 16.15, Singapore).  The eclipse will be visible in Indonesia, too, and the eclipse degree falls close to the degree of the Sun in their mundane chart and squaring to the Moon. (December 27, 1949, 17:22, Jakarta-Indonesia).  

Bulgaria is one of the places fall under the rulership of Capricorn and the eclipse degree falls to the 1st house in the chart casted to Sofia which is also falls very close to the Moon in their chart (April 24, 680, at 10:07 pm GMT JC, Pliska) and very close to the Ascendant. One of the places where the eclipse falls angular houses and close to the angles is Ankara, capital of Turkey. Beijing and Washington DC are some other places where the eclipse falls on the angles, whereas it falls almost angular in Syria, too. In the Syrian chart, the Sun is placed at 9 Capricorn (January 1, 1944, 00:00 Damascus, Syria) on which the eclipse is conjunct with 5 degree of orb. The eclipse relates very close to the mundane chart of Russia (December 25, 1991, 17:45, Moscow) as it falls to the 1st house in the chart calculated according to Moscow, as well. The eclipse degree and the transiting Jupiter are opposing to Venus-Jupiter conjunction of the US chart while the transiting Saturn has started to trigger the degree of Mercury in their mundane chart. (July 4, 1776, 17:10, Philadelphia, PA). 

So, the eclipse chart affects many mundane charts and this indicates that its effects will be powerfully felt in the mundane events as political, financial and geophysical. Many politic leaders are getting triggering aspects from the eclipse degree and transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunction to their natal chart planets or the Ascendant. Vladimir Putin, Tayyip Erdogan are taking place among these leaders.  The natal chart of Donald Trump is getting an opposition from the eclipse degree and transiting Jupiter while the transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunction is opposing to his natal Venus-Saturn conjunction. All these are the significators of power struggles between the leaders of the countries relating with the changing financial and political conditions relating to the new world order of our time! 

Political Changes

Capricorn is a cardinal sign. In Ottoman Astrology, cardinal signs are called “Convertible Signs” which are associated with taking the initiative to bring change. According to traditional astrology, the eclipses in cardinal signs are associated with political issues, changes in governments and state affairs, changes in business life and public revolutions. They bring annoying events caused by external intervention, suffering of governments and authority figures, political changes and adverse impacts on world trade. Additionally, as the cardinal signs indicate the beginning of the seasons, the changes in the weather conditions are significant during the eclipses in cardinal signs and the damage that occurs suddenly is emphasized in-line with the characteristics of the eclipses.    

Rebellion of nobles and common people

The decanate of the eclipse is also important in terms of prediction. According to the William Lilly, if a solar eclipse occurs in the first decanate of Capricorn this indicates “Unhappy changes attending Great men and strange casualties unto such; the transmigration or oft shifting of places of some King, Prince or person of eminent rank and quality, and it implies the revolt or rebellion of nobles, and others of meaner quality, viz. of the common people; it imports a covetous Prince or Magistrate, by reason of his oppression, shall cause insurrections.” 

The conjunction of Jupiter to the eclipse degree empowers the comments of Lilly. Because Jupiter signifies transmigration and also nobles. The Moon represents common people and she conjuncts Jupiter. Of course, both have debility in Capricorn (detriment and fall) and Jupiter is combust, too. Additionally, both are afflicted by the South Node’s conjunction. Jupiter is occidental as well, which weakens the power of it, according to the traditional astrology rules.       

According to 19th century Ottoman astrologer Sadullah al-Ankarawi, since the Moon is in detriment in Capricorn and Jupiter is in fall in the same, namely they are both debilitated in this sign and they are in conjunction with the eclipse (or ingress) chart “The common people contradict with preachers.” 

Financial Problems, Recession, Commercial Turmoil

Earth signs are associated with soil, crops, harvest and underground sources.  The traditional astrologers who think the eclipses bring problems tell that the eclipses in cardinal signs cause damage of agricultural products, famines, droughts, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, and mine accidents. According to William Lilly, when an eclipse occurs in Capricorn olive trees are invaded by grasshoppers and worms, ships sink, and changes are seen in the behaviors and conditions of the people who live in the cities and countries ruled by this sign. According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi, “Land is ruined, zoning decreases, grass dries, crops get scarce, bandits increase and most people leave their countries and live far from home.” And he says if Jupiter is with the South Node, “It points out that there will be stinginess of religious people and the people of high class, their benefits are diminished and the prices in the market change.” 

As financial matters are associated with the earth signs, traditional astrologers correlate the eclipses in earth element with financial problems. Eclipses in Capricorn, which represent the matters related to the state and the government, systems and order also due to its ruler Saturn give rise to recessions, financial problems, commercial and agricultural turmoil and poverty. It is unfortunate in terms of statesmen, officials of the government and monarchy. It indicates untimely death of reputable people and an increase in unfair accusations, slanders and conspiracies and causes political changes and subversion of the governments, military occupation of neighbor cities and disappearing of many ships.

According to H. S. Green, eclipses in earthy signs are said to injure crops and the products and fruits of the earth. The business world is disturbed or depressed, trade and agriculture suffer, and troublesome financial problems arise. They are unfortunate for the Government, for statesman, and sometimes for the Monarch. Drought may follow. 

The ruler of the eclipse

The eclipse falls 04°06′ Capricorn is conjunct Jupiter which is placed at 05°20′ Capricorn. So, we have two rulers of the eclipse. One of them is Saturn as the sign ruler of Capricorn, the other one is Jupiter, as the planet closely conjunct the eclipse degree. 

The ruler of the eclipse is very important in making predictions. As we mentioned before, the ruler of the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is Saturn, and the participating ruler of the eclipse is Jupiter since it is in conjunction with the eclipse degree and the Moon will apply to him after the eclipse. 

Let’s start with Saturn. In Mundane Astrology, Saturn is associated with the old people and it represents the death and the death rate. It is also associated with epidemics. Jealousy due to deprivation and malicious acts are also Saturn’s negative characteristics. Landowners, farmers, masons, miners and coal, metal and mineral industries are ruled by Saturn. 

Saturn, the planet that represents recession, is also related with structured systems, structuralism, methods, working systematically, precautions and prudence. It is related with metallurgy, farming and construction sector. Saturn does not represent spending money; it represents buying the things with the cheapest price, being on the safe side and working hard. It is related with unemployment, poverty, and the poor. It is also related with the government agencies and municipalities and the people working in those places. Saturn is associated with cold weather, loss of crops due to frost or similar reasons, and also with earthquakes. 

According to William Lilly, the eclipses ruled by Saturn indicate coldness, long- term illnesses, poverty, imprisonment, fear, death (that of old people especially), bad intentions, jealousy and damages due to troublesome cases. They bring cold and foggy weather, storms at seas, river floods and contamination, loss or scarce of crops and decay in nature.

According to Sadullah al-Ankarawi “The problems occur due to the illnesses related to Saturn, it gives damage to cattle and draught, old people, sheiks, members of ancient dynasties, peasants, the poor and to the people who prefer loneliness.”

Participating ruler of the Eclipse

The planet that the Moon makes its first aspect with after the eclipse is also important for the interpretation of the eclipse, as well as the aspect itself. In his book named Mecmuatü’l Ahkam, Sadullah Al-Ankarawi, an Ottoman astrologer from the 19th century, says: “As a rule, when the Moon separates from the Sun and makes an aspect with a planet, benefits and malice, changes in the weather conditions, the prices in the markets and other events develop in the nature of that aspected planet until the Moon reaches opposition with this planet and when it separates from the opposition and reaches another conjunction with the Sun similar to that comparison.” As we already mentioned, the first aspect of the Moon is bodily in conjunction with Jupiter. This also makes Jupiter as the participating ruler of the eclipse. Of course, since Jupiter is a benefic planet, we expect good things and benefits from this conjunction. 

Jupiter which represents increase, expansion and growth, welfare, abundance, prosperity and liberalism is the planet of financial issues. It rules finance, cash flow, banking systems and bankers. Minister of Economy, Ministry of Economy, bankers, financiers and stock markets are also ruled by Jupiter. As it represents the will for growth and making big profits, Jupiter is the natural representative of Capitalism. It is related with the rich and the richness. Optimism in economics, foreign trade, import and export, international markets and tourism are also related with Jupiter. It represents an expansionist and liberal policy. So, normally, we would wait good developments in these fields. But is that really what we should expect? 

Jupiter against the wall

Jupiter is in fall in Capricorn traditionally which hinders its ability of expansion. This means the profit and abundance that are expected from Jupiter will be lesser although it is called greater benefic. Is it more so when Jupiter is afflicted when combust, retrograde, afflicted by the malefic planets or conjunct South Node (Cauda). We can add hard aspects or conjunctions with the outer planets. In these times, we face with recession or overproduction, overconsumption, wastefulness, and legal disputes. 

According to Sadullah el-Ankarawi “Jupiter in fall brings hesitations and astonishments of the viziers, scholar and the statesmen, instability of prices, false decisions in management and politics, non-profitable trade and inactivity at customs gates. Jupiter – South Node conjunction brings deterioration of the financial conditions of the wealthy and powerful people, and distrain of their properties, illnesses of people in authority, illegal affairs, debilitation of religious people, separations between the powers that be, illnesses and bad weather conditions.”

When we read all these with Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, we see that we will probably be testing big financial problems and we will probably be very close to the times of financial transformation.

The end of Capitalism as we know? 

As you see in the eclipse chart, three of the outer planets are decreasing in light and closing their cycles: Jupiter is behind Saturn, Jupiter is behind Pluto, Saturn is just behind Pluto. I am inclined to see these closing cycle as we are ending a long-termed cycle and about to begin a long termed new cycle. In his Lunation Cycle book, Dane Rudhyar says: “… a transition of “seed phase” between the cycle now ending and the next yet to begin. During this closing phase, the results of the entire cycle are essentialized, concentrated to become the foundation for the future cycle – toward which the consciousness expectantly, perhaps self-sacrificially, now turns.” I think his words explain the message of this solar eclipse, which is the last one before these three planets start their new moon cycles! Also, I think we will remember this eclipse in the years ahead as the eclipse indicating the end of Capitalism as we know it and remaking the new era ahead which is about to begin.  

In his book Great Financial Flood, Turkish economist Erkan Oz is saying that “Now we know that the money-based economy is relinquishing its leading position to the information economy in the old industrialized countries. We learned that the world is experiencing systemic economic crisis as capitalism reaches its natural limits and it resists the arrival of the new production mode I call “informationism” … Thus, the money-based economy is quickly approaching a very big, global and systemic financial disaster. I named this upcoming catastrophe the ‘Great Financial Flood.’ I believe that the disaster will knock on our doors before the end of this decade. However, if we take the right measures there is no reason to fear the retreat of capitalism, the ‘Great Financial Flood’ or emerging informationism. The big catastrophe will not completely destroy capitalism or the entire planet. But, it will wash, shake and clean our world from head to foot and open the way for the new mode of production, informationism.”

So, the balsamic phases of Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto and Jupiter-Saturn indicate the closing of a big cycle in economics. We will witness of their New Moon cycles in 2020. An experienced astrologer who is one of the experts in Mundane Astrology of our time, Roy Gillett, the President of Astrological Association of Great Britain, mentions that the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in November 12, 2020 is one of the astro-indicators of global crisis and social change. In my opinion, the conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in the first degree of Aquarius may symbolically be considered as a fresh and brand new beginning for humanity. A new era in economics! 

Cold and dry weather conditions? 

Eclipse falls in Capricorn which is cold and dry, indicating low temperatures in winter. Saturn, the ruler of the eclipse is a cold and dry planet. The participating ruler of the eclipse, Jupiter is warm and moist in nature in traditional astrology. According to Sadullah el-Ankaravi, when Jupiter is combust in Capricorn, it indicates severe cold in weather.” And “When the South Node is in Capricorn, severe cold and earthquake is seen in the winter.”

According to Kris Brand Riske “When in northern declination or in Aries or Leo, it brings higher temperatures. In other configurations it produces cold weather and high winds. Jupiter, when configured with Mars or Pluto, indicates drier conditions or drought.”

In the eclipse chart, Jupiter is not in aspect with Mars or Pluto, he is just in the same sign with Pluto who is transiting Capricorn. But during March, Jupiter will be with these planets. In the Aries Ingress chart for 2020, Jupiter is in between Mars and Pluto and will be in a very tight conjunction with them. This conjunction falls close to the 4th house cusp and the coldest planet almost exactly conjunct to the IC in the chart calculated for Alberta, Canada, indicating cold and dry weather conditions. Please see the chart below. 

Plus, the close placement of Ceres to Saturn in the eclipse chart is getting our attention as she is seen as the great corn goddess and Earth Mother in the myths and signifies food issues and nurturing principle. 

Can this eclipse signify the beginning of long-term cold weather conditions as some scientist have mentioned? Soon, we will see! I will touch this topic in another article. 

Should we prepared for disasters?

As we already seen, this eclipse have two rulers: Saturn and Jupiter. According to the traditional astrologers, Saturn is responsible from the earthquakes. This is more possible when Saturn is placed in an earth sign and when it is placed angular in an ingress or eclipse chart, especially when it falls to the 4th house close to the IC. According to 19th Century Ottoman astrologer Sadullah el-Ankarawi, when Saturn falls in the 4th it indicates “Devastation of some buildings, damages in planted areas due to flood and numerous earthquakes. If it conjuncts the Moon and Mercury or makes hard aspects with these planets, then this possibility gets stronger.” 

To make a prediction on timing, we can see the planets triggering the eclipse degree beginning from Mars, which is one of the strongest candidates of triggering, and then the Sun. But also, there are the aspects of the other transiting planets to the planetary degrees of the eclipse chart. I will start doing this and will use the conjunction of the transiting Jupiter to the degree of Saturn as they are the rulers of the eclipse. Transiting Jupiter conjuncts to Saturn of the eclipse chart exactly on March 7, 2020. This can be seen as one of the indicators of the possible disasters since Saturn is responsible for earthquakes. Around that time, the Moon will be in her maximum north declination (March 5) and there is a Super Moon on March 9, 2020. According to Ken Ring, the writer of the book Predicting Weather by the Moon, earthquakes increase when the Moon is closest in its orbit to the Earth and when the Moon is at either of the maximum declination positions north and south of the equator. The Moon is at those positions for about three days and places considerable strain on the tectonic plates while there.” Referencing G. A. Eiby in his book on Earthquakes, he mentions that he “looked at each date with regard to Moon phase; 96 per cent of the quakes occurred exactly on or within a day of an extreme feature of Moon cycle (new Moon, full Moon or perigee) and 75 per cent involved two factors (when the perigee plus full or new Moon were on the same day).” 

When I was in Varna, Bulgaria for the First European Astrology Conference in November, Emma Kurent, a successful astrologer from Slovenia, made a successful presentation on the Moon’s extreme declinations which is called “out of bounds” and predicted that a powerful earthquake or big air crash around March 5, when the Moon will be at her maximum declination since many years. So, according to my opinion, combining with the Moon’s out of bounds position, the Super Moon and Jupiter’s transiting Saturn are the dates between March 5 and 9 are getting our attention and warning us to be careful and be prepared for possible disasters such as earthquakes. Most of the planets will be within one side of the Zodiac as well! And at the same time, many planets are transiting earth signs such as Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Taurus, and the Super Full Moon in Virgo. So, problems relating to the production of soil, crops, and mines should be paid attention! 


As we see the eclipse chart, we have a stellium in Capricorn which reminds us our responsibilities related with economics, governing, politics, the orders and structures we build, agriculture, and products of the soil.   

The areas, people and professions related with Capricorn should be paid attention to and need to be cared about are: Governors and government officials, economists, accountants, constructors, engineers, architects, buildings and builders, real estate and real estate agents, lands and land owners, farming and farmers, leather goods and leather workers, grain and grain dealers, and mining and miners.

Ancient astrologers are warning us about cold weather patterns, major droughts, poor harvest and decreased crop production. Additional to the other significators, the close conjunction of Ceres with Saturn in the eclipse chart show us that we can experience food shortage which will cause to rise in the food prices. And of course this can result in economic challenge. We have to prepare for this! We have to take precaution!

We have to be careful and prepared for disasters, earthquakes as always. Earthquakes are happening every day, but they are likely to increase in magnitude. The places where this eclipse is visible and fall under Capricorn should be of first priority in attention.  

Lastly, it is the time to face with realities in economics and politics. Time to tighten the belts. Cut cloth according to means! Time to understand that we cannot use our resources extravagantly anymore! We are closing a long cycle of the economic system we know, we are in the edge of a great transformation which will happen after great financial crisis. We have to read the headlines of this transformation to start and build a new era which will carry humanity to more humanistic and fair systems in economy!


With love and light!   

Öner Döşer, AMA, ISAR Cap, Cert. OPA

OPA Turkey Satellite, Member of APAI

The Founder of the AstroArt School of Astrology 


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