Nicholas Kampanes – A Scientific Overview of Astrology


If we were to provide a scientific definition of astrology, a definition more in line with modern society, then we might find befitting a statement made by Paul Flambart (a graduate of the Polytechnic of Paris and author of 30 books) that goes: “Any given configuration on the sky corresponds to some specific human attribute or facet of life. And every individual, possessing a specific attribute, was born under the corresponding planetary configuration, more often than not”

Actually, we can conduct some comparative statistics of planetary configurations over the entire spectrum of human states and inclinations. If we research i.e. the field of human diseases and deaths, we will realize that the transiting of planet Mars over the natal Sun is prominent. The Sun – Jupiter conjunction is encountered in the 7.5% of the cases of sudden deaths – which is way above average.

In addition, Flambart researched a thousand horoscopes of celebrities and found out that the Sun – Jupiter conjunction occurs with a frequency of 15% – twice as often as in average.

It is common knowledge that there are more astrological analogies in the case of close relatives than in strangers. Flambart studied the natal charts of relatives and found out that the Moon appears in the same zodiacal position in the 18.6% of all cases, while the average frequency is 5.5%. That’s 3,5 times higher than the expected! Applying the same laws of probability, we should normally find a Moon – Mercury conjunction in the 5.5% of all cases. However, by researching thousands of examples, we have noticed that according to the horoscopes of people distinguished in the intellectual field the Mercury – Moon conjunction occurs with a frequency of 10%. That’s almost twice as much as the expected percentage. There is fertile ground there for further study.

Karl Kraft, a German astrologer, studied the charts of 2700 musicians and discovered that there is a close relationship between planetary configurations and musical proclivity. Von Klockler, who drew valuable conclusions out of them, made similar statistics. The French mathematician Michel Gauquelin researched more than 3000 horoscopes of doctors and scientists and found out that Mars was constantly appearing in a certain position at the time of their birth, either rising or culminating, far more often than someone would expect. Studying then a totality of 35000 horoscopes he ascertained that (apart from Mars) Venus, Moon, Jupiter and Saturn rise or culminate at the charts of the individuals who were following specific professions, like the military ones. The latter tend to be born with Jupiter on the eastern horizon or on the mid-heaven of their chart.

Nothing in the universe befalls by a mere accidentally. All things are subject to and governed by natural and cosmic laws. The Sun rises and sets with amazing accuracy! The lunar cycle that regulates the tides is regulating the course of the nutrient juices as well, in the plant kingdom. In our societies, there is a widespread perception that the fate of man totally depends on the stars, to which he is subject in a completely deterministic way – with no way out. This perception has been engineered by a “system” that is deliberately degrading astrology as a lower and deceptive offshoot of the human intellect. In reality, though, cultured Astrology is nothing more than the product of higher human intellect!

Contrary to the convictions of many, the life and destiny of each “born soul” is not determined by the celestial configurations at the moment of its birth, but is predetermined before birth, by some higher intellect! Ever in accordance with the principle of “cause and effect”, the soul plays its own particular role from the very moment it arrives in this life (a role dictated by the stage of its evolution). Therefore, every being is born in that particular time and place that is more propitious for the fulfillment of his/her soul’s destination. As Carl Jung puts it: “We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.” 

Thus, the moment of our birth is predetermined in order to conform to the universe’s “kaleidoscopic” pattern at a specific moment, so that it becomes feasible for the soul to identify the challenges that is bound to face at the various stages it will go through in life. The purpose of the soul’s incarnation is the acquisition of knowledge that is necessary for its evolution. Any eventual challenges are the means by which the soul will acquire and augment that knowledge. In other words, our lives are not determined by the stars and by the moment of our birth. Our birth instead occurs in accordance with the planetary directives, so that it provides the ideal for us physical and spiritual conditions that will ultimately evolve us in life.

Therefore, the human “destiny” does not entail coercive elements but a harmonious “attunement” between the soul’s spiritual state and the state of the universe. Thus, the planetary configurations at the moment of birth turn out to be the universal “mirror” of the soul! They neither influence nor shape or crush the sovereignty of the individual. They only describe states and tendencies, and they are ultimately mirroring the attributes of the soul. And this “mirroring” is precisely the one that the astrologers are studying!

As far as we know, there are two forces in the universe that are exerting a global influence over the earth: radiation and gravity. The forms of radiation we are most familiar with are light and heat! They both create viable environments in apparently many niches of the immense universe. Gravity on the other hand ensures the stability of the entire universe and the harmonious rotation of the “celestial spheres”. Hippocrates taught us that there is an astronomical correspondence to any known rhythmical periodicity or any time cycle that takes places on the earth or on any life form. Law and order are the fundamental principles of the universe, warding off chaos and disorder.

The same electro-magnetic force that is exerted on the atoms, holding them together and forming through their accumulation visible matter, is keeping the planets of our solar system eternally orbiting around the Sun. But if electro-magnetism is exerting such a colossal force on the structure of the matter and on the celestial bodies, how could one say that it does not affect the organic life of our planet – and even more so the hypersensitive matter that constitutes the human brain and the nervous system? We already know that the celestial “rays” are affecting all processes of evolution in nature. In the same way, the human beings are affected (both physically and spiritually) by the electro-magnetic fields enveloping our planet – which on their turn are affected by the ever-shifting planetary configurations. And obviously, if such a chain of effects is occurring within the physical realm, it means that the cosmic law is functioning in a way that is provoking these effects (although we do not know exactly how).

We could equate the entire procedure to a “receiver”, receiving those electro-magnetic waves and then channeling them in an admirably precise way, so that they are transformed into causative factors! Into factors that will influence and shape the pertinent parts of the body and soul, in a proper manner, so that through “passion” the necessary knowledge for the evolution of the soul could be ultimately acquired!

Sir John Eccles, a professor of neurophysiology at the John Curtin School (1951-1966), won in 1963 the Nobel Prize in “Physiology or Medicine” for his pioneering studies on the human brain – and particularly for his understanding of the “interchange mechanism” between the nerve cells. Eccles maintains that: “the transmission of a “signal” in the brain, from one nerve cell to the other (and thus to the entire body), is taking place through the “firing” of chemical messages along the synaptic lines and the gap junctions”.

The ten billion cells in the “folded” structure of the brain (which according to Eccles occupies the largest portion of our skull) and the many millions of cells in our spinal cord, in our pituitary and endocrine glands are the ones that are triggering our desires, whether they are physical (such as hunger or thirst) or emotional (like love or hate). They are transmitting through their secretions certain “commands” and are thus regulating and controlling the most vital functions of the body. And it has been scientifically proven that the activity of the glands – and their effects on our physical, mental and emotional state – is the result of pure electrical impulses.

There is much astrological evidence showing that these specific electrical impulses are tightly connected to the celestial “waves”, which are thus stimulating the nerve cells in our brain. In fact, it is possible to determine the action of these “wavelengths” on the brain and on the human organism in whole. The planetary positions at birth can be measured as wavelengths. And those pulsating planetary “waves” pretty much resemble the electrical waves – with the human brain functioning as a central station “receiving” them.

The brain possesses a “receptor” that captures those electrical waves, according to each individual’s “responsive capacity” that ultimately depends on the spiritual state of his/her soul. As soon as those pulses are received by the brain receptor, they consequently stimulate the electrochemical glands, creating thus certain impulses that are controlling our individual growth and behavior. So, this “responsive capacity” of an individual (which is attuned to his/her own “birth cosmic pattern”) is ultimately the one that renders each individual capable of thinking and acting in a quite different, unique manner!

Although largely unknown to the Greek followers of astrology, Nicholas Kampanes is a foremost Astrologer, who addresses our celestial art as a vocation rather than as a mere profession! He has studied (systematically and in depth) philosophy, the philosophy of astrology, metaphysics, Pythagorean numbers, and the symbolism of the sacred texts, esotericism and Yoga. He is a member of many Greek and international associations. His works include: “Astrological Institutio”, “The Metaphysics of Numbers”, “The Metaphysical Origin of Diseases and the Healing Properties of the Psalms of David”, “Astrology under the Light of Science”, “Mysticism School”,” “Portraits of Philosophers and Metaphysical Impressions “. He is about to publish the books: “Treatise on Evil” and “On the reconciliation of the Plato’s – Aristotle’s dichotomy”.


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