Nia Nedeljkovic – Code 51


Seven exact squares of Uranus and Pluto, which we witnessed during the period from 2012 to 2015, as well as the transit of the Pluto itself through the sign of Capricorn, has opened doors to enormous transformational power, which shakes the centers of our collective consciousness at all levels. This also contributes to a completely new phase of our evolution, which was announced by the star guide of the humankind – Regulus, when it entered the human sign of Virgo, on December 21, 2011. 

 From expansion of the internet, which enables an uncensored information flow, through Julian Assange and “WikiLeaks”, “African spring”, “Occupy Wall Street” movement, the great exodus of people from the Middle East, also strong opposition of citizens against dictatorships of their governments all around the world, we can realize to which extent have those, as many as seven realized exact squares of Uranus and Pluto, within only three years, started to awaken this lulled world of ours. 

Besides this empowered need for freedom and populism ever increasing in its strength, populism which is afraid of that freedom, Regulus entering into Virgo also more and more strongly expressed the need that we finally acknowledge the truth about ourselves. Virgo is a sign of the Truth, which will be more and more present and will uncover many segments of our lives. This will reflect in finding out about many weaknesses, corruptions and hidden interests at global scale, and in further development of the science itself, and even our deeper understanding of our own history and origin. 

However, one of these most important Truths which are shaking our fundamental views of “reality” in which we live, is, of course, also an official “close encounter of the third kind” – meeting of humankind with humanoid cosmic beings, which the planetary code 51 is warning us of, hidden in the charts of entering of large transcendental planets into the signs of Aries (Uranus), Capricorn (Pluto) and Pisces (Neptune). Since these transcendental planets entered the mentioned signs, the impression is that the presence of representatives of cosmic intelligent beings on our planets has intensified. 

The ingress chart of Pluto entering into Capricorn didn’t only reveal to us the players in the geopolitical events at world level and return to populism and of the right-wing political currents, it also made it possible for us to peak into the coded messages of planetary patterns which point to one of the most important topics in the Virgo Era (which was marked by Regulus star entering into this sign), which can fundamentally change our collective view of reality. 

Certain planetary patterns in the natal charts of people who experienced “close encounter of the third kind”, direct us to astrological indicators for this type of encounter. Some of them are light aspects with Uranus, and especially Neptune, as well as planets in the first house, or the very ruler of Asc in an aspect with one of the two planets, while the septile aspect itself from 51 degrees 25 minutes is of the utmost importance for such encounters. Astrologist Lynn Koiner has come to this information about a septile aspect, which as a pattern appearing in charts of people who had encounters with extra-terrestrial beings and for the first time she spoke about this observation at an International Astrological Conference in Belgrade, in 2002. In support of the discovery of this astrologer, there is also a fact of existence of military-scientific-research American base called Area 51, which was founded in mid-20th century, after a UFO crashed in Roswell, and for which many believe that it is a home of military-technical explorations in cooperation with members of extra-terrestrial civilizations. 

By examining these particular planetary patterns, a team of Serbian astrologers has discovered typical astrological indicators, which are speaking in favor of the contact with extraterrestrial intelligent beings, out of which the most typical ones are: 

  • Sun or Moon in aspect with Uranus, and especially Neptune
  • 1st house (Asc, ruler of Asc or a planet in 1st house), aspected with a transcendent planet, especially Neptune 
  • Moon in Scorpio or aspected with Pluto
  • Venus or Mercury aspected with Pluto 
  • Aspect of Jupiter and Saturn or Saturn and Pluto 
  • Septile aspects, especially with transcendental planets

Today we are in a very important era, and we get confirmations of this, not only from the change of the Era which was announced by Regulus entering into Virgo on December 21, 2011, but also from the fact that two transcendental planets have entered two cardinal signs in a very short time span (Pluto into sign of Capricorn and Uranus into sign of Aries), while Neptune itself, at the beginning of 2012 stepped into its native sign after a period of 164 years. These three transcendental planets are large planetary representatives of our collective consciousness and at the same time, they are the most important, compared to other planets, in influencing development of global, planetary flows, and also the spiritual development in the context of awakening of the collective consciousness. 

Therefore, let us peak into the hidden messages of these ingress charts: entrance of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune into signs of Capricorn, Aries and Pisces. 

In the ingress chart of Pluto, for entering into the sign of Capricorn, we can see several indicators, which support a more frequent presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings in the Earth’s orbit. At a first glance, the chart shows as many as three septile aspects, among which the very important one built between the Asc ruler of this chart – the very Pluto whose chart we are looking at, and Neptune, which sits at the degree of its exaltation. This is a powerful image of a channel open for communication with entities and beings from different time-space dimensions. In addition, the very Asc of this ingress chart, which forms conjunction with a fixed star Unukalhai, shows the strong need for healing and transformation of the collective consciousness. 

Frequent sightings of extraterrestrial aircrafts, which this chart is announcing, are not the only (visual) contact which is more and more often happening between the Earthlings and intergalactic beings. In the last few years, we are also witnessing emergence of numerous books with channeled messages from extraterrestrial beings, messages sent to Earthlings with important information for the transitional period we are in. Besides the Pluto itself in its ingress chart, Venus also forms a septile with Mercury, and also Jupiter does so with North Node. 

On the other hand, this chart contains another two very strong indicators of the tendency of frequent interplanetary presence, which is certainly the strong trine between Jupiter and Saturn, as well as a strong conjunction between Venus and Pluto. 

In the ingress chart of Uranus into the sign of Aries, Neptune was at the position of North Node from the ingress chart of Pluto, while Venus was at the same position, up to the same minute, where Mercury as the ruler of Asc was in the ingress chart of Neptune. This makes us notice the planetary triggers, which in every new ingress chart ignited a new headlight, lighting the path of our movement. However, the ruler of Asc of this chart has made an exact septile with Neptune, whose dispositor is Uranus itself, at the zero degrees of the cardinal sign of Aries, which announced the next phase of development of our collective consciousness. This was announced by the Uranus in Aries, will be followed also by events which will condition us to start seeing our reality from a different angle. In this period, Pluton made a septile with Neptune, providing an open channel for our contacts with different “realities”. 

Also, in the entry chart of Neptune into the sign of Pisces, we note a total of four septiles which are formed between the ruler of Asc of this chart – Mercury and Uranus, then Pluto and Neptune, Moon and Jupiter (Neptune’s dispositor), as well as between the Asc itself and Saturn. Moreover, at first glance, in all of these three ingress charts we can see astonishing geometrical patterns, which are made by septile aspects, which can remind us also of the geometrical shapes imprinted into wheat fields around the world, through which the extraterrestrial beings are announcing their messages to us, and their presence among us, for many past years already. 

Still, maybe Venus gives the most important image announcing brining awareness of our co-living, which we share in this universe with numberless intelligent cosmic beings, on the day of Regulus’s entry into the sign of Virgo. On that very day, Virgo was on the first degree of the sign of Aquarius. Lovers of fixed stars will remember that at this very degree there is also a fixed star Sham, whose name Sumerians used to mark “air vehicles” which the extraterrestrial people Nephilim used to visit the Earth (*”Twelfth planet  – Zecharia Sitchin). Star Sham, as per the meaning of its influence, can be a noble savior or a dangerous punishment. Also, it is connected to weapons, projectiles and rockets, which brings us to supposing two possible outcomes, which are hidden in the message of this star: either our insane, haughty playfulness with weapons of mass destruction will be reined in by an intervention of higher cosmic civilizations, or their superior weapon could be used for the purpose of stopping of our mindless game with physical elements of nature, which we still don’t fully understand. Same as we do not understand the level of the devastating influence we could have, with our own lack of awareness, also to parallel universes and dimensions. 

Same as in each of the previous three ingress charts of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, also in the chart of entry of Regulus into Virgo, Pluton makes a septile aspect with Neptune, which gives us confirmation for the open spiritual and cosmic channel. Also, Pluto makes another septile with the Moon in Scorpio, which is one of the important indicators of an open channel for communication with extraterrestrial beings. The very Sun of this ingress chart creates a strong sextile with Neptune, which is another important indicator. Of course, we should not forget about the fact, that by entering into the sign of Pisces, Neptun made and exact opposition with the position of Regulus start at the zero degrees of Virgo, which fully opens a channel for spiritual development of our collective consciousness. 

We also should not disregard the fact that star Sham, on which Venus was residing on the day of entry of Regulus into Virgo, is in Constellation of Arrow (Sagitta), which is mythologically based on the arrow myth, the arrow Hercules used to hit the eagle, who put Prometheus to great torture, by pecking on his liver. Prometheus was punished because he stole fire from the gods, and gave it to people, so in its mythological base, this star from the Constellation of Arrow points to not only fight for liberation, but it can point out to a rocket who frees the innocent, and also to  the very “godly knowledge” itself, which we don’t understand and whose principles we aren’t deserving of. The fire of Prometheus represents the Life itself. If we try to destroy it, due to our senselessness and expressed aggression, and by which we will bring into danger a large portion of our cosmic surroundings, we will not be left only to our own mindlessness, because we are an inseparable part of the vast cosmic existence, which myriad of cosmic intelligent beings and intergalactic civilizations share with us, at many levels of being. 

We can therefore say that today’s generation of human civilization is honored by participation in one of the most exciting and most important epochs in the area of awakening of the collective consciousness of the humankind. This leads us down the path of deep transformation of our collective Being, whose realization that we are all One in the eternal magic of existence, is at the same time our final destiny.


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