New Theory Outlines Possible Mechanism for Astrological Claims


Tony Waterfall was inspired by his observations of the stars and his life as a mariner on the west coast of Canada to develop his Continuous Planetary Interaction Theory or CPI Theory. By day he navigated on sailing yachts and as a skipper on motorised cruisers around the many Islands and waterways of the Salish Sea, British Columbia. Nights were often spent swinging on an anchor in many a deep bay watching the beauty of the night sky above. The power of nature and the interconnectedness of the tides, currents and winds under the celestial sphere were instilled into him.

From his knowledge of natural laws on Earth and his interest in astrophysics and astrology, Waterfall began to develop a celestial model that could account for planetary influences on Earth. At this stage it is not a theory in the strict scientific sense of the word but a plausible, working hypothesis. The significance of CPI Theory is that it outlines a possible mechanism for many astrological claims.

New Theory Outlines Possible Mechanism for Astrological Claims


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