Mj Patterson – What Is An Astrologer Doing at a Wedding Show?


I was invited to be a vendor at a Wedding Showcase recently. It was beautifully set up at the Cunard centre a great venue in and of itself. I really enjoyed chatting with all the soon-to-be brides and grooms I met, but was asked more than once: “What is an Astrologer doing at a wedding show?”

It is at times like this that I am presented with the bald truth that not everyone is as passionate about the “starry science” as I am. So it is reasonable that they will not be aware that – not very long ago, nothing wedding-related was undertaken without first consulting a qualified Astrologer, including choosing the partner! Indeed in many areas of the world this is still very true! In the Canadian context, bride / groom choosing has had its day, yet I would like to offer a few thoughts on how a modern Astrologer can be of use to the happy couple.

Pick the Perfect Wedding Date

I describe this in terms of surfing. My job as the astrologer is not to teach you to surf. It is my job to find you the perfect wave so that you can have the ride of your life. In terms of marriage – we pick our own partners here in Canada, and there is much to be said for that. Also, there is a simple truth that any marriage we are not prepared to work at is not going to last. Nevertheless, through the correct application of Astrology, I can zero in on the best possible date and time from a range of dates you give me which will place the odds more in your favour than at other times.

One lovely bride-to-be asked an excellent question: “But I have my heart set on an evening wedding! What if our luckiest time is two in the afternoon?” The wedding chart is elected for the “last irrevocable act”, so in the case of a Canadian wedding, that is the signing of the legal documents. Since that can happen at any time, there is no need to change the date and time of the celebration — only the paperwork!

Pick the Perfect Wedding Location

For those who might like a destination wedding, Astrology can assist. Locational Astrology (also AstroCartography) considers the charts of the couple and finds the luckiest place to marry as well as the best possible date and time. If you already have a list of preferred destinations, then the astrologer will happily choose you the best out of your list. If you have your heart set on a destination, the astrologer can help you understand the pros and cons of that choice – as none of this is a binary measure: some destinations are good for one aspect of the relationship and not as ideal for other aspects. It is a case of discovering the sweet spot and astrologers are trained to do just that.  

Clarify and Support the Relationship Dynamics

Even when two people have been living together a while, it does not hurt to have a look-see at the two charts to pinpoint areas of joy as well as those things that may start to irritate over time. It is so much easier to iron out a middle ground BEFORE the trouble begins to brew! Astrology offers this foresight, as well as ways to fined genuine happiness and contentment together. 

When an astrologer considers your relationship, there is a third chart in play. This is called the Composite, which is a resolution of the points of the two individual charts, in the same manner that two vectors are resolved in Mathematics. The Composite Chart is how the two people will interact with each other, as this thing called “the couple”. Composite charts work well for studying team dynamics as well, such as in a work situation.

Help You Delight in Your Differences 

Lastly, the astrologer can help you see the shape of each other more clearly, with greater understanding. Does her cleaning and tiding drive you off the deep end? Maybe has a lot of Virgo in the chart. Does his need for alone time make you feel unloved? What planets does he have in Capricorn? The better we can see each other, the more suuportive we can be and the less we need to take things personally.

What is an Astrologer doing at a wedding show? – Her job!


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