Michael Munkasey – Fixed Star Hits to The New Moon Eclipse of 21 June 2020


Not all Hits are Shown

Orb = 1 degree or less

Star Hits to a New Moon present a 29 day picture

Eclipses can expand influences to 6 months or more

Body ID Body Name Brightness Color Orb

A09B   Menkalinam*, Beta AUR in H03 conj Sun + 1.90 A2 10′

S02ZM21 M-021*, Spiculum, in H09 fopp Sun + 5.90 OC 04′

S02ZM20 M-020*, Trifid Nebula in H09 fopp Sun + 6.30 OC 06′

S01B   Beta SGE in H10 fopp Sun + 4.37 G8 36′

C05A   Alpha CRA in H09 fopp Sun + 4.11 A2 44′

M04A   Alpha MUS in H07 bopp Sun + 2.69 B2 09′

B05A   Sirius* Alpha CMA in H03 conj Mer – 1.46 A1 03′

B08A   Canopus*, Alpha CAR in H03 conj Mer – 0.72 F0 50′

S02O   Manubrium*, Omicron SGR in H09 fopp Mer + 3.77 G9 01′

C01B   Beta CHA in H01 conj Ven + 4.26 B5 04′

T01C   Hyadnum Prima*, Gamma TAU in H01 conj Ven + 3.65 K0 26′

S03A   Antares*, Alpha SCO in H08 fopp Ven + 0.96 M1 10′

P02G   Matar*, Eta PEG in H06 conj Mar + 2.94 G2 11′

A10E2  Izar, Epsilon2 BOO in H06 fopp Mar + 2.70 K0 29′

A10D   Princeps*, Delta BOO in H06 fopp Mar + 3.47 G8 37′

V04Z001 001 VUL in H10 conj Jup + 4.77 B4 11′

D03A   Thuban, Alpha DRA   in H05 fopp Jup + 3.65 A0 08′

L07A   Alpha LYN in H04 fopp Jup + 3.13 K7 08′

S01A   Alpha SGE in H10 conj Sat + 4.37 G1 41′

S01B   Beta SGE in H10 conj Sat + 4.37 G8 49′

C10B1  Albireo*, Beta1 CYG in H10 conj Sat + 3.08 K3 52′


Five aspects considered: Conjunction, Forward Opposition or Square; 

and Backward Opposition or Square

See “Note” at the End


Interpretations for these Star Bodies

All are important

The order presented is arbitrary

What I deduce from this Fixed Star and New Moon interaction shows the need to adapt to new circumstances, to face up and react to uncertainties.  Here brings a focus on showing versatility, personal expansion, exploring consciousness and developing potential.  Using one’s creativity, exploring potentials and developing these should be central.  Find those paths to move forward in life that suit the individual.  Look for an increase in artistic expression, interest in occult matters, reincarnation, etc.  Be aware of and watch the details.

Menkalinam – Hitting Sun & Moon

Potentials.  Brings a focus on the expansion of consciousness, the opening of new possibilities in the realms of music, art, and spiritual or religious understanding.  Adds to personal creativity.  Heightens the focus on one’s musical and artistic talents and abilities, allowing those with this star’s energy to develop their musical talents (singing, song writing, delivery, composition, etc.) and carry them forward in ways that please their audiences and followers.  Brings an interest in understanding and using psychic talents, giving psychic readings or impressions, and exploring worlds of consciousness that lie beyond the normal.  

Messier 021 – Hitting Sun & Moon

Adaptation.  Facing and adapting to changing circumstances, imposed conditions, twists along the path of life.  Learning how to adjust, and then adapting, to the various ongoing major changes that one faces in life, for career, family, etc.  This is a lesson concerning “What you choose, what you set in motion, you must then face, develop and adapt to.”  Using such turns in life to become a more well rounded person.  Acquiring the inner versatility necessary to adapt, conform, and develop the options that life itself presents.  

Messier 020 – Hitting Sun & Moon

Clarifying Objectives.  Highlights the need to focus on goals, clarify one’s objectives and purposes, and then pursue those with great energy and vigor, even fanfare.  Moving forward despite obstacles or potential for injury.  Following up on the righteousness of a cause, proceeding with a firmness of intention, showing leadership.  Opening new directions or pathways, and in doing so standing behind one’s beliefs.  Exploring a situation, and then trying to clarify, explain that, show the way to others or make progress in ways that are understandable.   

Beta Sagittae – Hitting Sun & Moon

Adding to Influence.  Heightens the influence and emotional effects generated.  Helps add to the emotional impact of what is being delivered, presented, developed.  Adds to how the actions and activities are received, remembered, even if actual events are altered and the perception of incidents are twisted by the memories and opinions of the participants or any involved – directly or indirectly.  The development and molding of communications, memory.  Adds to the influence of context, layout, advertising, presentation.   

Alpha Coronae Australis- Hitting Sun & Moon

Inquiry.  Explorations into self and self’s role in life.  Asking questions and seeking answers internally, answers usually coming from external sources.  Probing.  Facing and working to overcome obstacles that seem to thwart progress, but more in reality are issues that need to be further and more deeply addressed.  Looking to fulfill a perceived need in self, society, science, art, music.  Instigating new approaches with the intention to satisfy inner restlessness.  Seeking changes to existing approaches in social or scientific understanding.   

Alpha Muscae – Hitting Sun & Moon

Mental flexibility.  Adaptability.  Versatile, adaptable, has unique, often clever, insights, able to put new twists on the present ways of doing, performing, and/or communicating.  Brings, adds, a strong and very rapid mental adaptability, the ability to see the subtle shades of related meanings to words, actions, or events that are ongoing.  Able to see more than one solution to a problem.  Scheming, generally able to twist things, thoughts around, to bring a new perspective, perhaps a clever insight.  This may be done with humor, bringing a lift to present stern attitudes or emotions.   

Sirius – Hitting Mercury

Destiny.  The recognition of the uncertainties that fate, happenstance, chance, etc., can play over a larger role in life.  There can be an inner recognition that forces exist in the universe to shape lives, help or hinder paths to moving forward.  It is how those forces are recognized and then used or capitalized upon, to help move the talent that lies within.  Circumstances can arise to help one make fortunate choices which then can make a large difference in future outcomes.  Usually has strong ideas for the direction and focus for their life.  Disciplined, lays out their plans for moving forward and sticks to those, keeps a strong focus on achieving their goals.  

Canopus – Hitting Mercury

Creativity.  Industrious, inventive, creative, ambitious.  Focuses on creating successful projects, undertakings, new insights that last through the years.  The quality that they put into their effort becomes important to them personally.  Keeps an eye out on the results being achieved.  Places and highlights an emphasis on the process of initiating efforts, of defining them in ways that they become viable.  Athletic, active; shows a strong defensive inclination, willing to take on a battle; stand up for what they feel is their rights.  

Beta Chamaeleontis – Hitting Venus

Diverse Abilities,  Having many interests, creativity, adaptability, flexibility.  Shows ability in diverse areas.  Works on developing an insight into people and their motives.  Notices the influences, effects, of opinions, the thoughts of others, their attitudes, the effect of circumstances and locations upon their actions.  Keeps attuned to the affect of prevailing opinions.  Works at participating, adjusting and adapting to situations, people, circumstances.  Noted as easily influenced by others; liable to be carried along or influenced by popular opinion.  

Matar – Hitting Mars

Independence.  Denotes one who fights for their view or interpretation of events.  Brings a focus on personal views and their interpretations.  A commentator on, and/or demonstrator involved in, often controversial, topical events.  Often a political and social activist.  Shows an interest in, and the control over the regulation of information.  An independent spirit.  Brings a focus on domestic policy, environment biodiversity, alternative political views.   Strong views on social or environmental matters.  One who stands out and is likely to be in front of the crowd.  A welcoming personality, but not always well liked.  Invites controversy.  

Thuban – Hitting Jupiter

Deja-vu.  How what one has done or accomplished in the past, perhaps in prior lives, influences action and intentions in the present life.  Brings (perhaps) vague images or impressions from past life associations and efforts into present consciousness, and then highlights these as they need to be acted upon, acted out, understood, and reconciled.  Attempts to understand the role of past lives as they impact upon the present.  Bringing up past memories and updating those with modern interpretations, with a context that fits contemporary times.  Lessons from / in reincarnation. 

Alpha Sagittae – Hitting Saturn

Mental discipline.  Adds to focus, quickness and organization.  Will often take an approach to thinking, processes, etc., and modify it for their own version of implementation.  Usually good at seeing the order within patterns, and noticing the changes within patterns as they occur.  Can show a mental tabulating ability, the ability to keep lists and tables in a compartmentalized order.  Good for seeing the differences among various factors, items, or how pieces of information inter-relate and may fit together.  Honing the ability to keep various details in a mental perspective, each organized as to their importance and meaning. 



Writing these interpretations began before 1980.  They are unique – not copied from others, and are personally derived using hits by the bodies to famous people, reading their biographies, and seeking out similarities therein.  These write-ups have NOT been edited to meet current events.  They come from a personal effort to derive better and more modern star interpretations.  I am still working on this large effort that involves 361 star bodies.  The information shown here is an unedited extract from longer commentaries still being developed.


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