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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Natal Charts and Forecasts

Preliminary considerations

Astrology, as history tells us, has already experienced moments of greater social and, so to speak, “academic” recognition when the sages of antiquity were dedicated to its study and practice.

However, over time it lost its place in the scientific context and consequently it fell to the level of “fortune-telling” or “divinatory art” leading us Astrologers to occupy a difficult place in society notably in regards to professional acceptance.

In other words being an Astrologer these days is a laughing matter for a good part of society, whether in Brazil or in other countries, including those considered “developed”.

What is interesting to note is when Astrology occupied a prominent place in society even constituting itself as a threat to power, especially religious, the existence of trans-Saturnian planets was unknown and in spite of this Astrologers achieved an accuracy of interpretation and prediction far superior to what is observed in current practice. What’s more, they didn’t have computers!

This indisputable fact leads us to an important question: how could the strength of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto be disregarded and still obtain a very high and accurate hit rate ?!

The most reasonable answer is that the “seven planets” are effectively the rulers of human beings’ individual and social life, representing all their nature and interrelation with the environment, leaving the other three planets with the mission of elevate the human being above his worldly, objective and social condition.

In other words, as individual and humanity horizons expand, their parameters of perception are consequently broadened, leading them to “perceive” on a larger scale the influences of trans-Saturnians. More precisely, this means that, on an individual scale, the strength of these planets grows as the experiential and perceptual complexity of human beings grows.

It is also necessary to emphasize that this influence occurs on a personal level, because in the scope of the collectivity or of the nations and the world as a whole, it is noticeable that there are no changes, all you need to do is to observe the history of humanity and relate it to the trans-Saturnian’s movements. In this area of ​​study, it is essential to read the works of André Barbault, especially his “El Pronostico Experimental en Astrologia”.

In this work, it will be shown theoretically and practically the basic concept that the influence of trans-Saturnians is directly related to the perception level that the individual possesses, besides clarifying the correct nature – positive or negative of these planets, since, for psychological reasons, there is a certain “condolence” for planets that are tremendously “dangerous” in their influence, while others with much more positive tendencies are abhorred.

In fact, it will be seen that, in order to “receive” a positive influence from trans-Saturnians, a certain stage of evolution and integration in the cosmic context is necessary, that is, an expanded level of consciousness. Esoterics call this “enlightenment” or “cosmic consciousness”. If the individual is more deeply rooted in a material experience, disconnected from the cosmic-evolutionary conjuncture, the three outer planets will become non-integrated and destructive agents, on a personal level, aiming to take him to a broader state of experience.

Alan Leo, in his Esoteric Astrology (1) states that “the real influence of Uranus … is only manifested on the physical plane by highly evolved individuals, who are able to conquer and control matter to such an extent as to use their bodies and vehicles self-consciously, not allowing themselves to be used by them … ”

Furthermore, the “mediocre individual does not touch any of these principles, he constantly vibrates below the belt of Saturn, so to speak”.

These statements can also be applied to Neptune and Pluto, as will be seen!

Anyway, the main objective of this article is to present a broader vision that, for some, will seem fatalistic, but it certainly is not.

The Planets and Perception Levels

For a correct understanding of astrological functions, a clear and at the same time comprehensive view of the meanings implied in the signs, houses and planets is necessary. More precisely, when understanding the “sphere” of influence of signs, houses and planets, the first and most important step is taken towards a good grasp in Astrological interpretation. The signs purpose is different from that of houses and planets, just as that of houses is different from planets.

Therefore, you can define these functions as follows:

“The signs represent the cosmic plane, the houses the material plane and the planets the agents of communication between these planes”.

Using the “Holy Trinity” archetype, the signs represent the Father, the houses the Son and the planets the Holy Spirit: the Father’s will is manifested to the Son through the Holy Spirit.

In this concept the signs carry within them the “qualities” that will be given to the planets that in turn will act in the houses. The planets are the “energies” of action and transformation and the houses the fields of manifestation on the material or perceptual plane. All actions are promoted by the planets, according to an orientation of the signs involved, and manifest themselves in the sphere proposed by the terrestrial houses where they occur.

In an esoteric sense, the signs represent the Universal Soul or Will of Higher Intelligence, the houses represent the Body or the matter and the planets the Spirit Energy through which the manifestations arise.

Through these concepts, it becomes easier to understand the planetary rulership through the signs, since each sign has its energetic ruler, through which it manifests its expression in the perceptual plane. It can also be believed that each sign will have two rulers, one more focused on the aspect of individuality and the other more focused on the aspect of collectivity, except Cancer and Leo, as they represent the generating principles, Father & Mother and Negative, Spirit and Soul, which when united, by the Esoteric Law of the Triangle generate the third point, that is, the Creation or Manifestation.

The diagram below presents planetary rulerships called “traditional” that, in fact, deserve to be called “eternal”, as it does not make any sense to use the terms “co-ruler”, “second ruler,“ traditional ruler” etc. The planet ruling a sign is its ruler and always will be, with the same level of importance and strength. It is unreasonable to say that, with the advent of the discovery of Pluto, Mars lost its strength in relation to Scorpio. It makes no sense, constituting an astrological “, so to speak.

Every Astrologer who works with Transits and Progressions knows that when, due to some transit or progression point on Mars, the house in which the cusp is in Scorpio suffers its effects, to a degree analogous to the house that has a cusp in Aries, therefore, it’s not a matter of theory, but through experience and research.

With the advent of the trans-Saturnian planets, other rulers were assigned for some signs, that is, Aquarius was also ruled by Uranus, Pisces by Neptune and Scorpio by Pluto. However, these planets will be symbolically placed in the outline on the previous page, outside the circle, in a symbolic display of their scope of influence, meaning that they are directly related to the Collective, whereas the others are more to the individual.

In summary, they represent the individual’s mission or relationship with the community, without reservations. In addition, trans-Saturnians represent the possibility of going beyond themselves, matter and proposes the prospect of expanding consciousness, in individual and collective terms.

According to some authors, these three planets are the “higher octaves” (in vibrational terms) of three other planets. And this, besides looking very correct, is easy to understand, because Mercury is exalted in Aquarius and Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is his upper eighth. So it is with Venus and Neptune, in relation to Pisces. Mars and Pluto follow the same principle, however, both are rulers of Scorpio, instead of the exaltation relationship.

Another important consideration for a correct understanding of planetary functions refers to the archetypal symbols used to represent the planets in the Astrological Charts, as shown below:

Sun    =   spirit, seed, active principle.

Moon    =    soul, uterus, care.

Matter    =    body, matter, manifestation.

Maintaining the symbology eases interpretation, as these basic symbols serve as “keys” to access the information contained in the Astrologer’s unconscious, since the combination of these symbols already represents the elementary meaning of the planet.

Thus, the use of this symbology helps to understand the planetary functions. For example, the planet Mercury has the following symbol for its representation:


In other words, the Universal Soul does not permeate the relations of the Spirit with Matter, clearly indicating that its vibrations are of a rational, intellectual nature and totally focused on objective situations. Pluto, which uses the same three symbols, as shown below, is in perfect order:


The Soul permeates the spirit’s relations with Matter and, from another perspective, the seed is inside the womb, or the active principle is inserted in the cross. It has the shape of the Cup! It is worth remembering that in practically all esoteric rituals the Cup is related to consecration or purification, leading to sublime evolution. In this context, the journey begins through the study of reason (Mercury) to achieve transmutation (Pluto).

We can perceive that the human being can be defined as having two major phases: “conscious and unconscious”, each divided into two sub-phases, objective and subjective conscious, and personal and collective unconscious, according to the scheme below.


It is observed that Mercury, Sun and Mars are directly linked to the “conscious – objective” phase, Venus and Moon to “conscious – subjective”, Saturn and Jupiter to “unconscious – personal” and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to “unconscious – collective ”. In this scheme the Moon and Saturn are responsible for the interrelationship between conscious and unconscious.

Depending on the strength of each planet in a given Astrological Chart, it is possible to know which of the phases presented in the scheme has greater importance in the life of this individual. In addition, the planetary aspects will define the interrelationships of a phase and sub-phase with the others. For example, if an Astrological Chart presents Mercury in square with Saturn, there is a negative relationship between the conscious – objective sub-phase with the unconscious – personal sub-phase. In practice, this individual may present problems with communication and understanding, due to psychological restrictions arising from authority figures in his early childhood. If the aspect is with Uranus, the problems have a remote, karmic or generational origin, indicating first an inadequacy of life time (thinks differently from people in general) and according to a collective problem (not sociocultural acceptance).

Since this article focus on trans-Saturnians, a better explanation about the meaning of the collective-unconscious phase is appropriate. A parallel can be drawn with the collective unconscious of Jungian Psychology, but not quite. The unconscious-collective phase is manifested in the individual’s life as his relationship with the evolution plan of humanity, is the point of intersection between his individuality and his “cosmicity”. They are the stimuli and responses related to the collective experiences that humanity has to go through to attend the natural process of growth and expansion, both in consciousness and perception.

In this way, it is noted that the trans-Saturnian planets play a role that goes far beyond the so-called “free will”, since the greater the collectivity of a given action, the less the power to control individual decision.

It can be deduced that if an individual has the trans-Saturnian planets emphasized on his astrological chart, he will fulfill a larger and differentiated role with the community. This strong position is very common in politicians, artists, writers, researchers, teachers charts, etc. when positive and in criminals, mafia members, great swindlers, etc. when negative.

However, all individuals have in their astrological chart the presence of these planets, showing that everyone, without exception, participates in the evolutionary process of humanity, in a cohesive and interrelational way. The trans-Saturnians, in these cases, will show the contribution portion of each one, as well as the dimension of their collectivity, which can be to a greater or lesser extent. They show even more, how much the individual assimilates and learns from this evolutionary process, whether he wants it or not, whether he likes it or not.

Trans-Saturnians – Evolutionary Energies 

“By assimilating, then, the fundamental concept that the trans-Saturnian planets reflect human manifestations of the “collective-unconscious phase”, one can define the nature of these“ energies ”set in motion by their influences”.

Despite the metaphysical concept evolved in the idea that humanity evolves, from another less mystical point of view, it is observed that at least humanity is transformed, through a better organization, developing better concepts of justice and social integration, valuing more and more the concept of freedom and religious belief, among other aspects. This whole set of conditions can, without error, be called evolution. In addition to this evolution of a social nature, there is scientific and technological evolution, which leads man to a greater knowledge about the world and himself, dispensing with greater comments on this matter.

“All of this (this evolution) is directly linked to the energies of the trans-Saturnian planets, hence the concept of evolutionary energies”, which basically originate from the basic principles known for the manifestation of these planets, that is, Uranus stimulates the development of Freedom and Democracy, also turning men towards the future; Neptune sensitizes individuals to a more comprehensive perception of human relationships, leading them to the precepts of Social Justice and Spiritualization, turning man to God and; finally, Pluto takes him to research and transformation, constantly recycling man in his relations of power and dominance, imposing the need for death and rebirth in all processes, in a clear manifestation that “in the world nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed” (2)

In this way, it is up to astrologers (at the minimum) to understand that when “great personalities” in history, whether in the political, scientific or other fields, manifest themselves they are responding to the impulses generated by trans-Saturnians and promoting the evolution of humanity on a larger scale. This occurs in a peaceful or not way, because in some cases the process occurs in a painful way, either to the agent (the public man), or to the collectivity it affects.

As an example of this “evolutionary influence” we can mention Einstein, who, Lincoln Barnett in a reference to Einstein’s image among university students, around the 1950s, writes. So it is not surprising that many university students still imagine Einstein as a kind of mathematical surrealist, and not as the discoverer of certain cosmic laws of immense importance in man’s silent struggle for the understanding of physical reality. They ignore that Relativity, above its scientific importance, represents a fundamental philosophical system, which increases and illuminates the reflections of the great epistemologists – Locke, Berkeley and Hume. As a result, very little idea has of the vast universe, so mysteriously ordered, in which they live.

It is this type of dimension that the trans-Saturnians can take an individual, which in Einstein’s case, is unquestionable. Born with Sun set to MC in Pisces, in sextile with Pluto in the 11th house, ASC in sextile with Neptune in the 11th house and Uranus in the 3rd house opposite Jupiter in in the 9th house. His goal is clear in transforming the future, breaking with previous structures, constantly questioning existing knowledge and, finally, leading humanity to a broader understanding of nature and mankind itself.

Yet, we mere mortals may not create any revolutionary theory, but we can try (at least) to tune in with trans-Saturnians and, together with our environment, produce more fraternal and freer conditions for personal manifestations, leaving aside our selfish ego. If we plant a seed of this nature in our children, we will certainly already be contributing (and a lot) to the evolutionary process of humanity. But, on the contrary, if we “vibrate” trans-Saturnians in a negative way, we will be constantly fleeing and rebelling with life, leading us, hopelessly, to a path of suffering and social isolation.

As we cannot act on these energies, our best role will be to expand our spectrum of perception to receive the “upper octave” flames of these “planetary waves”. If we don’t, failure will be our future.

Finally, the biggest message regarding the infallibility of this evolutionary process can be seen in the biblical passage concerning Jesus on the Mount of Olives, on the eve of his suffering. He asks the Father: “Take this cup away from me”! It did not go away … It was not possible, because Christianity had to be born, it was inevitable and irremediable.

With that, it will be very pretentious for us to believe that we will be able to remove our chalice, that is, our participation in the evolution process of humanity.

Pluto (symbol) is the chalice, or the cup … Death and resurrection!


 (1LEO, Alan. Esoteric Astrology, pages 23 and 24 – Inner Traditions / Bear & Co. Copyright.

 (2Lavoisier principle


Maurício Bernis is an ISAR Certified Astrologer (C.A.P.) and Business Consultant. Engineer, Pos-Graduate in Administration, University Extension in Psychology and Parapsychology. 

He associates Hermeticism with this knowledge in his professional practice, directing his work in the areas of Vocation, Companies and Finance. 

President of AstroBrasil Consulting. 

Teaches specialisation courses in Vocational, Business and Financial Astrology. 

Author of books and international speaker. 

He maintains a YouTube channel where he regularly provides astrological information to the general public.

Founder of C.N.A. (Brazilian astrologers organisation)



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