Mark Douglas – Stress Planets in the Huber Energy Curve: Compensation, Sublimation, Transformation


Michel and Francoise Gauquelin conducted the largest statistical studies of timed birth charts in the 20th century. According to the Gauqelin’s research, elite sportspeople most frequently have Mars before the AC. Mars before a cardinal cusp, especially the AC, makes people want to finish first all costs. Bruno and Louise Huber extended the Gauquelin’s research into their house system, exemplified in the energy curve, and unique to Huber astrology. Many years of research have taught the Hubers that planets before any house cusp have a tendency to compensate. Once understood, stress planets can be refined, integrated, and synthesized to great effect.

This lecture will focus on the basic structure of the Huber energy curve and stress zones within each house. We’ll explore characteristics and examples of planets in each of the three crosses of Cardinal (Power), Fixed (Possession and Loss) and Mutable (Love and conditions). Participants will learn how to locate stress planets, along with basic interpretation for each house.

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