Marie-Louise Daguerre – Tribute to André Barbault

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On December 1st, 2019, in Paris, there will be an event in honor of Andre Barbault.

This tribute is organized by the French school Agapé, represented by Solange de Mailly Nesle, Martine Barbault and Yves Lenoble. A busy program (including several conferences and a video) will take place. Therefore, a lot of people are expected to attend this special moment.

At each occasion, an astrologer keeps looking at the sky and wondering: Is it the right time? Will the planets be well aligned on that special day?

The tribute will begin at 9:00am:

In the sky, the rising Sun will be in 8°49 Sagittarius, conjunct with the ascendant 15° Sagittarius. This Sun will form a perfect sextile with Andre Barbault’s natal new moon; it should enlighten his sociable character.

The Ascendant at 15° Sagittarius will conjunct exactly with Andre Barbault’s MC at 14° Sagittarius. This honor day will speak about his destiny.

The MC of December 1st will be in 13°17 Libra, and will be on mid-point of his Sun and North Node: this event will relate to Andre Barbault’s life.

Venus, MC’s Lord will be in 6°35 Capricorn, trine exactly with his natal Venus at 6°39 Virgo.

With Venus in Capricorn in the sky, the emotions will be handled and mastered, no sentimentalism, no fuss, only true and sincere affection.

Venus will be out of bound in 24S45, therefore very strong. It will transit through the 11th house of Andre Barbault’s natal chart: this tribute will address all the sympathy of his 11th house, his friends. It will trine with his natal Venus in Virgo: we can imagine that Andre Barbault would have been touched. 

Venus in the sky will be on sextile with Mars, the action, and trine with Uranus, the love for Astrology, and represents the escape from the opposition between Mars-Uranus R; this aspect exists in Andre Barbault’s natal chart: Venus-Mars in opposition to Uranus R

On this first day of December 2019, the Moon will be in 6°Aquarius.

The Moon symbolizes the public, also the mood and the atmosphere.

In the sign of Aquarius, it will represent an open-minded audience regarding astrological thinking as well as astrologers and other lovers of astrology.

This Moon will be in the same zodiac sign as Andre Barbault’s Ascendant, and trine with his natal New Moon: the audience will be sensitive to the personality and the work carried out by him throughout his life and considered as father of astro-psychology.

Mercury, planet of communication and movement, will have been direct for 12 days.

Due to its direct movement, Mercury symbolizes a good ability to communicate and/or to move. This can be otherwise, if Mercury is retrograde.

On December 1st, 2019, Mercury, the lord of the 9th house, will be in Scorpio in the 11th house and sextile with Pluto: foreigners will join French astrologers during this event.

Moreover, the discussions will be led under the light of esotericism with passionate, convincing and strong words.

However, this Mercury-Pluto aspect also resonates with Andre Barbault’s natal chart: he had Mercury in Scorpio trine with Pluto.

Lastly but not least, it has to be noticed that Andre Barbault’s natal chart includes three additional combinations of planets:

  • Sun and Moon with a New Moon in Libra (and Sun semi-sextile with Mars)
  • Venus and Mars conjuncting in Virgo (and in opposition to Uranus R)
  • Jupiter and Saturn ending conjunction with Virgo-beginning Libra

On December 1st, 2019, two of these combinations will be connected by a parallel of declination, which means a conjunction:

  • Sun and Moon: parallel of declination 21S46-21S50
  • Jupiter and Saturn: parallel of declination 23S18-22S8

Two combinations will form a sextile:

  • Sun and Moon (with the Sun in semi-sextile with Mars)
  • Venus and Mars (Mars in opposition to Uranus R)

Finally, on the basis of such a strong resonance with Andre Barbault’s natal chart, the beneficiary of this coming tribute, how not to be amazed by such an astral alignment?

Marie-Louise Daguerre

October 27th, 2019


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