Marie-Louise Daguerre – Karl Lagerfeld: The Saturnian Destiny of a Kaiser 

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Karl Lagerfeld, born on September the 10th, enjoyed casting a shadow over his year of birth: was it 1933, 1935, or rather, 1938? German medias tried to prove that he was born in 1933 on the basis of his baptismal certificate, for example. However, Karl Lagerfeld argued that he didn’t know his own age and stated that his mother changed the year of birth on the register without any given explanation, not even to him. 

He thought the truth would never be disclosed, but the stars shall undoubtedly help us to do so.

It is a delicate exercise to find Karl Lagerfeld’s natal chart, since, depending on the hour of birth on September the 10th 1933, the Moon and Jupiter change of sign. Born in Hamburg, Germany: 

a T square with Venus in Libra, opposed to Uranus, both square to Pluto

Saturn in Aquarius

Mars in Scorpio

a tripple conjunction between the Sun-Mercury-Neptune in Virgo

The general figure seems like a seal: a bowl form stretching from Uranus to Mars, and Saturn as a handle? or a loop? of the chart. Saturn is therefore the most important planet. The mid-point between Uranus and Mars is located at 3°30 Aquarius. On the basis of clockwise direction, Saturn hasn’t arrived at this point, so Saturn will rely on the past to reach the modernity of Aquarius. The T square Venus in Libra, providing refinemet and good taste, opposed to Uranus, the originality, and square Pluto, providing a passionate personality trait, seem to describe him very well. 

But in which sign is the Moon? Is it trine Jupiter in exil in Virgo? Or at Jupiter in Libra? Who was Karl Lagerfeld’s mother?

Karl described his mother as a very beautiful woman with a strong personality, a former lingerie saleswoman, and wearing Haute Couture. She was very educated, spoke several langages, and was also a musician, but was deprived of motherly tenderness.

 “I had the parents that I needed: a father that allowed me to do anything, and a mother that called me out and hit me over the head” She was tough with him and knew perfectly what hurts the most: “She kept telling me that I had too wide nostrils and that an upholsterer would be needed to install curtains.”, he remembers. “And regarding my hair, which was mahogany-brown, she claimed: “you look like an old dyke.” When he was 5, he asked her to tell him stories. She replied that he needed to learn how to read, which he did becoming a voracious reader. When he used to talk to her, she urged him to talk faster, as she was infuriated by his hesitations. “You are 6 years old. I am not, so please talk like a grown-up”, or even “Talk faster! We do not have any time to lose with you talking rubbish.” 

He admired her and tried to please her by forcing himself to talk faster. He learned French and English, which were languages that his mother spoke fluently. As a dominant woman but also perfectionist, she could not stand carelessness. Since she played music, Karl wanted to become a pianist in his constant attempt to please her. After one year of piano lessons, she one day slammed the piano keyboard cover on his fingers, claiming: “Please dra, it will be less noisy.”

Therefore, he learned how to draw models. “She considered that all I did was ugly.” Karl Lagerfeld remembers: “She used to tell me: you look a bit like me, but not as good. I heard it my whole life.” Despite all that, he considered that his mother, with her unbearable temperament, had shaped his personality: “I would not be who I am, if I had not had a mother like her”

So, the Moon in Karl Lagerfeld’s natal chart is in Gemini, out of bound at 26°21 decline, in conjunction with Chiron, trine Saturn in Aquarius, and trine Jupiter in Libra, and antice Pluto.

KL had interested himself for art since his childhood. As a child, he asked his parents the painting called “The Round Table” by Adolph von Menzel as a gift for Christmas, and his determination to be always well dressed, sound like an ascendant in Taurus, whose master, Venus, is in Libra. 

Karl Lagerfeld should be born in the evening between 19:50 PM to 20:55 PM. But, where is Saturn? Which house? House X, master of MC, or house XI? 

Young, Karl did not have friends at school. He treated them as slaves. Therefore, we can say that Saturn is in house XI, square Mars in Scorpio, master of VII in the house VII.

Karl Lagerfeld might be born around 19:55 PM:

The planet anse (French geometric term: an arc segment, from which an object is suspended) Saturn, master of MC, is the highest of the chart, is in domicile in Aquarius, KL will become a pioneer relying on the past and tradition: using the past to reach modernity. 

His triple conjunction Sun-Mercury –Neptune, in the house VI, he wants to be useful in working, a lot of inspiration at work, with a big precision, and also, seeking to hide himself, to blur his identity. His Moon, out of bound, gives him a lot of inspiration in several fields. It allows him to reproduce perfectly, to create Fendi clothes for Fendi, and then creating Chanel clothes for Chanel, each time keeping the spirit of the fashion house that he is working for. His opposition Venus-Uranus provides the touch of modernity and elegance.


The Sun and the Moon are together at 2°43 Sagittarius in house IX placidus:

There will be two winners in the concours international de la line:

a solar one: Yven Saint Laurent, with his Sun in Leo

a lunar one: Karl Lagerfeld, with him Moon out of bound

As a passionate person, he finds his inspiration in books, owning more than 300.000 books, and expresses it in his drawings “To me, drawing is like breathing. One cannot breathe on order, it simply happens”. 

The december 13th 1949, Karl Lagerfeld joins his mother to a Christian Dior fashion show in Hamburg. She did not like it, but for Karl, it turns to a revelation! Since that day, he knew he wanted to become a fashion designer. In 1953, he arrived in Paris with his mother, and in 1954, a poster in the street draws his attention: the contest organized by the “International Wool Secretariat”.

On November the 25th, 1954, in Paris: Day of the contest, and day of new moon in the sky. 

Transits in Karl Lagerfeld natal chart:

Pluto at 26° Lion is in conjunction of south noodles of KL, sextile his Venus and trine his natal Uranus. 

the conjunction Uranus-Jupiter at 27° cancer is in his natal Pluto and square his opposition Uranus-Venus.

The new Moon at 2°43 Sagittarius is sextil his natal Jupiter, master of IX, and exactly sextil at the mid-point of the anse (3°30 Aquarius).

Since this moment, Yves Saint Laurent’s career will be brilliant (MC in Sagittarius with Jupiter en X in his natal chart), but the career of Karl Lagerfeld (MC saturnien, with Saturn in XI) remains in the shadow and will hold various jobs.

1955: he works for Pierre Balmain, as an assistant, and will stay in the company until 196.

1959: Saturn enters in Capricorn. While working for Balmain, he also becomes Artistic Director of Patou fashion house – Uranus at 3° Leo, at the opposition of the anse mid-point. In that period, he becomes also independant, and create new fashion collections for different couture houses in France and foreign countries. 

He became the first freelance man of fashion.

1963: Saturn arrives in his natal Saturn: he distances himself from Haute Couture et innovates by creating the prêt-à-porter. The next year, he will begin a collaboration with Chloé. In numerology, Chloé=7

1965: Saturn in the sky is in North Noodles, he begins a collaboration with Fendi, which ended the day of his death: “with Fendi, make fur differently”. In numerology, Fendi=11

1971: Karl Lagerfeld encounters Jacques de Bascher, his great love, in a club called Le Sept (seven in french) This is the period where Saturn was in Gemini, trine the anse mid-point, and in conjunction of his natal Moon.

1982: He is offered the position of Artistic Director of Chanel. He accepts immediately. It is the occasion for him to come back to Haute Couture, he will have a life-long contract. With Chanel, he re-invents the little back jacket, modernize a couture house, which had become old-fashioned. In numerology, Chanel = 7


In Secondary Directions, Saturn, retrograde in natal chart, return direct at 9°54 Aquarius

In transit, period where Pluto is in his natal Venus, and Saturn in Libra trine of himself.

On January 25th, 1983: 1st Chanel show: Saturn 4° Scorpio, conjunct his DS and square the anse mid-point.

1984: Saturn in Scorpio, square his natal Saturn: he creates his own brand: Karl Lagerfeld, which closed in 1990, when Saturn will be on his MC. In that epoque Karl is more successful when he works for other brands rather than for his own one. It’s still too early.

1987: He starts to turn himself towards his new passion: photography. He will later be a great photographer.

1989: Saturn in the sky on his MC: death of Jacques de Bascher.

1999: Saturn in conjunction of his natal Uranus, and then his Ascendant: he opens the library librairie 7L, and a publishing company specialized in art graphics and photos: Studio 7L, at the 7 rue de Lille 75007! The name 7L, oblique reference to the number of the street and the letter L of the name of the street, but also to the letter L of Lagerfeld. In numerology, Lagerfeld =7. It is also the period he began a diet. 

2000: change of clothing style: in 13 months Karl Lagerfeld lost 42 kg. Since now, he is Saturn: 

Black costum, white collar, ponytail, mittens, white hair, black glasses, refined chains. He becomes mythical. He incorporates his own brand, a global icon, a fashion creator, a photographer, a book seller. He is successful in everything, a “one-man multinational”, so he argues.

In Secondary Directions, Saturn is at 10°39 Aquarius, in exact conjunction with his natal Saturn retrograde. 

And Uranus is at the exact opposition of his natal Venus. 

Concerning his style, he declared:

Black glasses: “It’s my burqa. A burqa for men. I’m a little shortsighted, and people, when they’re shortsighted, they remove their glasses and then they look like cute little dogs who want to be adopted.”

Fingerless gloves: “I wear gloves to avoid having spots on hands first of all, but also to avoid shaking sweaty hands like sponges. It is unfortunately too common and dirty.”

White hair: « I would die for have white hair, but I cannot dye my hair, so I have to use the powder.” 

And his mother? What did she look like? “She had black hair like a raven, so she had very beautiful white hair, which is not my case” This saturnian mother, could she be Karl Lagerfeld’s source of inspiration? 

Before her death, she destroyed all family pictures, leaving nothing behind her. All this was not relevant, she told her son. Karl planned to destroy all his private belongings in the most discrete way possible before his death, and to have his ashes mixed with the ones of his mother and of Jacques de Bascher in a secrete place.

He died on February the 19th, 2019 at 10.20 am in Neuilly sur Seine, France: a day of full Moon, where Saturn was in his MC and Mars at 3,20° Taurus square the anse ( mid-point.


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