Marie-Louise Daguerre – Ad Astra

A movie by James Gray

A journey through the depths of our astronomical solar system: Neptune. It is not an action movie, but rather a study case about loneliness, isolation, interiority: the son’s quest for his father that is a world apart, leaving his fellows and earthly essential things, or also vital around him, seeking out new things, elsewhere, meeting a new kind, a new contact.

An astonishing film that respects the astrological symbolism of Neptune: Idealization, faith, dreams, utopia, but also non-materialism, illusion, confusion, vagueness, mystery, mirage.

Neptune can take us deep into the incoherence, the doubts, the illusion, into a limitless obsession, which can lead to hysteria or madness. It also represents the search for an illumination, to abandon oneself and to escape into parallel worlds, rather than meeting one’s inner self.

Under Neptune, the native can lose or isolate himself, as he can be led to a deep enriching opening that transcends him.

James Gray, the producer, got the idea of ​​writing the screenplay for this film, while he was reading that NASA was looking for “emotionally undeveloped ” individuals to travel to Mars, since staying locked up for a year and a half is very difficult, very hard.

He imagined a story in which NASA would have made a misassessed one of its astronauts that actually cannot handle life in deep space, a kind of mental breakdown while in space.

James Gray was born on April 14th, 1969, NY, at an unknown time.

In his chart, Jupiter 28° Virgo is sextile to Neptune, 28° Scorpio: indicator of the alliance between the expansion of Jupiter and the idealism of Neptune, which provides great human qualities.

In 2009, the conjunction Jupiter Neptune in 26° Aquarius in the sky, was square of Neptune natal chart of James Gray. It reactivated his sextile.

In 2012, the 1st square: potentially the first thought of the movie story

In May 2016, when Jupiter opposed to Neptune in the sky, James Gray publicly announced that he was going to produce a movie called Ad Astra.

At the last trine, autumn 2007 to august 2018: filming and making of the film

In 2019, the last square of this cycle will form 3 times on:

  • January 13th, 2019
  • June 16th, 2019
  • September 21st, 2019

The movie was released for the first time in Ukraine on January 11th, 2019 during the first square of this year. Just two days before the 1st exact square. 

It was originally scheduled to be released in the United States on the same day but was postponed for an unknown reason on September 20th. One day before the 3rd exact square. 

The French release was due on September 18th, just 3 days before the 3rd exact square. 

Therefore, the movie was released in French and in American cinemas when Jupiter and Neptune squared for the 3rd time, but also when the Sun opposed to Neptune corresponding to the narrative of this movie!

Although the film appears to be very realistic thanks to the special effects and provides us with breathtaking scenes of outer space and planets, it nevertheless remains an illusion explained by the square Jupiter Neptune!

Since up until now, a travel to Neptune is simply a pipe dream!


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