Marguerite dar Boggia – How Planets Affect the Health of Humanity (part 2)


As we develop in consciousness, the energies of the soul begin to condition the centers. The elemental lives that make up the personality resist the soul. They develop by resisting the soul. A great conflict goes on between the personality and the soul for the possession of the body. Mistakes are made, that is, there is a great learning process. Strong personalities can become arrogant, egotistical, selfwilled and very power oriented. Sometimes the soul will have them reach the depths of despair until they have learned to be obedient to the soul. The soul is very patient.

The square, the stress aspect, in astrology represents the personality while the trine represents the soul. The square aspects in the chart show what qualities we have to develop. The trine aspects show what we have achieved in our development, i.e. Saturn trine Moon suggests we have learned to be responsible. Saturn square the Sun may show that we have to discipline the personality and/or be more self-confident.

In Esoteric Astrology, (page 25) Alice A. Bailey states that the four centers above the diaphragm – the heart, throat, ajna and head centers – are basically and primarily energy-receiving centers. The centers below the diaphragm – the base of the spine, the sacral, solar plexus and spleen centers – are galvanized into activity by the four higher receiving centers. Then at a certain point in evolution, when the personality decides to cooperate with the soul and takes its first initiation, there is a reversal of the flow of energy from the lower centers to the higher centers. (An initiation is a ritual taken on the psychic plane wherein there usually results an expansion of consciousness). When we transmute the energies in the sacral (sex) center and transfer them to the throat center, we become mentally creative. We become artists, writers, musicians, etc. When the energies in the solar plexus (emotional center) are transmuted and transferred to the heart center, we become emotionally poised, loving and understanding. Eventually all the energies in the major centers up the spine are transferred to the Ajna center in the head. This indicates the development of a strong personality.

As the soul begins to control the body, the real divine Self or the Monad begins to take an interest in the individual’s life. Previously it was dormant on its own plane of consciousness. The individual becomes somewhat aware of the divine plan and perhaps may work to better the conditions of society. The energy at the base of the spine is finally raised and transferred to the head center. All the whirling centers are dynamic, magnetic and radiatory. The energies in the threefold channel of the etheric spine (kundalini) are being raised to the head center without interference from the former debris. The individual is then ready to move one step higher on the path of evolution.

According to Esoteric Healing, page 143, “The etheric body is governed by the Moon veiling the planet Vulcan (which is close to the Sun). Venus governs the nervous system, Saturn governs the endocrine glands and Neptune governs the blood stream.”

While the Moon is a disintegrating planet, its astral body is still very active. It is linked with the astral bodies of humans and the Lord of our Planetary System. Anything that disintegrates leaves a stench and has negative influences. At the time of the full moon, those who are unbalanced may experience neurotic conditions and uncontrolled desire. For those students who are above average, the moon veils Uranus. At the time of the full moon, occult students find it easier to make contacts with the spiritual hierarchy because the Lord of our Planetary System is meditating, evoking higher energies.

The Tibetan Master says we would be amazed to learn how immune we are to diseases and germs. For disease to manifest, there must be a subjective plus an objective cause. The subjective cause might be wrong life emphasis such as self-pity, worry, self-centeredness, selfishness, anxiety, fear, jealousy, or resentment, etc. and the objective cause may be some weakness in the subtle bodies towards which we have a predisposition, perhaps from past lives. Before the soul incarnates it chooses its parents who have certain hereditary predispositions to disease.

Vedic astrology recognizes that a planet or star is the vehicle for the dense physical expression of a stupendous God. We also acknowledge that our dense physical body is not the real Self but only a dense material vehicle for the Self. So when we refer to a planet, we should realize that behind it is a great entity, a God.

While the Lord of our Solar System, (called a Solar Logos by the Greeks) is threefold in manifestation, He manifests through seven Planetary Logoi or Gods who transmit energies known as the seven rays to the spiritual hierarchy of our planet. Alan Oken and other esoteric astrologers have written and lectured on the qualities of these seven energies and how they emanate from the Great Bear Constellation to Sirius, to the Pleiades, to the seven solar systems, including ours, and to the seven Planetary Logoi. The energies are eventually received by the Lord of our Planet, our planetary hierarchy, our humanity, our divine Self, our soul, our personality, our centers in our subtle bodies and eventually the seven major chakras in our etheric body.

According to an individual’s rays, certain centers will develop more quickly than others: The throat center may be more developed in one who has a strong 3rd ray personality or soul or the heart center may develop earlier for one who has a 2nd ray soul or personality. The rays may determine the type of disease. i.e. 2nd ray energies of lovewisdom, may produce an excess of building in the body where none is needed. It may manifest as tumors and cancers.

The seven ray energies transmitted by the seven Planetary Logoi correspond to the seven major Chakras and seven Endocrine glands as follows:

  •  Head center – pineal gland, 1st ray
  •  Ajna center – pituitary gland, 5th ray
  •  Throat center – thyroid gland, 3rd ray
  •  Heart center – thymus gland, 2nd ray
  •  Solar plexus – pancreas gland, 6th ray
  •  Sacral center – the gonads, 7th ray
  •  Base of the spine – adrenal gland, 4th ray

The planets that rule the centers for disciples and initiates are different from that of the average man. For disciples for the head center, it is Vulcan instead of Pluto. (Vulcan is near the Sun). Esoteric Healing (page 151) states that for disciples Uranus rules the head center. There are various stages of development for disciples depending upon their initiations. For the throat center, for disciples, it is Saturn instead of the Earth. For the heart center, for disciples, it is Jupiter instead of the Sun and for the solar plexus center, for disciples, it is Neptune instead of Mars. For both the average person and the disciple, the Ajna center is ruled by Venus; however, in Esoteric Healing, Alice Bailey states “Mercury is the ruler for disciples”. For the sacral center, for disciples, it is Uranus that is the ruler. For the base of the spine it is Pluto.

When asked of the Tibetan Master by students: “What is the best way to evolve?” He said “meditation, meditation, meditation. Through meditation we first align the three subtle bodies of the personality (etheric, emotional and mental). Then the energies of the soul can pour through. Concentration on the ajna center during transmission meditation forms a conduit to the soul. Purity in the life, changing desire to aspiration and the practice of awareness of the soul will eventually lead to conscious soul contact. A good practice of mindfulness is to think: “I, the soul, am sitting, I, the soul, am walking,” etc.

Not all karma is bad. Love and goodwill have a tremendous beneficial impact. Good thoughts, soul contact through meditation and service, will help keep the body in better health. The scientific practice of harmlessness purifies the centers, clears the clogged channels and permits the entrance of the higher energies from the soul and the divine Self. This is not a sweet, kind activity. It is a state of mind. It concerns motive, which is goodwill. If one sees corruption or injustice, drastic action can and should be taken if possible, but one must remain poised and detached.

The world has to work as the body works. All cells must be fed doing their right work. Greed and selfishness breed corruption and disease. Cells that belong in the feet should not be in the head. Individuals must work towards the healing of nations, realizing that we are all part of one family: humanity. There can be no peace that is not based on economic, social and political justice.


Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Chairman of ISAR. She was past publisher of Kosmos (currently ISAR International Astrologer) as well as Secretary of ISAR. She is a co-founder of UAC and served as Registrar at UAC86. She can be reached at



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