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Some Brief Notes on the Total Solar Eclipse at 18’ Pisces 56 on March 8th/9th 2016 by Margaret Gray MSW  D. Psych. Astrology

‘Consider your own place in the universal oneness of which we are all a part, from which we all arise, and to which we all return’ ― David Fontana

This is the first Eclipse of the Year and it will be visible in large parts of Indonesia

General information on Eclipses:

There are two eclipse seasons a year. The following are the dates for the Solar and Lunar eclipses in 2016:


  • March 8th/9th, 2016 Total Solar Eclipse at 18’ Pisces 55
  • March 23rd , 2016 Annular Lunar Eclipse at 3’ Libra 17 Core theme = Balance and Fairness
  • September 1st, 2016 Annular Solar Eclipse at 9’ Virgo 21. Core theme = The Mind/Body Connection
  • September 16th, 2016 Annular Lunar Eclipse at 24’ Pisces 20. Core theme = Creating through the imagination



A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Earth, Moon and Sun are lined up exactly in the heavens, so that from our perspective on Earth, the Moon totally blocks out the light of the Sun. On a mundane level, countries that are in the direct line of the Eclipse are more likely to feel the effects. On an individual level you are more likely to feel the effects if  your Sun, Moon or angles are within 3’/4’ of the Eclipse degree, which in this case is 18’ Pisces 56. (More information on this further down).



Solar Eclipses symbolically represent the moment of darkness we are plunged into before a major birth of some part of our inner self. It is the time when our unconscious lunar emotions arise from deep within our unconscious, thereby obscuring our conscious solar light. All we have at that moment is faith and trust that something as yet unknown, will emerge into light and consciousness to be birthed in the days, weeks and months following the Eclipse. As this is a Total Eclipse, we are unlikely to know what is surfacing and what we are going to give birth to, until it happens. The position of the Eclipse in our Birth Chart by sign, house and aspect can offer us some helpful information – (more on this further down).



As I have mentioned before when writing about Eclipses, we can view this alchemical fusion of Lunar and Solar energies as an opportunity both individually and globally for an internal healing Conjunctio of key polarities. These include: yin and yang, masculine and feminine, mother and father, as well as the right and left hemispheres of our brain.



Over the centuries the dimming of the light of the Sun has often been viewed with some trepidation across many cultures. This is understandable as on a primal instinctual level, our very survival feels threatened. A Total Eclipse reminds us of the fragility of our existence on this planet. Without the light of the Sun nothing and no one would survive on this planet. Hence, although Solar Eclipses always occur at the time of a New Moon which is about rebirth, the Eclipse demands that we plunge into total darkness before the rebirth can take place.

This Solar Eclipse is particularly powerful as it is part of a stellium in Pisces which includes the South Node, as well as being within 10’ of Neptune conjunct Mercury, also in Pisces. Hence the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune + Chiron and the South Node are all in Pisces! (Venus will join this alignment on March 12th) In addition, the New Moon tightly aspects the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square in the sky, not to mention the Saturn/Chiron square and the exact opposition to Jupiter.


The Pisces Alignment:

With so many planets together in this watery sign it is helpful to explore the sign of Pisces a little further. Pisces brings us to the end of the Zodiac, with an accumulation of wisdom and experience as well as longings from the previous 11 signs. Pisces represents the ultimate disintegration of matter into spirit at the end of our life. This is followed later by the Aries rebirth.

Symbolized by the two fish tied together, the sign of Pisces represents the mortal and divine aspects within each of us. If we lose sight of the divine aspect we may seek ‘the spirit’ through addictions. If we lose sight of our mortal selves we may struggle to fully incarnate and experience whatever we came on this planet to experience. Hence Pisces rules the feet, reminding us to ground on this planet so that we can manifest our divine self. Integrating the practical Earthy qualities of Virgo in its opposition to Pisces can assist us in this process. This is most easily done through connecting with our feelings in an ongoing way.

In order to comfortably inhabit these watery realms throughout the Eclipse and the Pisces alignment which continues until March 19th, it can be helpful to understand how to best swim like Mermaids in these nonverbal oceanic realms.


Some useful things to remember:

  • Our eyes can take a while to adjust underwater and we are only likely to see a small % of what’s there 
  • The temperature changes rapidly
  • Our movements are slower and gentler
  • There is no air, therefore we can bring it with us or use a snorkel to connect with the air on the surface of the water
  • Storms can occur rapidly, with little warning
  • The depths are often unfathomable
  • Currents are invisible and can pull us off our course – it helps to have a buoy to anchor us and someone on the surface keeping an eye out for us
  • There are lots of hidden inhabitants
  • If in panic or overwhelm, just slow down and let go
  • Movement maintains buoyancy. However, agitated movements deprive us of oxygen


With Mercury conjunct Neptune and Chiron conjunct the Sth Node in this Pisces alignment, our dreams and imagination can act as a powerful portal to discovering healing insights and information. This is not a good time to attempt clarification through left brain logical sequential thinking. Music and all forms of creative arts offer an expressive vehicle for feelings that are surfacing from this and past lifetimes including grief, sadness and elation. 


Core Theme for this Eclipse – Empowered Creativity

One of the key components to this Eclipse is Jupiter conjunct the North Node in Virgo which aspects almost all the other planets at this time. Firmly reminding us that our collective goal is to be of service, this conjunction provides a helpful earthy practical anchor to prevent us from being overwhelmed by the Piscean watery depths. It also reminds us that we are shifting on a collective level from being passive victims, to being empowered creators. This theme is particularly important as the Uranus/Pluto square (which is still within a degree), is being directly impacted by the Eclipse and the Jupiter/Node opposition. Hence as all of our collective and personal structures continue the process of radical transformation, it behooves us to engage with the most evolved interpretation of the Piscean energy, namely our divine self, rather than the most limited version which is the disempowered ego-based helpless victim. From this place we can create new structures that are of true service for us all. This is helped by Saturn in Sagittarius as the apex of a TSquare to the Eclipse alignment and to the Jupiter/North Node, reminding us that these powerful energies require manifestation based on our inner truth and meaning. Venus, which is the only planet in Air at this time reminds us  that we are all equal.

The Sabian Symbol for this Eclipse point is: A Master instructing his Disciple. The concept of Master implies someone who has become an authority in a subject and/or life skill. The word ‘disciple’ conjures up images of someone who is seeking to learn all they can from the ‘Master’. Often this is used in connection with religious and philosophical leaders. One of the possible meanings for this Symbol is that the Eclipse presents us with an ‘instruction’ from something greater than us. It reinforces the North Node conjunct Jupiter in Virgo reminder that our journey is about being of service to ourselves and others through learning and teaching. It may also be a reminder to check carefully which ‘Master’ we are following – is it our heart or our ego?


The Eclipse and Relationships

The Pisces/Virgo Nodal polarity, reinforced by the Solar Eclipse, brings our attention to the relationship polarity of Dependency (Pisces) and Independence (Virgo) This Eclipse is likely to awaken previously unconscious issues to do with co-dependency in our relationships. Co-dependent relationship patterns can ultimately result in either the avoidance of separateness or the rejection of closeness and intimacy. Ultimately the healing with this Eclipse lies in creating intimate relationships based on Interdependence as loving equals. Hence for anyone who has avoided closeness the challenge may be to step forward and for anyone who has avoided separateness, the learning may involve taking a step back.


On a Mundane level:

Traditionally Eclipses were believed to mostly affect the geographical areas where it is fully visible, with less impact on areas with partial and no visibility. This Eclipse will be fully visible in parts of Indonesia, including Sumatra, Borneo, and Sulawesi, as well as some locations in the Pacific Ocean. It will be partially visible from northern and eastern Australia, South Asia and East Asia as well as Honolulu, Hawaii. More details on the locations it passes through is available at this site:

The totality will last 4 mins and 9 seconds. In ancient times it was believed that the effect of the Eclipse would continue for one year per each hour of the Eclipse. Claudia Dikinis who wrote an excellent article in 2009 on Eclipses, suggests locating the New Moon prior to the current Eclipse as this “is a "seed" moment for the monthly soli-lunar relationship and is exceptionally fertile just before an eclipse”-  Claudia dikinis The New Moon prior to this Eclipse was on Feb 8th at 19’ Aquarius 16.

Claudia also suggests looking at the chart for the town/city/country you live in and “determining which angle the Eclipse falls closest to. The affairs related to that angle are ones which you will see a great amount of change in the months after the eclipse”.


Some questions to ask at this time:

  1. What emotions are surfacing for me at this time that I am trying to ignore?
  2. Where do I blame others for my life choices? Where do I lack compassion for myself and others?
  3. What am I grieving?
  4. What does ‘being of service’ mean to me?
  5. If I were to create the ‘perfect’ future in my imagination what would it look like?


Some tools that may help at this time:

  1. Walking, swimming, playing in or by water – ocean, river, lake, pond, bathtub…
  2. Dancing, painting, drawing, playing music, listening to music, knitting…engaging with whatever creative arts you enjoy
  3. Keeping a dream journal
  4. Creating a picture collage
  5. Letting tears flow
  6. Essential oils like lavender can feel comforting
  7. Connecting with your soul tribe in a loving compassionate way – this is a great time for forgiveness of self and others
  8. Being aware that substances like alcohol, medications, drugs, sugar etc may have a stronger effect as boundaries are thinner at this time
  9. This is a good time to let go of anything and anyone that is not connected with you in a heart centered way


Who is likely to be most affected by the Eclipse?

Eclipses affect us all on a personal and collective level. However, if your Sun, Moon and/or angles are between 16’ and 20’ Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and/or Gemini you are more likely to resonate with the Eclipse themes. You will also resonate with these themes if you are currently in a location where the Eclipse will be fully or partially visible.

To understand more about the area of your life that is awakened by the Eclipse it’s useful to know which part of your chart the New Moon lands in. If you don’t have a copy of your Birth Chart you can create one online through this free service:

Once you have a copy of your chart, notice that there are 12 divisions called ‘Houses’ which move anti-clockwise from the Ascendant which is the starting point. Take a look at which house 18’ Pisces 55 is located in your chart and then look at Chart 2 (by Liz Greene) which is a useful reference re which area of our life is represented by each House division.  


For example:

Eclipse Sun/Moon 18’ Pisces 55 (will land in his 11th House)


Start of the 1st House                                                          Meaning of the 11th House  

Hence this Eclipse will affect Jack in the arena of his life to do with the 11th house which is about groups including his family group as well as social groups and social concerns.

Alternatively you can choose to have a Birth Chart Consultation with me or any other professional Astrologer that you feel comfortable with. I offer Birth Chart Consultations for Individuals, Couples and Children in person in Dublin and online via Skype and Facetime. For further information feel free to have a look at my website: You can book a Consultation by emailing me at


Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray March 2016



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