Margaret Gray – The New Moon in Aries on April 7th 2016


Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action ― William James


Key Planetary Energies: The New Moon at 18’ Aries 04 is conjunct Uranus in Aries (2’ orb), square Pluto in Capricorn (1’ orb), trine Ret. Saturn in Sagittarius (2’ orb) and forms a quincunx to the North Node in Virgo (3’ orb).

Individually: Without a doubt this is a very fiery and dynamic New Moon. Its invitation is to be open to innovative new beginnings in whatever area of our life the New Moon lands in, as delineated in our Birth Chart. These new starts are likely to appear somewhat unexpectedly. Excitement rather than fear, will help us move forward into an empowering new start. We may be required to take on a leadership/mentoring role as a way of being of service to the greater community. Tuning into our adventurous and playful side is ideal at this time. Grounding as much as possible can assist us in dealing with the somewhat erratic energies of Uranus sitting right next to this Full Moon! This is not a time to sit still for too long! All forms of exercise can help to move these energies through us so that they don’t short circuit, particularly in the mental arena.

There is likely to be a resonance with the New Moon that was opposite this one at 19’ Libra 20 on October 13th 2015. This is an opportunity to integrate the issues that came up with that Moon, as we experience them from the opposite perspective!

On April 7th 1997 there was a New Moon at 17’ Aries 40. The cycle that started at that time is now over and this New Moon marks the start of a new 19 year cycle. As Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac this is a particularly significant time to do a New Moon ritual and outline what we would like to engage with as we move forward in our life.

A useful question to ask at this time might be:

Where in my life am I asked to be a courageous and innovative leader?

In our Relationships: This is likely to be a great time to go on exciting adventures with new friends and playmates. Likeminded members of our soul tribe may suddenly appear in our lives. In some cases friends may give us an unexpected wakeup call. All relationships are likely to benefit from newness, as well as fun. The old ways of relating no longer work and this is the time to embrace relationships based on mutuality, honesty and equality. There is a lot of potential for passion at this time. Honesty about who we are and how we feel is essential in all our relationships! With no planets in Air signs at the moment, detachment and objectivity may not be very easy to find.

A useful question to ask might be:

What can I do to be more fully myself in all my relationships?

Globally: The potential for new beginnings based on absolute honesty is very present right now. Manipulations, greed and corruption are likely to be exposed in a rather sudden manner. Acknowledging the part we each play as individuals in the current collective concerns, in an honest manner, can help us to make new choices if need be. Action is likely to be needed from all of us to steer the collective forward in a constructive way. Contemplation and meditation can assist us to find clarity as to how we might contribute most effectively, but they are unlikely to be sufficient without action on our part, as we move forward into the next 19 year cycle.

A useful question to ask might be:

What do I need to do to answer the ‘call to action’?  –


Legal Copyright of Margaret Gray – April 2016



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