Maggie Kerr – Soul and Psyche: The Fusion of Astrology and Therapy


Astrology diagnoses our Soul’s blueprint including gifts and challenges, and Psychotherapy gives us the tools for powerful breakthrough healing for major life issues.

Working with the principle that our Soul has a history that includes unresolved issues, how does our Soul set up the programs in our Psyche to set up the territory the Soul needs to heal?

Working with the Moon’s sign, house and aspects Maggie has unravelled a clever technique for simply diagnosing the “Soul’s Code” that cuts straight to the key ‘stuff’ of our Soul DNA, and how in early childhood we set up the programs in our Psyche.

She then shares simple tools from psychotherapy to re-program the unconscious patterns that have limiting us in the past so our Soul can nurture our Sun’s creative ego and liberate our highest potential.


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