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Neptune in Pisces – April 2011 to 2025

On April 4th Neptune slides gracefully into Pisces for the first time in 164 years! So here comes another of the big evolutionary guns who will participate in the shift in the decades ahead. He will be in Pisces until 2025, when he enters a new phase commencing in Aries. This accompanies transformer Pluto entering Aquarius… when the stage will be set for the true revolution of our times.

Transcendental Neptune has been in Aquarius for the past 14 years – between 1998 and 2011/12. So he has been in the sign ruled by Uranus… whilst Uranus has been in Pisces… the sign ruled by Neptune. Not really confusing!! This is called a Mutual Reception where the energies of each planet mutually support each other in their process of linking evolutionary forces. Go to this link for a big article I wrote on this back in 2003 where I offer the historical level of this rare phenomenon.

So, Neptune in Aquarius for the past 14 years has also been underpinning the collective spread of the next “great idea” or enlightenment thought that we are all part of a collective intelligence that contains the reality of other planes of existence, and awakening the centers in the brain that are responsible for intuitive connection to these other planes. The gifted medium John Edwards has done great work to teach his large audiences of the nature of our relationship to the other side during this period. He and other brave way-showers have often been vilified for their trouble, but hey, that’s always what happens when progressive people try to bring reform and change to existing redundant systems. That’s called being an Aquarian!!

Psychic matters of all types have become a new industry as the reality of our emotional/mind/body health has revolutionized the mainstream health industry. Mind you, the pharmaceutical companies are pulling no punches in their efforts to deprive us, as individuals, of the chance to make our own choices about quite what food and medicine we put into our bodies. This, then, is the downside of Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 as corporate commercial interests gain the power to control our human right to freedom of thought, information, speech and action.

Neptune’s associations always involve the sensitive creative field where dreams arise as we tap into the collective “mind of God.” In our physical systems, he rules the Auto Immune system — our invisible filtering system that keeps out the virus and bacteria that can infect us if we carry the unconscious emotional patterns that pre-dispose us to a certain disease. So, Global Pandemics have been quite the rage lately — once again, a major attempt by business interests to sell vast quantities of vaccine for an epidemic that never happened. Classic stuff! Mind you, we all know how infuriating our on-line lives can become when a virus makes its way through the invisible ethers and takes out our hard drive. Yes, we now have worldwide connectivity, and we are all more exposed and vulnerable than we have ever been. Big Brother is having a fab time keeping check on us all via our iPads and iPhones.

Earth’s Immune System is the Ozone Layer, the protective sheath that filters the sun’s rays and protects us from the solar forces that would burn us to a crisp. So is it any surprise that our collective Immune System is so unwell now that we have damaged the protective veil? So. strengthening our Immune System is vital to maintain our health, both physically and emotionally.

The 14 year period of Neptune in any sign also permeates the collective unconscious at a cultural level, as the art and style that develops to reflect the prevailing Zeitgeist, or Spirit of the Time. The synthesis between art and technology has been the result with virtual reality a primary theme — think “The Matrix” with all its associated revelations. As Neptune is the primary agent of God in its many expressions, it is no surprise that the Aquarian phase has represented a new level of religious tolerance and intolerance, as conflicting theologies have also spread in a viral fashion. For many this has created the search for the next level of Spiritual Evolution beyond separatist doctrines and toward a unified philosophy that supersedes the old models.

So How Can We Empower Ourselves This Time?

The keyword for this one is Inspiration with a capital “I.” When we put this together with Uranus in Aries we get Inspiration for Innovation! Our realities are already starting to shift into new levels of our human potential, so once Mr. Neptune gathers strength in Pisces, it will be all systems go. As with all big outer planets, they enter the new sign briefly then retrograde back into the previous sign for a last blast/completion. Thus, Neptune enters Pisces fully from 4th February 2012, offering his vital ingredients to the mix as we enter the transformational tunnel on our evolutionary rollercoaster ride with Uranus square Pluto.

There are so many phrases and images that arise from these 2 simple symbols–– of veils lifting to reveal what lies behind our current reality on so many levels; romantic heroes and heroines are emerging from magical places on their quests from the Gods to save and redeem. Then, there are the transcendent and ecstatic emotions that evoke connection with sublime and wondrous awareness, happiness, and contentment: at-one-ment = atonement. The Divine Lover Eros comes to re-enchant our world — a world that has lost meaning and connection with Mother Nature. Yes, the Divine is set for quite a reappearance in the many guises of Inspiration over the next 14 years.

When a ruler is in his dominion he is at his most powerful. Thus, Neptune moving through his Pisces will delight at coming home to his sign to weave the new etheric fabric for humanity’s future. Not since the mid 1800s have we seen the profound level of his expression, when the Romantic Movement brought us the artists, poets, and composers who inspired the imaginations of their time with echoes to this day. For these are also in the domain of Neptune, as we open our Crown Chakra and receive the down-pouring of ideas and their expression of the beautiful and creative in humanity. God at Work!!

Neptune was only discovered in 1846, when he was in Aquarius. So he has just had his first 164 year cycle in our terms, It is only during the previous Neptune in Pisces cycle, between Feb 1847 and Oct 1861, that we have been “conscious” of him, and although he has always opened pathways in spiritual and religious matters through history, his alliance with the other modern planets, Uranus and Pluto, has been at work in this 200 short years of evolutionary awakening. In the 1530s phase, Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church as Luther’s Reformation took hold in Europe. The Knights Templar and Crusader armies reclaimed the Holy Land for Christ in the 1190s, whilst Eleanor of Aquitaine nurtured the troubadour romantic poets in the Age of Chivalry — all very Neptunian.

Empires rise and fall on this cycle as the dreams of conquerors and their culture infect the conquered. In the 1530s, the Spaniards brought their Catholicism with them when they decimated the Aztec, Maya, and Inca as the Spanish Inquisition was in full swing. In the 370s, the Roman Empire adopted Christianity as the state religion and heathen cults were prohibited. In the 1850s, the British Empire expanded the world, and missionary zealots transformed native cultures, yet again. The Opium Wars brought back narcotics from China that would fan the imagination of a generation of artists and poets. From photography to anesthesia, to “blessed virgins” appearing at Lourdes, to Darwin’s Origin of Species, to an ideological humanitarian Civil War in the USA, the themes of Neptune ring loud and clear as we take a quick look back through time.

This visit between 2/2011 and 5/2024 will be impressive and profound as this is only the second time since his discovery, and it accompanies Uranus square Pluto “Cardinal Climax” and Uranus entering Aries. However, as usual, we do not know what will happen. I can only “sense it” in conjunction with my job as an Astrologer to try to make sense of what the Gods have in store as we move through our evolutionary journey. So, we can only postulate by calling upon our images in context with the complexities of our current world scenarios.

As we have seen, for the past 14 years we’ve opened our collective field in new and vibrant ways through techno marvels that connect us as never before. We’ve also re-connected our intuitive brain so we can become the balanced beings we must be to become powerful as “whole” people – left and right brain, together at last! So now we get to experiment!! What fun! How cool will it be when we are completely in synch with creating a thought-form, magnetizing the people and resources we need, and then manifesting marvelous realities? This is what is on offer as the Science of Mind or Noetics bursts forth into daily life. The only thing is, you must have “pure intention” and your idea must serve more than just your own selfish egoic outcomes. That’s the point. We’ve spent 14 years being shown that “we are all one…we live in a unified field” etc. etc. So, if our intention is not about serving the collective in some fashion, it may indeed work for a brief moment and fulfill our ego aggrandizement, but sure as sunshine, it will not last.

As the veils lift from our old 3D Reality, we are free to begin to see, at last, what is ahead as we take on our “light bodies.” It has felt cloudy and uncertain for so long now with hints and glimpses of what the parallel dimension has to offer, but it just ain’t been time yet, my friends. The Gods control the timing, while men seek to assert control, yet are completely clueless — up until now. So bring on Neptune in Pisces.

Leonardo Di Caprio’s film Inception offers wonderful images of the warp in the space/time continuum that allows stepping between realities. The movies and all artistic imagemaking tools have always been

Neptune’s tool for expression. Now that the Gods and Goddesses of ancient time are long gone, it falls to Hollywood to be modern Neptune’s vehicle for the birth of new archetypes. Both our current and future Zeitgeists are on the big screen, and the clothes we wear, art we enjoy, and houses we live in are all conditioned by the prevailing Neptunian influence, or “Glamour.”

Quite what it will feel like to actually live in this new reality is yet to be seen and experienced. Once again, I have glimpses. It is a calm and accepting place and there is little drama. One accepts the day and works with whatever people and situations it throws at you. It is a very deeply aware and feeling place, yet it is a very objective place. It’s kind of like being at the top of Jupiter’s mountain after the hard climb, surveying the panorama of options in a state of calm expectation. Without controlling “things” you can allow “things” to come to you, knowing that what will come is perfect for your lessons in that moment.

Over the next 14 years, those who understand the Spiritual evolution on offer will have much responsibility, but no longer a sense of burden. We are the privileged group of humanity who have food and love and aspiration. So, it is incumbent on us that we inspire others to be inspired by Neptune in Pisces to step up in our consciousness to a place of loving inclusiveness.

On a collective level, the themes of mental and psychospiritual health will come onto the front burner, as more people than ever are diagnosed with various “disorders” that result from “breaking with reality” in response to various pressures in the outer world. So, Pharmaceutical companies can make some more drugs to keep folks trapped in their confusion and depression. That is why it is so essential to empower the masses with simple information that supports their emotional healing. Expect new developments in psychological/therapy territory, advancing the revolution of psychotherapy that began in the mid 1960s. Be your own healer!!

Uranus in Aries opens new fabulous options for our entrepreneur self,” and offers freedom and liberation as Neptune in Pisces opens the door for us to transcend our old limited selves.

  • However, there is again a caveat, as we cannot bring our old fear, anger and confusion with us. That’s part of the old matrix and will keep you firmly stuck in 3D reality under the control of our current old, sick, unconscious system.
  • •It is essential to give up your last dregs of victim nonsense and create healthy boundaries around yourself emotionally and physically.
  • Give up the belief in suffering and replace it with a healthy relationship to sacrifice when necessary; i.e. to take care of a sick child or whatever.
  • •Give up fret and worry — it keeps you stuck in fear. Be an optimist.
  • •Surrender to intimacy by honestly facing your fear of loss and hurt — and then you can merge safely.
  • Listen to your intuitive self and be always open to the “phenomenal universe” by noticing the signs and signals coming at you via strange and synchronistic means. It’s fun when you live like this — incredibly interesting and creative.
  • Create a sacred space in your home or garden where you connect with your “higher dudes and gals” every day, if only for a few minutes. Remember to say “thank you” and be in gratitude before you ask for help and guidance. And when you don’t need help, say “thank you” anyway.
  • Give yourself permission to believe that it is possible to achieve “Heaven on Earth.” The core idea in Christianity was such a revolutionary idea. We don’t have to wait for “eternity.”
  • •Beware of “Spiritual Glamour” — your own and other people’s. We are all on the same level playing field so question ideas and information before aligning yourself with groups and organizations.
  • • Be artistic and creative. Many great artists and composers will emerge in the years ahead to convey their messages. Perhaps you are one of them!
  • • Be at peace. Avoid conflict as you also assert yourself in healthy ways when you need to.
  • • Be kind. Kindness is the greatest and most powerful tool you have at your disposal.
  • • Give yourself permission to be clear and inspired no matter what negative stories the power elite and their media cohorts are spinning.
  • • Step into “the Stream of Consciousness” where right action is rewarded with growth and prosperity.
  • • Dare to dream — our dreams are the incubus of our “magician self” creating our future limitless realities.
  • • Be the change you want.


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Maggie Kerr (AAT Dip. Couns.) is a well known Australian Astrologer, Counsellor and Teacher in Communications and “People Skills” and has been in the front line of her field for over 24 years. She is an accredited teacher with the FAA, a member of the FAA exam board, member of the APA, the Australian Vice-President for ISAR and teaches and lectures and in Australia and Internationally.



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