Luis Resina – Foundation and Templarism (Part II)

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Portugal I – The Myth, land of heroes (Templars)

The Battle of São Mamede that took place in 1128 was where Afonso Henriques and the Douro Barons established their supremacy, as they were able to derail the alliance pretensions between the Galician Count Fernando Peres de Trava and Dona Teresa.

Note: the charts presented here are calculated for noon because the Midheaven is connected to the destiny of the collective.

Battle of São Mamede – 1128

More relevant aspects:  Sun at 8º Cancer conjunct Mercury, Saturn and Neptune; Jupiter in Libra.

One could suppose there had been an agreement between Afonso Henriques and his mother so that she would renounce her intentions of supporting the Galician faction (the Moon is exalted in Taurus, rules the Sun in Cancer and sextiles it at the same time). On this chart we have the Sun at 8º Cancer which is the degree and the Sign of Portugal’s ascendant as calculated by Fernando Pessoa, using the Sepharial method! We can therefore say that Portugal’s birth starts at the Battle of São Mamede (conception chart).

I would like to emphasize that all great revolutions throughout Portugal’s history have this degree range from 8º to 12º Cancer heavily aspected, namely by one or more planets in the Cardinal Square!

Going back to São Mamede, the battle’s outcome was decisive to instill a mindset in a group that aspired to turn a County into a Kingdom. From then on, the lands of Galicia would be merged with another part of Lusitania under the name of Portugal, which is etymologically derived from the Portucalense County or Portucalis.

Also during this same year of 1128 the Order of the Temple is officially recognized by the Pope and Dona Teresa donates the village of Soure to the Templars, which Afonso Henriques would later offer to Gualdino Pais (4th Grand Master of the Order of the Temple)

1131- Construction of the Monastery of Santa Cruz (Order of the Canons Regular of St. Augustine) in Coimbra

From 1131/32, the capital of the County / Kingdom moves from Guimarães to Coimbra.

October 17th, 1136 – Uranus/Neptune conjunction at 27º Libra

Extremely significant day and year during phase VII (from 1080 to 1260), marking the first encounters between East and West through the Crusades. Day 17, number associated with Portugal was the day of the exact conjunction between Uranus and Neptune at 27º Libra.

Battle of Ourique – July 25th 1139

On July 25th (Sign of Leo, Santiago’s day and birthday of the King) D. Afonso Henriques is acclaimed King of Portugal by his army, a title that he will never lose or relinquish. 

The consecration of Portugal to the expansion and diffusion of the Christian faith

The Miracle of Ourique, the Eschatology of Universal Christianity connected to Portugal’s Mission; the Portuguese Messianic Christianity overtakes Judaism as the announcer and diffuser of the Kingdom of the Paraclete – in the quest of the Kingdom of Prester John.

Ourique’s most relevant aspects: Sun in Leo, Jupiter in Libra conjunct Venus on the chart for the year 1136. Venus/Moon conjunction at 10º Cancer, aligned with Portugal’s ascendant. North Node in Libra at the Uranus/Neptune conjunction degree on 1136’s chart and Neptune conjunct Sun on the 1136’ chart!

A few years later Afonso Henriques consigned the kingdom to the protection of the Virgin Mary by means of a solemn promise, made with the consent of his vassals and signed at the Lamego Cathedral, on April 28th, 1142. This date is therefore considered that of Portugal’s baptism and from then on Portugal was known as the “Land of Santa Maria”.

On this chart the Moon is exalted in Taurus and the Lunar North Node is placed in Virgo! The sign of Taurus, related to Isis, is connected to the Marian cycles since the origins of the nationality until the Fátima phenomenon.

October 5th, 1143 – Treaty of Zamora – Emperor Alfonso VII, cousin of the King, officially recognizes the royal title to Afonso Henriques. Notwithstanding this recognition, Alfonso does not sign away the King’s vassalage. Somehow before signing the treaty, in a discreet or hidden ceremony, Cardinal Guido de Vico accepts the homage of Afonso Henriques, freeing him from the submission to Alfonso VII.

Saturn in Aries, representing temporal authority, is trining the Moon in Leo (Alfonso VII) and in a crescent square to Portugal’s Cancer ascendant (the kingdom’s recognition, but with the limitations of vassalage). The Moon in Leo is conjunct the North Node in Leo (recognition of what already was) and in a sextile to the Sun in Libra, which in this case represents Afonso Henriques.

May 1st, 1144 – Bula Devotionem tuam from Pope Lucius II – the Pope accepts vassalage from Afonso Henriques freeing him from the sovereignty of the Hispanic emperor, but names him dux portucalensis.

Foundation of the Abbey of Santa Maria de Alcobaça (Cistercian Order) and its corresponding Carta de Couto date from April 8th, 1153.

On this day the Moon was in Virgo and Venus was in Taurus, thus the feminine presence was exalted.

March 1st, 1160 – The first foundation stone of the Charola de Tomar of the Convent of Christ was laid

“The construction of the Castle of Tomar began on March 1st 1160, according to an epigraphic inscription presented on its walls. The Charola’s construction begun at the same time and it was later converted into the Main Chapel, one of the most important Templar buildings in the West.” (Wikipedia).

Gualdino Pais founded the Convent of Christ and the Castle of Tomar became the headquarters of the Templars in the kingdom. 

Special features on this chart:

Chart of the Mission of the Order of the Temple in Portugal – the Hidden Portugal

The importance of number 17 – the number intrinsically connected to the spiritual mission of Portugal

Not only is the Sun conjunct the South Node at 17º Pisces (karma and mission to fulfill, considering the North Node in Virgo), but the Sun and Mercury’s aspects also derive from the number 17: Sun bi-septile (102º) Jupiter and Mercury bi-septile Saturn (102 =17×6).

Another interesting pattern on this chart is the isosceles triangle created by Mars, Sun and Uranus; also, the novile between the Sun and Uranus is highlighted by the quadrinoviles with Mars. This finger that points through Mars is complemented by its opposition to Mercury at the midpoint between the Sun and Uranus. The configuration based on this novile highlights the number 9, the number of the founders of the Order of the Temple!  There would be much to say on this subject, but for now we will leave this matter to a more specialized article.

I would like to emphasize that if we calculate the chart of the New Moon prior to the conception of the Convent of Christ, it coincides with the year 1139/1140 – the year of the battle of Ourique and the year that Afonso Henriques began to use the tile of Rex!

We have already discussed briefly the importance of the number 17, which, in the language of the  Tarot’s Major Arcana corresponds to the Blade of the Star, referring us to something that could be called the “Lusitanian Prophecy”!

Let us then speak a little bit about the sign of Pisces in connection to Portugal. We know since Ptolemaic times that the sign consigned to the Portuguese region has Venus as the exaltation planet, Jupiter (expansion through faith) and Neptune (lord of the seas) as exoteric rulers, and Pluto as the esoteric ruler. The latter is linked to an ancient tradition known in this territory as Ofiusa – the Land of the Serpents.

According to the Theory of Ages Portugal is born in the apogee of the Age of Pisces. A period of 2160 years essentially linked to the nature of the 6th Ray – the ray of devotion and idealism. Portugal is born as a nation, as an expression of the Collective Soul, as the hero arises from the mass consciousness, embodying himself the unconscious archetype of his race, giving shape and meaning to the purpose that was latent. Archetypes, dreams and ideals develop with their peculiarities, with their specific sense, more in certain regions than others, more in certain people, families, individuals… From a County a nation is born, a collective spirit united by faith, a face that lingers in the sea. With eyes set on the infinite, from the westernmost point of the old European continent, the ships destined for the future – the West Indies – were forged. The double symbolism of the sign of Pisces alludes to the binary phenomenon of the Discoveries: one of the fishes swims to the past, to the east, to the nostalgia of the origins; the other fish swims to the future, to the west, embryo of the new cycle that begins.

The Templars, guardians of an ancestral tradition, recognized the particularities of this Sacred Space: Portus Cale or Harbor (Port) of the Graal; Lusitânia or Land of the Light. Mixing some personalities from the House of Burgundy, some Arabs and illuminated Jews, the forefront of the Portuguese esoteric line of thought was created. This project materialized later under the name of The Order of Christ, turning Lisbon into the cosmopolitan capital of Europe. The correct use of the so-called Hermetic knowledge such as Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Astrology, Kabbalah… is revealed in the main works of architecture of that time. Thus, laying the first stone in the foundations of Churches and Monuments, or even patronizing a caravel have followed the laws of Geomancy and Elective Astrology, that is, the choice of the adequate moment for a specific purpose. In that sense, the astrological language allowed to pinpoint the nature and quality of the energy on a specific region through the law of analogy and correspondences. The traditional knowledge present in the Initiatory Orders connected the cosmic currents traced by the stars, planets and constellations, and their respective telluric currents, authentic streaks of energy flow in the earth’s crust. It was based on these energetic lodes that the Order of the Templars built its’ fortresses. 

The Lusitanian watery expansionism has in its soul the congregation and fusion of the people. “To be plural like the universe, to be everything and everyone” as in Pessoa’s vision. These roots are already present by the Kingdom’s foundation but they gained expression throughout the 2nd Dynasty, the Avis.

A few significant moments of the 1st Dynasty connected to the cycles of the planets in the sign of Pisces:

1168 – Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 8º Pisces.

D. Afonso Henriques donates a third of the conquered land to the Templars.

1172 – Saturn/Uranus conjunction at 22º Pisces

Transfer of the remains of São Vicente from Sagres to Lisbon.

1204 – Jupiter/Neptune conjunction at 24º Pisces

D. Sancho I is excommunicated for opposing the clergy and Rome.

1251 – Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 4º Pisces

Reign of D. Afonso III – conquering Algarve and transferring  the capital from Coimbra to Lisbon.

1310 – Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 3º Pisces

Warrant for arrest of the Templars in France.

1312 – Pluto in Pisces square Uranus in Sagittarius

Extinction of the Order of the Templars in Portugal.

1318 – Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 12º Pisces

Foundation of the Order of Christ in Tomar in 1319 during the reign of D. Diniz.

1322 – Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 17º/18º Pisces

Queen Santa Isabel acts as a mediator to achieve peace between D. Dinis and her son D. Afonso.

Pluto in Aries, the Cycle of the Heroes

1090 – Conjunction between Uranus and Pluto at 0º Aries.  Arrival of the Counts of Burgundy to the Iberian Peninsula. Still during Pluto in Aries, D. Afonso Henriques was born.

1333 – Pluto’s arrival to 0º Aries. Reign of D. Afonso IV (the Brave). Development of the merchant navy that led to the rediscovery of the Canary Islands.

1333 to 1361 – Pluto in Aries – The Hundred Years’ War; Peter and Inês de Castro; Dom João and Nuno Álvares are born.

1367 – Beginning of the Reign of King Ferdinand I (the last of the Burgundian dynasty and the ninth king of Portugal). One of the most important aspects of his reign was the creation of the Companhia das Naus. He died in 1383 leaving behind a crisis of descent that would end the 1st dynasty. 

Relevant astrological aspects: Mutable T cross with Saturn in Gemini opposing Venus in Sagittarius squaring Mars. North Lunar Node in Virgo and South Lunar Node in Pisces.


Some notes on the Fundamental Cycles of Portugal by Astro-Numerology

Uranus cycles (84 years)


84×3= 252

84:3= 28; 84:4=21; 84:5 = 16,8 (17)

84 year revolution (84 x 3 = 252)                     254×4 = 1008 year cycle

84 years x 12 = 1008


84 years » 30º

2,8 years» 1º (Fernando Pessoa’s chart, Osiris progression)

84 years

Opposition 42 

Trine 28

Square 21

Quintile 17

Portugal’s chart (Fernando Pessoa)

10º 55 » 30 Osiris years

1º »2,8 years (Osiris progressions)

1978 » 27º Libra (analogy with 1136!)

30º = 83,25 years 1136 – 1388 – 1640

1º Cycle of Portugal (1st Dynasty) 



Significant events around 1388:

1385 – Battle of Aljubarrota

1387- Marriage between D. João I and Filipa de Lencastre

1388 – Beginning of the construction of the Monastery of Batalha (Our Lady of Victory)


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