Life Choices: Using Astrology in the 21st Century

by Nancy L. Bahlman
Professional Women Publishing
Paper – 113 pp.
Price: $15.00
This is a very nice little book that seems to be designed to explain some of the vagaries of astrology to newcomers, regardless of whether they are merely curious or desiring to study. It would be a good adjunct to a beginner’s course; it might also be something you would want to put in a waiting room. Chapters are short; subject matter covered is varied. There IS a bit of jargon, but not a lot and only as necessary.
The first 15 pages or so cover ways in which a consultations can help you, how to get the most from a reading, the differences between astrology, tarot cards, psychic readings, and reading modalities, and even a bit of advice on how to find a good consultant and avoid a bad one.
The remainder of the book discusses things that would probably be of interest to someone new to astrology. Sun Signs are just one example. And rather than belittling these, Bahlman notes that an understanding of Sun Signs can be very helpful in getting a deeper understanding of people’s personalities so long as you remember there’s more than the Sun Sign.
Numerous chapters show you exactly what “more” there is. There’s a chapter on choosing the right time for various things, a chapter on family dynamics, and a chapter on Nancy’s specialty — travel and relocation. There’s also information on how an astrologer looks at your health, your finances, and other things. These are all short, but they would give an interested client or student enough background information to understand what the astrologer is looking at. And for those who want more, there’s a short recommended reading list.
While professionals probably aren’t going to find a lot of new insights here, this book could be invaluable to those just starting out — or even to those trying to decide whether to start out or not. It is very clear. It tells you what you can — and can’t — expect to find out with astrology, and would be of great value even to those considering consulting an astrologer. So this might be a book you want to keep in your office or where you can show it to clients and students. If I were rich, I’d by half a dozen and give them out as needed. Why not pick one up for that curious friend who is always asking your questions? I’m sure they would appreciate it — and it might help them understand what’s involved in looking at a chart.


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