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At the very beginning, my Teacher taught me two basic astrology rules:

1. Before practicing astrology, first develop the awareness of an astrologer


2. There is no “other people”. Everybody is just a planet of yours. Therefore, be good to them.

Thank you.

When I started practicing astrology many years ago, the question that I kept obsessing about was the issue of the challenging, or the so called ‘bad’ aspects in natal charts. My Sagittarius ascendant is constantly in search for meaning and purpose, and therefore I kept asking myself: ‘What is the purpose of it all?’

Astrology is ruled by Aquarius, so it is governed by Saturn – the primary ruler of the sign, a planet that was developing the need in astrologers to get an insight into this system of time recognition and events unfolding in it, as well as all the things that determine us. With the discovery of Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, new information and human need to free themselves by changing social and scientific systems entered our collective network of consciousness. At the same time, both astrologers and clients started to feel a greater need to look at the natal chart not only as the means to predict events, but also as a map of causative patterns that need to be recognized, released and transformed in order for the personal potential to be manifested.

My long-term study of astrology’s links to various other disciplines (electromagnetic fields, acupuncture, flower essences, energy psychology) was motivated by the belief that the end goal of astrology is not only to diagnose and provide information, but that it also constitutes a means of transformation (exalted Uranus in Scorpio). Finally, it was my own personal planets in the eighth house that always spontaneously led me to envision people as energy beings before ever seeing them as beings of ‘bones and muscles’.

Since all knowledge is contained within the centre of the Soul (exaltation of Jupiter at 15° Cancer), it is necessary to allow seemingly different puzzle pieces of knowledge to form a unified picture. The end result emerged from the establishment of clear links between our basic energy centres (chakras) and natal chart planets. Next, the whole system developed through knowledge acquired in various parts of our beautiful planet with their various essential vibrations.

An additional reason for the fast spread of AstroHealing system must be the fact that it is simple, easy to apply and reveals the essence of natus, at the same time providing people with possibility to access planetary energies (their vibrations) in a practical way as well as balance them out.

When we look at the natal chart in this way – as an energy map on which every planet is linked to one energy centre (chakra) – we gain a completely new perception and every challenging aspect becomes only a disbalance of two energy centres and their vibrations that need to be levelled out.

During years of work with students from various parts of the world, as well as with many clients, I reached a clear insight that problems make us resemble each other, while it is our virtues that make us completely authentic and original. In astrological terms – while we live the low vibratory potential of our challenging aspects, they will show us only the clear forecasting potential, and every aspect will enfold in a similar way in various people’s lives. On the other hand, when people activate their challenging aspects and start ‘working’ on them consciously, the other side of the coin becomes obvious: the authenticity of natus and all the challenges that the Soul consciously chose in order to grow, to reveal its beauty and talents, and share them with the world. This latter perspective makes each planetary energy a source for Soul’s maturity, the way of discovering its beauty and joy at personal level, as well as on the level of soul mates and the level of our planet Earth.

My vision for the future is a new generation of astrologers who will – first and foremost – be astrotherapists of Uranus archetype. They will carry within themselves a living Knowledge and be capable of revealing the power of natal chart meaning, as well as knowing how to balance out planetary energies, making them not only informative, but primarily transformative.


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