Kenneth Miller – Indian (Vedic) Astrology: What’s in it for me?


A comprehensive introduction and survey of Indian astrology. This is the only astrology that has been continually developed and fully embraced by a culture continuously for about 2000 years, without the transmission and translation issues that have plagued the West.

1. Learn a unique method for organizing Indian Astrology information so your Western astrology won’t bleed through.
2. Learn how the two zodiacs are meaningful and complimentary within each system, Indian and Western.
3. Learn techniques that can be easily brought over to your Western charts.
4. Understand the history and development of Indian Astrology, and it’s impact on the West.
5. If you are curious about what Indian Astrology is all about and if it is something you might want to study further then this is the class for you!
6. Learn how to see the entire chart as a map of your karmas in this life. Don’t believe in karma? Then Indian astrology also has something for you!

This is comprehensive survey of what Indian astrology is all about, how it differs in approach from Western astrology and how you can practice it successfully without being a Hindu.



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