Kathy Rose – The Love Connection


“What do we look for in relationship compatibility?” That’s always a profound question in astrology. It is so very important to interpret the WHOLE of birth charts as they relate to each other… not just one or two isolated aspects.

We want to identify overall personalities that can naturally find harmony and meaning together.

What usually stands out with good, solid, long-lasting relationships will be very close conjunctions between two charts.

I’ve worked with clients for many decades in this process of discovery and analysis, and there’s no magic formula. I’ve seen 30-year, happy marriages with the partners’ having little in common… yet the relationship sustains… most often because relationships support life purposes – that’s what the planetary connections (or lack of) will describe.

In this lecture, we will examine two charts side by side with the intention of finding connections that open the door to supportive, productive, meaningful relationships.

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