Karine Dilanyan – The Gift of Melancholia – Saturnian life-periods, their paradoxes and values


This talk discusses different periods of life connected to Saturn, such as Saturn returns, transits trough the important areas of the natal chart (like Sadhe Saati of Hindu astrology) and Saturn periods in firdars. How do we deal with difficult periods in our lives and what can suggest us the most prominent melancholics, such as Marsilio Ficino and Albrecht Durer via their works, that are called ‘a cultural milestone’ (The Book of Life by Ficino) and ‘an auto portrait of a genius’ (Melancholia I by Durer).

During the lecture we will define
• the life periods, connected to Saturn
• the types and levels of melancholy
• remedies, that were suggested by genius Saturnians to overcome melancholic state of mind
• and finally, how melancholy is connected to the Copernican world view.


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