Karine Dilanyan – Diurnal and Nocturnal Birth-times: Differences in Chart Cnterpretation

Workings of Zodiac

According to the doctrine of sect, while interpreting a chart, several astrological indications should be taken into account, because every planet, aspect, house position was interpreted differently due to the different birth time: during day or night.

The concept of sect has been lost within centuries and has not survived in the astrological tradition. However, it is powerful tool in the natal chart interpretation and in the astrological prognostication, which presents a fundamental idea and radical difference to modern astrology.

In the course of the lecture, we will examine all indications that should be taken into account while we use the concept of sect division:
• definition of the chart (diurnal or nocturnal)
• planetary qualities due to the sect division
• correctness of the planetary location in the chart due to the concept of sect
• how to consider a chart, using sect method
• astrological techniques, connected with the concept of sect

Moreover, we cannot miss the philosophy, which underpins the concept of sect: it considers mind and consciousness as light on human destiny.


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