Kairos – “The Right Moment For a Changing of the Gods”


“We are living in what the Greeks called the kairos—the right moment—for a ‘metamorphosis of the gods,’ of the fundamental principles and symbols. This peculiarity of our time is the expression of the unconscious human within us who is changing. Coming generations will have to take account of this momentous transformation if humanity is not to destroy itself through the might of its own technology and science. So much is at stake and so much depends on the psychological constitution of the modern human.” – Carl Jung





Changing of the Gods: Planetary and Human Revolutions is a breakthrough feature documentary that uses the vehicle of archetypal astrology to paint a sweeping visual and transformational hero’s journey across historical cycles of revolution and world-changing transformations in mass consciousness and behavior that deliver us into “the fierce urgency of now.”

The world is experiencing a revolutionary transformation – creative destruction writ large. It’s characterized by breakdown, breakthrough and radically changing paradigms­. Change is in the air. Epic change. These years are going to make the ‘60s look like the ‘50s.

We face a reckoning, a genuine planetary emergency. The very fate of human civilization hangs in the balance, epitomized by human-induced climate disruption. Something is being born and something is dying. The outcome is deeply uncertain.

Although we have many of the tools, resources, and bodies of knowledge necessary to navigate this perilous passage, something seems to be hindering us. Could it be our cosmology, our underlying view of our place as human beings in the natural and cosmic order?

Is today’s crisis an evolutionary keyhole that marks a turning point into a new paradigm born of a fundamentally different cosmological vision? Is a fundamental transformation of our civilization’s worldview the gateway to our survival and flourishing as a species? What does that emerging worldview look like?

Based on the book Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View by acclaimed scholar Richard Tarnas, the film tells the Story of Now by focusing on the current “world transit” of Uranus and Pluto (2007-2020), the archetypal picture for “revolutionary transformation.” Each time this planetary configuration has recurred over the centuries, we see how a zeitgeist has manifested on Earth in concentrated periods of revolution, paradigm shifts, breakdown and breakthrough that have irrevocably changed the course of the world on mass scales.

The film stimulates audiences to embrace this contemporary moment of revolution and transformation with a newly emergent worldview. It affirms the interconnection of all life and the agency each of us has to create a life-affirming future.

John Cleese is our “everyman” host, narrator and guide. Richard Tarnas shares his personal journey into archetypal astrology, world transits and the reconciliation of worldviews. In stylized interviews, we visit with an astonishing circle of wisdom keepers, great visionary activists and scientists of our times. They reflect on the emerging worldview and the arc of history that has brought us to this fateful crossroads.

The film is conceived as a transformational work of art. It’s guided by our acclaimed producer-writer Kenny Ausubel, the visionary founder of Bioneers and an award-winning media maker, and director Louie Schwartzberg, world-renowned artist of motion pictures. We deploy state-of-the-art photography of the planets such as Hubble Telescope footage, interwoven with rich artistic representations of planetary archetypes including imagery, artworks and animation. We bring to life cyclical epochs of revolution with compelling archival footage, photographs, art, symbols and musical soundscapes.

The film is a five-act journey into a new understanding of the cosmos and our place in it. It’s an inspiring call to action to shift our consciousness and behavior on mass scales. We bring to life the topography of the emerging worldview of an animate cosmos, unfolding a new story about who we are and who we can be. The evidence is startling, provocative and profoundly hopeful.

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