Jelena Lemot – When They Go Out of Limits

Solar system planets . Mixed media

Via Solis is the Sun’s Royal Highway, which is determined by the apparent movement of the Sun along the ecliptic and trough the zodiac. When one planet goes beyond the Via Solis, we astrologers call this phenomenon “Out of Bounds planet”. It means that the planet has achieved a greater declination than the maximum declination of the ecliptic over the equator, beyond the limits 23N/S28. Symbolically it means that the planet wents out of the Sun’s kingdom, its influence and protection. The planets Out of Bounds are not conformed with the norms, they need to be recognized like unusual, original and unexpected with very important message which is hidden for classical astrological interpretations.

Webinar highlights:

o Basic information about declination
o Which planet can be Out of Bounds, cycles and degrees of the maximum declination
o What does it mean astrologically for the planet to be Out of Bounds?
o When the Moon is Out of Bounds Planet (OBP)
o The importance of the aspects of declination: Parallel and Contra-parallel



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